"Latest Conveniences for Moviegoers" #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/cP8J3TH1Jd
Check out the upcoming film from @josephherscher, which documents the creation of an elaborate #RubeGoldberg machine! http://t.co/JU37aQCLlQ
Have you downloaded @RubeWorks yet? The latest update includes @Dolby support; find it at the @amazonappstore as part of a Dolby promotion!
Watch @kellanlutz talk about his inventions on @LateNightSeth! We @ Rube HQ think "Car Seat Cardio" is pretty cool: http://t.co/2gyVgvY27j
.@LifeAtPurdue shows off their winning #RubeGoldberg machine on @Letterman, 2003: http://t.co/tiLXIHAY3w #ThanksDave #ThrowbackThursday
RT @makerkids: Had a great time building #rubegoldberg machines with kids at @makerfaire #mfba15 this weekend http://t.co/jVC6BKogBS http:/…
RT @PCMTweet: Life is just one big Rube Goldberg machine.
#QuotesFromRube http://t.co/HmmZ2jM0E0
That's one way to feed the dog! http://t.co/syfJuScpv5 Nice job! 🐶
For those dreaming of vacation, but can't get away ... #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/qJz7TMFjig
Take it from Ian & Kaden: a #RubeGoldberg machine might take a few tries, but don't give up! http://t.co/XFNxRnOBLd Nice job! @kaden_stowe
The #RubeGoldberg Speed Building booth won Best in Class at @MakerFaire this weekend! http://t.co/WAUD6mBIpf #MakerFaire
RT @make: Rube Goldberg devices get kids to work together toward a goal #makerfaire #MFBA15 http://t.co/sgO9q0xMcq http://t.co/ubSMOH3n9s
RT @RubeWorks: Come to @RubeGoldberg booth 51128 zone 5 for speed build #RubeGoldberg Machines at @makerfaire http://t.co/VhMdvbNEmN
.@fznmomin @DudePerfect I imagine it's very complicated.
RT @RubeWorks: Families working together to build #RubeGoldberg Machines at @makerfaire @RubeGoldberg booth 51128 zone5 http://t.co/VhMdvbN
.@girlscouts at the #RubeGoldberg speed building booth at @makerfaire! Let us know if you're coming out! #MakerFaire http://t.co/jIc9kisgFM
RT @RubeWorks: Jennifer George @RubeGoldberg @makerfaire talk http://t.co/AJs4AZKn4g
RT @RubeWorks: Jennifer George, @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter, speaking at the @makerfaire on The Art of #rubegoldberg http://t.co/JSTeZh0N
RT @RubeWorks: Teams are now speed building their @RubeGoldberg machines @makerfaire http://t.co/g4Z2vRblJg
RT @RubeWorks: What kind of @RubeGoldberg Machine can you build with this great pile of stuff? #RubeGoldberg booth @makerfaire http://t.co/
RT @RubeWorks: At the @makerfaire with @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter. Stop by the tent! http://t.co/nJHWcfzVEG
Our education director Dr. Shawn Jordan at the Rube Speed Building tent at #MakerFaire. Come see us! http://t.co/XIW9u3cpkI
#TeamRube will be at @makerfaire this weekend! Who else is going? Let us know! #MakerFaire http://t.co/bwOo1KK3Uq
RT @SFJCRC: #DidYouKnow Pulitzer Prize-winner Rube Goldberg grew up in San Francisco and was at @sfchronicle? #SFJewishHeritage https://t.c
Rube did venture into the "higher art of sculpture" later in his career. Read about and see some of those works here: http://t.co/SJ2uQqF1S3
Daydreaming of a new career? #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/Nw3S3m0ocN
RT @SFGate: No extra contraptions necessary: SF Board of Supes designates Rube Goldberg house as historic landmark. http://t.co/7FeazxfgZr
Yesterday the #RubeGoldberg building in San Francisco was named a historical landmark! We celebrated with Lowell H.S. http://t.co/bSmW1lM84K
RT @RubeWorks: Going to @makerfaire this weekend? Stop by the @RubeGoldberg booth, meet Rube's granddaughter and @RubeWorks designer @David…
RT @Nerdiesdotme: New Summer Session: Rube Goldberg. Yep we are going to make something epic! July 13-17. #NerdOn #ArtOn... http://t.co/vWA
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeGoldberg & @RubeWorks will be at @makerfaire this weekend. Look for us!
RT @TeachersApps: Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game, by Unity Games, is an #app to inspire some serious brainwork! http…
Did you oversleep today? Never do it again with this simple method! #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/NohK3H5ieW
Rube had a cartoon series called "Father Was Right," but lesser known was "Mother Was Right." #MothersDay http://t.co/qc7arjcFYS
It's Saturday Lessons With Professor Butts! Today: How to Keep From Forgetting to Mail Your Wife's Letters. Easy! http://t.co/8svv6QYMB8
Check out @STEAM_Labs featured on @Make! "Watch These Kids Go Nuts Making #RubeGoldberg Machines" http://t.co/PJPHVEaLkb
#QuotesFromRube http://t.co/7jOsuiCHOc
"In a complex world with so many threats, problems and concerns, a little Rube Goldberg in our lives couldn’t hurt." http://t.co/AhFTkNezWM
The "Princess Machine" in a 2013 ad for @goldieblox, a company inspiring interest in STEAM among girls!#WheresRube http://t.co/I88Ht8wZZr
RT @HoCo_Library: Vote for 2015 Rube Goldberg Challenge Community Fave Award! Challenge: Crush & Recycle Empty Can. Vote til 5/11, 12p. htt…
RubeGoldberg's first drawing of Professor Butts in Collier's Weekly, 1928. #WhoIsProfessorButts http://t.co/7HKx0JfHGS
👍🏻 RT: @Mr_M_Johnston: @islandLRSD @RubeGoldberg Now THIS is how a scientist opens a shoebox! #lrsdengage http://t.co/5tHmgmSuvv
Professor Butts was inspired by 2 of Rube's @UCBerkeley profs who often overcomplicated things. #WhoIsProfessorButts http://t.co/8Nw0vElViI
Every #RubeGoldberg machine should end in confetti! https://t.co/HtVgthGEBo
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks and @RubeGoldberg will be at the Bay Area @makerfaire May 16-17 - look for the Rube Goldberg Speed Build http://t…
Congratulations to 2015 Teams! 2016 Contest task revealed. http://t.co/Lwp1WjYPoQ
Professor Lucifer Gorgonzola Butts: His inventions are as practical as an icebox in an igloo #WhoIsProfessorButts http://t.co/eEGnp7AVcz
We couldn't agree more! https://t.co/vG2BgmVJQa
Rube talked a lot about simplicity. Whad'ya know? #RubeQuotes http://t.co/BmRubDmU45
RT @STEAM_Labs: Making Rube Goldberg Machines is for builders of all ages! Check out the video of our awesome day: https://t.co/5k4nSCQSNC
Time for Saturday lessons with Professor Butts! Today's lesson: How to Painlessly Extract a Tooth. Easy!#RubeGoldberg http://t.co/iwn3tUn9Jc
RT @NautilusMag: This cool video shows an award-winning #RubeGoldberg machine, constructed and operated by the #AgentsofSHIELD http://t.co/
Right back atcha! https://t.co/32nXniNEsa
Uh oh: time to pay rent. Here's Rube's tip for avoiding that pesky landlord. #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/TlLlBz7AJQ
Great story from @NautilusMag about a 17-year-old #RubeGoldberg aficionado and his teammates. http://t.co/7oIlpVMLVu
Eating made hilariously complicated with this #RubeGoldberg machine in Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times"#WheresRube http://t.co/yt6OvwvDy6
RT @BroadAndHigh: Can college kids erase a chalkboard? Tune in for some #RubeGoldberg fun - tonight at 7:30 on @WOSU. @RubeGoldberg http://…
Yes, #RubeGoldberg was a real person! A column on larger-than-life characters, via @ChinoValleyNews: http://t.co/UBtIrYUAwC
Long before OMG and LOL, #RubeGoldberg was inventing his own acronyms. #AheadOfHisTime http://t.co/foOvQ6ewGx
Tonight's @BroadAndHigh on @WOSU features the collegiate Nat'l #RubeGoldberg contest! 7:30pm ETD. Avail. here after: http://t.co/t2FWcDAkGc
RT @psjinx: #NoMoreOversleeping machine by @RubeGoldberg http://t.co/KTD215xdXO
#RubeGoldberg's illustration on a 1967 cover of @Forbes. Pretty prescient, huh?#AheadOfHisTime http://t.co/JRTxRR08dF
Did you know that #RubeGoldberg pretty much invented the selfie? #AheadOfHisTime http://t.co/cvcVS7hhde
Great article from @DispatchAlerts on the winner of the Nat'l #RubeGoldberg H.S. Machine Contest, Centennial High! http://t.co/kWymVz1vlj
Running late for work? Follow Rube's simple steps and your boss will never know it. #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/wGvqlrLSI7
"Success is 40% luck, 20% talent, and in my own case the other 40% is Irma." Rube's wife Irma died this day in 1990. http://t.co/UFrUW8O8gN
Sunday comics, part 3: Foolish Questions http://t.co/fgZh3KrYRY
Sunday comics, part 2: I Never Thought of That http://t.co/acZ1oKNRiJ
It's Sunday! Time to gather 'round and read the comics. Part 1: Mike & Ike — They Look Alike http://t.co/jZFsnUTOKH
It's time for Saturday lessons with Professor Butts! Pretty simple, right? http://t.co/xYx4Aj3kTI
Did you see the video from @verge's #RubeGoldberg article yet? https://t.co/N0DOZjINed
.@RubeWorks Front row, third from the left!
Not sure if it has quite the same ring to it. https://t.co/wDK98yfbk2
#RubeGoldberg and friends, including Groucho Marx and George Gershwin, in the Roaring Twenties #FlashbackFriday http://t.co/5lF6sLQc3m
#RubeGoldberg also dabbled in sculpture toward the end of his life #WhoIsRube
RT @MerriamWebster: Here's the full definition: http://t.co/5pStUytnsz https://t.co/7MRlg0XcsA
RT @STEAM_Labs: WHAT? Toronto is getting together to build an epic Rube Goldberg machine on Sat.!? CANCEL ALL PLANS: http://t.co/ijNSggFsFO
"Rube Goldberg" is in @MerriamWebster's dictionary: "doing something simple in a very complicated way that is not necessary" #WhoIsRube
We posted pix of the winning teams of the National #RubeGoldberg High School Machine Contest! Congrats! http://t.co/UW8kG7eMJK @STEMForward
@leanboy70 @islandLRSD @Mr_M_Johnston We love it!
RT @RubeWorks: Inside the surprisingly dark world of Rube Goldberg machines http://t.co/6mc3nAYq5t via @verge @RubeGoldberg #RubeGoldberg #…
RT @verge: Inside the surprisingly dark world of Rube Goldberg machines http://t.co/vUaJyW3SNB http://t.co/7qL3aZxWNk
We posted pix of the winning teams of the National #RubeGoldberg High School Machine Contest! Congrats! http://t.co/UW8kG7eMJK @STEMForward
#RubeGoldberg was one of the founding members of the @NatCartoonSoc. The NCS still gives out Reuben Awards in his honor. #WhoIsRube
Although #RubeGoldberg is known for his humorous cartoons, he won a Pulitzer in 1948 for a political cartoon about the Cold War. #WhoIsRube
.@peeweeherman I know you are, but what am I?
RT @peeweeherman: Crazy Contraptions: Rube Goldberg Machines!!!!! http://t.co/WRjnVrESQH http://t.co/xkRwmdBBIC
@MagnetekInc @peeweeherman One of our favorites!
What's etiquette mean, anyway? Rube has the answer. #CarToonsday http://t.co/vd4WvUyyAS
RT @ConnectMinds: Did someone say domino effect? Photos from @TWC sponsored #RubeGoldberg competition held at @WCTC this past weekend http:…
Tonight! The premiere of #StarTalk, a @NatGeoChannel late-night talk series hosted by @neiltyson. It's so Rube-like, we'll be tuning in!
👍🏻 RT: Our newest #MakerEd #RubeGoldberg machine in action @PDSB_Libraries @PeelSchools. https://t.co/GgiRKzpggF
#RubeGoldberg was an engineer for the San Francisco Water and Sewers Department before quitting to work at a newspaper. #WhoIsRube
Sunday comics part 4: Oops. Doc’s Mistake. #BoboBaxter See ya next Sunday! ;) http://t.co/n5RuU7KOYr
Sunday comics part 3: “The hinges of your backbone squeak." #BoboBaxter http://t.co/aL0Ja5FOeD
Sunday comics part 2: “Your ears are very badly designed. #BoboBaxter http://t.co/4eboOqL1Ox
It’s Sunday, let’s gather ‘round to read the comics. We love this one: Adventures to the Doctor w/ #BoboBaxter part 1 http://t.co/ymwsYAelvJ
Drum roll please...the task for the 2016 #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest will be "Open an Umbrella!" Tell your friends! http://t.co/dphRf8d45E
RT @STEMForward: Excited to announce our top 4! Centennial HS, Southeastern Career Center, Elk Mound, & Cornerstone Christian! Awesome job!…
RT @takkc3: Looking good Maine South. #rubegoldberg http://t.co/O0mgRWXVxv
RT @Mhollister23: Go Elk Mound!!! #RubeGoldberg #Elkmoundhighschool http://t.co/piIxVPODVS
RT @TWC_Wisconsin: What will the brilliant #RubeGoldberg teens cook up next? @ConnectMinds @STEMForward @TWCGRM http://t.co/8ALM8BLNBH
RT @TWC_Wisconsin: We're excited to sponsor today's #RubeGoldberg Machine finals @ #wctc in WI! @ConnectMinds @STEMForward @TWCRGM http://t…
RT @shawnflynn02: "And Rube said, 'Let there be machines.' And then there were machines." #RubeGoldberg #2k15
RT @BrooksScarpa: Good luck to all of the #rubegoldberg teams! #creative #design #problemsolvers http://t.co/x5enPQlONW
Saturday lessons with Professor Butts. Seems simple enough to us! http://t.co/Qt2X3twroS
#RubeGoldberg http://t.co/cthGGIAtw3
@EmilyGascoigne_ Ha, hang in there Emily!
Good luck! RT @ecfs1878: #Fieldston students are en route to the @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest! #GoRubeGoldbergEagles http://t.co/Q2ODGWWb3l
RT @EmilyGascoigne_: if Stone had a swear jar for every cuss word said during these Rube Goldberg projects, physical science could end worl…
RT @STEMForward: For those of you who can't make it to the competition tomorrow, follow the event with #RubeGoldberg for tweets from studen…
See high school teams from all over the country compete in this weekend's #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest! Info here: http://t.co/TjUBStGGuS
Remember when Professor Butts was on the stamp & a stamp only cost 32 cents? Ahh, the good ol’ days. #FlashbackFriday http://t.co/vIiELpbjS9
RT @ecfs1878: #Fieldston students are en route to the @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest in Wisconsin as we tweet! #GoRubeGoldbergEagles http://…
On Saturday @WCTC hosts the #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest – Nat'l High School Competition! Free & open to the public: http://t.co/TjUBStGGuS
It's #NationalHighFiveDay! In 2013 @UCLA students competed to build the best #RubeGoldberg high-five machine: http://t.co/DKMPKOsvJO
RT @DrNadaCollins: #GradedCelebrates @jpeterson & @JibbenK for their work creating @RubeGoldberg machines w/ 2nd gr students http://t.co/FK
RT @adunkling1: GHMS students involved in Rube Goldberg project. Using complicated gadgets to perform a simple task. Cool Stuff! http://t…
We’re huge fans of @TheBravery’s music video for “An Honest Mistake” #WheresRube https://t.co/PS6oFF6joD
We’re huge fans of @TheBravery’s music video for “An Honest Mistake” #WheresRube https://t.co/PS6oFF6joD
"How to Be Happy After Paying Income Tax" #RubeGoldberg #TaxDay http://t.co/IE63bo5UXM
"Simplified Income Tax Return" #RubeGoldberg #TaxDay http://t.co/49agE5DT0g
Want to play @RubeWorks on a desktop? We updated the Steam version + Spanish, German, and working Steam achievements! http://t.co/G2xvRrMXzI
A very egg-cellent #rubegoldberg machine, via @Sploid: http://t.co/AQA2xKdt8d
@Mr_M_Johnston @islandLRSD kudos, keep up the awesome work!
Hey everybody, it's #CarToonsday! http://t.co/eJiltuj3PK
Ooooh...looks like we are going to announce the 2016 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest task later this week. Keep your eyes peeled!
Read the #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest rules online to see how you can be a part of the 2016 adventures! -> http://t.co/6T78KMFh8f
Wonder what it takes to win the #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest? Watch the 2014 winner (on @jimmykimmel​ no less) https://t.co/C2wMofon0h
RT @rachelfkane: 8th grade Ss @AbingtonFriends build Rube Goldberg machine. More student work @Science Night 4/16 7pm. @roseannesessa http:…
RT @MicheleCCochran: Newberry's 7th grd putting final touches on Rube Goldberg machines! @BMSBobcats @ABSSWeb #STEM #poptheballoon http://t…
RT @NerdsThatCareIT: As Passover comes to a close, ICYMI see this fantastic Rube Goldberg machine tell the story of Passover http://t.co/MU
RT @visionsofsci: Amazing work with our @RubeGoldberg challenges and a display of the amazing work in the clubs this year! @TOHousing http:…
RT @mraspinall: Look it's Gan-egg-dorf from #zelda. Can't wait to run this Rube Goldberg machine. @mrsaspinall #EggCrackChallenge http://t.…
RT @FCPSMDSuper: Buddy classes of 2nd & 4th grade students design "Rube Goldberg" devices to crack an egg. http://t.co/n0PewxSttb
RT @COWOakridge: @visionsofsci Enjoying watching the clubs build their Rube Goldberg Rubric machines!@OakPDSB http://t.co/lNsd6V7zCq
RT @MaryMargaretSma: Clarkson University MythOlympics competition day. Ogdensburg team setting up Rube Goldberg machine http://t.co/mOAge30
RT @Edgewood_ES: Edgewood fourth graders working on a Rube Goldberg machine. #showEWpride http://t.co/2Y3FnCrdru
RT @DrKevinJSmith95: Building better mousetraps on Rube Goldberg day! #wiltonwayct #asuperday http://t.co/bctIlpWe6Y
RT @HicksScience1: STEM challenge during QUEST!! Rube Goldberg Challenge!! @AliefScience @HicksTigers #ALIEFSTEM http://t.co/ckvh7wUCcf
RT @WasecaCounty4H: VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY! We are looking for adults to serve as coaches for Rube Goldberg teams here in Waseca... http://t…
RT @JMaxey1: Alyssa and Morgan trying to put together the #rubegoldberg machine using the #rubeworks app! #oklaed… https://t.co/bwdhVlifJv
RT @JMaxey1: Broady trying to put together the #rubegoldberg machine using the #rubeworks app! #oklaed #ulearn https://t.co/Mj6rz22Txh
RT @JMaxey1: HayleyG trying to put together the #rubegoldberg machine using the #rubeworks app! #oklaed #ulearn https://t.co/YXJ54lpTed
RT @bortigo_LNJ: @LeTourneauUniv #engineeringstudents compete in @RubeGoldberg demonstrations. http://t.co/CPyqKcsmZb http://t.co/csMQ1nhWBb
RT @jtalburt: We made machines that relied on forces and were inspired by @RubeGoldberg today! http://t.co/EwHS36ocOF
RT @NorthBayles: How @rubegoldberg would have celebrated #Passover https://t.co/GfRfuBd4va
RT @TechPurdue: AMET's haunted school was 2nd at @RubeGoldberg nationals this weekend. Video of their entry: http://t.co/x7AOMUuBo1 http://…
RT @jjash: Rube Goldberg : Rube Works for Educators: Tips, CCSS & NGSS Alignment - https://t.co/um9BSvdvEr #WIMcentre activity for term2
.@RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game iOS promo code #3, free for the taking http://t.co/cjNcumigXI #STEAM #STEM
We an iOS have a promo code for @RubeWorks - Want it? First to click: http://t.co/L1T7naiZ5D
RT @RubeWorks: Congrats 1st place winners @PSPE_Rubeteam Again! #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest @COSI @RubeGoldberg @LifeAtPurdue http://t.co
RT @RubeWorks: Congrats 2nd place winners @PurdueSPE #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest @COSI @RubeGoldberg @COSI http://t.co/tMrrCKoxJ7
RT @RubeWorks: Congrats 3rd place winners PSH ASME Penn State #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest @COSI @RubeGoldberg http://t.co/wlPwliKmRI
RT @CathySandeen: Congrats to UW-Barron County #RubeGoldberg team on legacy award at nationals today! @UW_Colleges @UWSystem #BecauseofUWC
RT @RubeWorks: The crowd awaits the verdict announced by @RubeGoldberg gddtr Jennifer George @COSI #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest http://t.c
RT @RubeWorks: .@PurdueSPE had a fun entry, zombies, ghosts and slime @COSI #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest and won 2nd place http://t.co/YrT
RT @RubeWorks: Judging the winners @COSI #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest, a tough job because so many great entries http://t.co/2ozU5QqIsd
RT @PSPE_Rubeteam: Ready for Nationals!! @LifeAtPurdue @COSI http://t.co/VZXwkiZA7R
RT @PSPE_Rubeteam: On our way home from competition! #Purdue took 1st & 2nd place! @LifeAtPurdue @PurdueSPE
RT @PSPE_Rubeteam: Congrats to all the teams, all your machines were really great! It was a tough competition this year! @RubeGoldberg
RT @COSI: The @RubeGoldberg College Nationals are in full swing! Who will take home the trophy for best erasing a chalkboard? http://t.co/
RT @RubeWorks: @PSPE_Rubeteam ready to go @COSI #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest http://t.co/J9bDYPl5j1
RT @RubeWorks: Univ of Wisconsin Barron Country setting up between runs @COSI #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest http://t.co/q6C2mMRNCH
RT @RubeWorks: PSH ASME Penn State #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest ready for their run http://t.co/FRn65gYXC7
RT @COSI: The teams are feverishly getting ready for the @RubeGoldberg College Nationals competition today! #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/aKW0
RT @RubeWorks: Getting ready for #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest @COSI. Starting in 12 minutes http://t.co/J9ZqqosvmL
RT @RubeWorks: Now at @COSI for #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest where people are playing @RubeWorks http://t.co/Cxrjk1SpQd
@RubeGoldberg's granddaughter Jennifer George talking to #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest teams http://t.co/JCBaNas2wv
RT @PSPE_Rubeteam: On our way to nationals! Can't wait! @COSI @purduemitch @PurdueSPE @RubeGoldberg http://t.co/ZQJNDPxbRv
RT @RubeWorks: Kurt Huffman of @COSI giving the #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest teams an orientation before pizza http://t.co/0JT1KtiKkg
RT @jaysonwolbert: @RubeGoldberg stacking dominos made us CRY!!!! rubegoldberg1: https://t.co/uIreboieNJ
RT @RubeWorks: .@SimplySuzy @SkypeClassroom links for more info, @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter too! https://t.co/UKttr7Wbqx https://t.co/sn
RT @COSI: Cheer on the teams in the @RubeGoldberg College Nationals tomorrow! Judging starts at 11am! #RubeGoldberg #EraseAChalkboard
RT @RubeWorks: Live near Columbus, OH? Tomorrow #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest collegiate finals @COSI Noon. Come for the judging http://t.c
RT @RubeWorks: Live near Columbus, OH? Tomorrow #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest collegiate finals @COSI Noon. Come for the judging http://t.c
RT @karenhey: My girl! RT @kwilson_klw #RubeGoldberg project 1 of many @SpringerSpenade #STEM Expo thank you @SpringerSTEM #lasdk8 http://t…
RT @SraKraemer: 5th Grade Rube Goldberg competition tomorrow! Final touches being made before our guest judge arrives.#nlsbucks http://t.c
RT @OCTGriffin: More 4th Graders competing in making Rube Goldberg contraptions #theoctway http://t.co/4YyyoYq0TA
RT @SimplySuzy: @RubeWorks Yup! We got it on our iPads - so that is certainly on the docket. They will love it!
RT @RubeWorks: Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game on Steam http://t.co/hI4oBGWNL8
RT @RubeWorks: Finally, new version of @RubeWorks released on @steam_games, Spanish, German, Steam achievements, improved UI. Also on iOS, …
RT @DavidBFox: Off to @COSI in Columbus, OH tomorrow to judge the collegiate #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest on Saturday. Will have @RubeWork…
RT @TEScharlotte: @TEScharlotte Student Team Named Top 10 Semifinalist in the @RubeGoldberg Online Contest, click to read more: http://t.co
RT @Ms_Ritu: So proud to design Human Rube Goldberg https://t.co/d2sJx2C3nI @RubeGoldberg @ThomasWhitby @asiaEDchat
RT @anna_kuhnle: Please favorite/rt for my science project!! This is my rube goldberg machine taking a picture📷 http://t.co/UX5zi8Ka34
RT @momswithapps: Don't forget to check out the #appoftheday by @ElectrcEggplant http://t.co/z5F9RCB4Mm & search for more great apps @ http…
RT @momswithapps: Kids create machines in The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game (and #appoftheday) by @ElectrcEggplant! https://t.co/ny
RT @kimberlyabeck: RPS team ranks in top 10 for Rube Goldberg! http://t.co/rwZa4ucN2S @RubeGoldberg @RidgefieldPress @ridgefieldlib #innova…
@manuschwendener Yes! We love @josephherscher! He's been a judge at our #RubeGoldberg Machine Contests.
RT @RubeWorks: The new Android version of @RubeWorks is now available on Google Play! Includes Spanish and German. Amazon version submitted…
RT @perkylibrarian: My 6yo is in speech & slow to read, but spent an entire evening solving @RubeWorks faster than I could! He is so proud!…
RT @RubeWorks: 4 @RubeWorks iOS promo codes left on our fb page http://t.co/LZLUjmNO27 Grab one before they're all gone! #STEAM #STEM #Rube…
RT @RubeWorks: 5 @RubeWorks iOS promo codes left on our fb page: http://t.co/LZLUjmNO27 Grab one before they're all gone!
RT @DavidBFox: We just posted 10 @RubeWorks iOS promo codes on our fb page: http://t.co/JqOKmC9Eav Grab one before they're all gone!
RT @friendscentral: .@CBSPhilly was @friendscentral for preview of our @RubeGoldberg Machine. Excited to host @RubeGoldbergPHL tomorrow! ht…
RT @mtechman: #DLDay w @KarenHeathcock & 3rd gr talking to @RubeWorks inventor David Fox. 40 ppl worked on and off on his app. http://t.co/
RT @KarenHeathcock: Skyping w David Fox, creator of @RubeWorks re how he got into gaming/coding. @pammoran @irasocol http://t.co/71GJsepU9Y
RT @smhooverville: Less is more, except when it comes to a @RubeGoldberg invention #STEM http://t.co/CVu5KEhOGK
RT @DavidBFox: Pls RT Looking for German game magazines and review sites interested in reviewing @RubeWorks, now in Deutsch - contact me fo…
RT @dave_ternent: Elevating their Rube, literally! @KP_Principal @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg http://t.co/zc2fFZW0Zf
RT @Annie_Fox: #Spanishteachers Your students will laugh and learn while they play @RubeWorks, now in Spanish https://t.co/ONfWJQStFx #STEM…
RT @momswithapps: Just in time for #piday when we celebrate #STEM @ElectrcEggplant's @RubeWorks is now featured on our site: https://t.co/n
RT @RubeWorks: New version of @RubeWorks: can now reset game so teachers can give each student a fresh start with unlocking levels & earnin…
RT @RubeWorks: New iOS version of @RubeWorks runs on your iPod touch 5! Also has Spanish and German translation. Download now http://t.co/H
RT @RubeWorks: The new version of @RubeWorks is now in the iTunes App Store. Includes Spanish and German translation and COPPA compliant. F…
RT @Lazuardi_GIS: Rube Goldberg machines by Grade 7 students, SMP @Lazuardi_GIS Jakarta. Awesome! Check out our Facebook for more! http://t…
RT @HughJass616: 2nd place in WI @RubeGoldberg . so proud of my kids. On to nationals! #nerdsrule http://t.co/WbVhI1wjuj
RT @Joshua2349: CONGRATS 2 EngineeringAcademy1 team from Versailles on WINNING @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest today! @RipleyEcO15 http://t.c
RT @Joshua2349: CONGRATS 2 EngineeringAcademy1 team from Versailles on WINNING @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest today! @RipleyEcO15 http://t.c
RT @RubeWorks: New version of @RubeWorks submitted 2 @AppStore. Includes German & Spanish translation. Free update after it's been approved…
RT @Lazuardi_GIS: SMP @Lazuardi_GIS Jakarta students created Rube Goldberg simple machines to learn force and work. @RubeGoldberg http://t.…
RT @MrRHartley: More @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg from the @RidgeviewPLSD Girls in STEM Club!! http://t.co/qHahHv8vPt
RT @RubeWorks: Our new #apppreview, getting ready to submit new version to @iTunesAppStoree @ElectrcEggplant @RubeWorks http://t.co/DXYmKNT
RT @ElectrcEggplant: Rube Works iPhone 6 App Preview: http://t.co/mhJWXWR1bW via @YouTube
RT @XOMFoundation: .@PSUEngineering's @RubeGoldberg contest is a great way to cap off #EWeek2015 http://t.co/UL6L0hyAT1 #BeAnEngineer
RT @ElizabethGoold: When you are excited to write, it's no longer a daunting task. #motivation @Scotteach @RubeWorks #2ndchat http://t.co/H
RT @ElizabethGoold: I couldn't figure out how to pass Level 2 on @RubeWorks. Thank goodness one of my Ss wrote about how to do it. http://t…
RT @HiltbrandSci8: Nice run through @RubeGoldberg machine for #KMS Science Night...Raise a flag @KayemLibrary https://t.co/D0DjqOhsqH
RT @HiltbrandSci8: Yahoo! The scissors cut the paper! @RubeGoldberg #KMS Science Night! @KayemLibrary https://t.co/9jm27pML7M
RT @plemmonsa: New Post:Improving the Student Voice Experience with Skype http://t.co/wiEiHl26Jo @RubeWorks @DavidBFox @RubeWorks #tlchat #…
RT @ODonnell_Bob: Had blast visiting w/ Engineering students & seeing their @RubeGoldberg machines in action! #SharpCharacters 👍👏 http://t.…
RT @ODonnell_Bob: Problem solving through teamwork. @RubeGoldberg in action @StateCollegeSD High School. 💥 http://t.co/muso0PYauK
RT @plemmonsa: We are learning from @RubeGoldberg from his granddaughter. #tlchat #ccsdath @ClarkeCoSchools http://t.co/dhb3o6HDRC
RT @plemmonsa: I love when Ss get to ask our skype guests questions. Asking @RubeGoldberg lots about his art and life. #tlchat http://t.co/
RT @plemmonsa: Our Ss have written some amazing questions for Jennifer George about @RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks #tlchat #ccsdath http://t.co/6
1 week to complete your Team Page http://t.co/VYoiEiIprU
RT @Astro_Mike: Have you been to @IntrepidMuseum’s #KidsWeek yet? I’ll be there tmrw for the @RubeGoldberg Speed Building Challenge! http:/…
RT @Maine_207: #MaineSouth @RubeGoldberg team takes 1st at Argonne Regional, with 2 perfect runs. Congrats on making the simple complicated!
RT @DougTImm34: STEAM club in full force on their @RubeGoldberg machines. Lots of planning and experimenting. #STEM #cddolphins http://t.co
RT @ccreadyfreddy: 3rd graders @usd207 are engineering @RubeGoldberg Machines of their own design! This one is 6 tables long! @ikepride htt…
RT @TaniaBumstead: @RubeGoldberg designs are coming together. Defiantly a busy classroom today. http://t.co/RrEXFvj3KS
RT @BradleyTEAMSlab: @MrsBetthauser 's 3rd grade successfully completed their @RubeGoldberg ! Congrats! http://t.co/XlsXoJtwOY
RT @IntrepidMuseum: We also have activities from #DazzlingDiscoveries @uscg @RoboFunNYC @RubeGoldberg & author Steve Light. #KidsWeek http:…
RT @PHS_Eagles: Students in Mr. Johnston's Pre AP physical science class use six simple machines to make a Rube Goldberg machine.... http:/…
RT @mrshousescience: Working on Rube Goldberg machine http://t.co/KCzDOhsY3F
RT @UTAerospace: The @RubeGoldberg competition is about to start! @UTAustin http://t.co/vEs6HsZLp4
RT @UTAerospace: Stop by Feb.14 & support SGT in the @RubeGoldberg contest at the T Room in the Engineering Teaching Center II @UTAustin fr…
RT @dave_ternent: “@MrMillerKMS: Building Rube Goldberg Machines in Kimpton STEM Club! http://t.co/SqC8E1xnFb@RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg
RT @plemmonsa: It's not every day that kids can talk directly with a game developer. #tlchat #edtech @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg http://t.co/j
RT @plemmonsa: I love when Ss get to ask questions to game developers. #tlchat #ccsdath @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg @ElectrcEggplant http://t.…
RT @plemmonsa: 2nd grade is learning about the @RubeGoldberg game @RubeWorks and how it was made #tlchat #ccsdath @ElectrcEggplant http://…
RT @ccreadyfreddy: 3rd graders @usd207 are engineering Rube Goldberg machines! @ikepride @RubeGoldberg http://t.co/cVcVJKvqUN
RT @RichlandTwo: @SIDIteacher's 7th grade class begins work on @RubeGoldberg machine plans. End result: ice bucket drop! #ADITL http://t.co
ONLINE REGISTRATION closes in 6 days. http://t.co/QWsOATvbQ8
RT @mwmedvinsky: “@TeachersApps: Give your brain a workout with @RubeWorks !! http://t.co/enqh9NsPRa @ElectrcEggplant @DavidBFox http://t.…
RT @plemmonsa: 2nd gr is off to a great start with the @rubeworks app today. Using partner reading. #tlchat #tinkering https://t.co/4gOwV19
RT @OWSBobcat: Fifth grade Rube Goldberg projects were tested today as Project Week comes to a close. http://t.co/VslputH12p
RT @DebCaywood: #lpsepic #lpsleads Quote: "Mrs C to make a Rube Goldberg machine, u need 2 tools-you brain & an electric screwdriver" http:…
RT @DigitalFBISD: Sugar Land MS students shared a Rube Goldberg machine at Share Fair Nation. #sharefair #digitalfbisd http://t.co/rCkPimEf
RT @SFXWilmette: 8th grade students collaborated to design & build incredible Rube Goldberg machines that perform everyday tasks! http://t.…
RT @RubeWorks: “@sophia_renee26: Won 1st place for Rube Goldberg I yesterday for TSA _ Technology Student Association!!! #TSA http://t.co/X
RT @gravescolleen: #TCEA15 take-aways: Confirmation that #makered should be integrated w core curr. Plus, we need a Rube Goldberg room & st…
RT @UW_Colleges: On to Nationals! Kudos to #UWBarron Future Engineers for their win in the @RubeGoldberg Regionals vs. @IowaStateU http://t…
RT @BSMS_Scotties: Mr. Santonastaso’s 7th grade students designing and building Rube Goldberg devices @RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks http://t.co
RT @RubeWorks: @PaulSolarz @TeamMurch4 Info on @RubeWorks @SkypeClassroom visit here https://t.co/snQmhXmkBd & @RubeGoldberg GD https://t.…
RT @PopMech: Who doesn't love a Rube Goldberg machine? Here are 7 unbelievable examples http://t.co/BGcKtzz9Y4 http://t.co/Ff8JGza7ls
RT @EducatorsRoom: "Rube Goldberg machine's teach us to try try again." A good representation of our students. #gafesummit #edtech #edchat
RT @chalonbridges: Loving the updates from your DIY club in Chattanooga @rebeccazdunn! We are doing Rube Goldberg in SF during Feb too! htt…
RT @LNHSPLTW: .@LNHSNews #PLTW #EDD kids had a blast with amazing @EpicElementary kids and their Rube Goldberg machines today! http://t.co/
RT @Gr4Powell: We designed Rube Goldberg projects in Science. Some of them worked and some didn't! http://t.co/K5wJhTgycT
RT @khaddasSTEAM: Extending our learning by constructing Rube Goldberg machines. #design process @A2Steam http://t.co/VtzUqzhtz4
RT @RachelSunseri: R3 and R5 are building simple machines to create a single Rube Goldberg machine in science today! #rjlyear1 #rjlred http…
RT @MsHoopersClass: 3rd/5th design and build simple machines to create a giant Rube Goldberg machine! Can't wait for the demonstration! htt…
RT @shmaynor: Working on our Rube Goldberg machine designs on the wall #plearnchat http://t.co/NXc0pYJRM9
RT @BellLabsGarage: Rube-Goldberg-thon! 30 brilliant minds have taken up the challenge to build a machine able to... open a door :) http://…
RT @JTHS_Science: #Engineering design at Joliet Central-check out the @RubeGoldberg machines from @EricJern honors #physics classes!! http:…
Rube News January 2015 http://t.co/fK2vRDRPc2
RT @THE_Journal: Students Vie To Over-Engineer in 2015 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest http://t.co/srFbmz8lss
RT @RubeWorks: Rebroadcast tonite: @josephherscher Brain Games, National Geographic, 9pm. How I catch a mouse, the #RubeGoldberg way http:/…
RT @BrainGames: Your turn West coast. #BrainGames is on! http://t.co/MBNbj1Okdl
RT @NatGeoChannel: RT @BrainGames: Behind-the-scenes of #BrainGames - how'd we film the Rube Goldberg segment? http://t.co/IoochcPAxq
RT @josephherscher: I'm on TV tonight! Brain Games, National Geographic, 9pm. See how I catch a mouse, the Rube Goldberg way. http://t.co/J
RT @BrainGames: Know what a Rube Goldberg machine is? Could you build one? #BrainGames TONIGHT 9/8c. http://t.co/tKKLDAx8xx
RT @steve_sdavis: #educhat Looking for a simple tutor activity? Rube Goldberg's cartoons are a great challenge to decipher! http://t.co/QHJ
RT @NMcGaughey55: PBL FOT Rube Goldberg project @ LHS. Motivated Students!!! http://t.co/J1YQqnnEd9
RT @HicksScience1: Science Lead teachers designing & testing a Rube Goldberg crazy machine!!! STEMing in full effect!! @AliefScience http:/…
RT @CurtisChandler6: 50+ Best Apps for Rube Goldberg (iPhone/iPad)http://t.co/rYvDFBLIEZ #edtech #edtechcat #stem #pbl #ipaded http://t.co/
Online Contest registration closes February 18th. http://t.co/04tA4xpl10
RT @FastCoCreate: See a Rube Goldberg machine made of all the stuff on your desktop: http://t.co/mBbVwt5pwp by @joeberkowitz http://t.co/St
RT @STEMIdaho: RT @ehdowney: Fun times testing Rube Goldberg machines in Engineering at Les Bois! #edtechboise http://t.co/ZdzfCX2HUO
RT @MrMillerKMS: 👍 RT @dave_ternent: Overheard by Ss in STEM 7 class: This #rubegoldberg project is going to be SICK! @RubeWorks @KP_Princi…
RT @Hoganmag: Cartoonist Christmas card (Rube Goldberg): http://t.co/GRWPlSO9gc
RT @RubeWorks: Please RT: New version of @RubeWorks coming soon in Spanish & German, looking for native speakers 2 help test! Msg us http:/…
RT @GuyKawasaki: The Rube Goldberg machine that’s a real page turner [video] http://t.co/AGPxp9nOxI http://t.co/7KYcSgLtX7
RT @daudig: Holiday shopping for kids, by Rube Goldberg, 1910 http://t.co/eYN3WNp0if http://t.co/TiV9OpjVRA
RT @TwiceExcpt: “@justintarte: Definition of 'innovation' via @DonWettrick #edchat #unionrxi #innovation http://t.co/JptYhvX8Je @RubeWorks…
RT @MNICschool: Here's an app for creativity, problem solving, and physics. $2.99 RubeWorks #learningapps #scienceapps
RT @Ms_Ritu: Ss r extremely thrilled working on their Rube Goldberg Model.Awaiting 4 d big day-Exhibition #ibpyp #pypthreads http://t.co/R5
RT @KarenBlumberg: #tbt video of the @RubeGoldberg machine we made at last week’s #CSNYC meetup. http://t.co/gYVkv0fWaV
RT @KarenBlumberg: Making @RubeGoldberg machines at this @CSNYC meetup co-led with @NYCMakery at @Facebook!! http://t.co/0RkIINCN0i http://…
RT @vaniercollege: Ever seen a @RubeGoldberg device? Vanier students in Montreal design a beauty! Watch the story http://t.co/ntCqYVpbWW ht…
RT @RubeWorks: Please RT. @RubeWorks in Spanish and German? Yes, coming next month. Need native speakers for testing. Contact us http://t.c
RT @VanierVTV: Ever seen a @RubeGoldberg device? Vanier students in Montreal design a beauty! Watch the story http://t.co/Z2eaIZM0EN http:/…
RT @RubeWorks: Looking for native Español and Deutsch speakers to play test new version of @RubeWorks. Contact us http://t.co/WGlShGxTGW
Check out this awesome 4-ton #RubeGoldberg machine from @NatGeo ! http://t.co/DNNi8eaLtC
RT @RubeWorks: We're working on a new version of @RubeWorks with Spanish and German localization, need native speakers for testing! Contact…
RT @SkypeClassroom: @Brad21clsMeyer Hi Brad! As well as the great @RubeWorks, you'll find all of our experts and teacher lessons at http://…
RT @RubeWorks: @Brad21clsMeyer @SkypeClassroom info for visit from @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter and @RubeWorks game designer https://t.co/
RT @techinspecialed: Awesome Invention Game (2.99) Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game is one of the most... http://t.co/
RT @MrsLearnalot: Interviewing for our Contraptions in Action PBL. Who better than Rube Goldberg's granddaughter? @LakesideCoppell http://t…
RT @MrsLearnalot: Learning from an expert, David Fox, creator/designer of the "Rube Works" App. @LakesideCoppell http://t.co/3Tk9b6tIJP
RT @kenya: The #STEM Digest is out! http://t.co/E8Hf6ZRMVf Stories via @rmirshahi @RubeGoldberg @StemNewsDesk
RT @CCTE_Tech: “@RubeWorks: Fun @RubeGoldberg article, and nice mention of @RubeWorks as well http://t.co/41c8n4WeXT #STEM
Happy Thanksgiving from Rube Goldberg! http://t.co/nIPG9fxcKN
RT @AbramsComicArts: The latest ad from the @DisneyStore shows off its 2014 holiday merch with a @RubeGoldberg machine! http://t.co/u6iHCEI
Thanksgiving is just 1 day away! Here's some advice on "Training for Thanksgiving Dinner" from Rube Goldberg ca. 1928 http://t.co/JexMMPz05t
It's time to shop at the Rube Store! FREE SHIPPING http://t.co/xWvookEcnT
RT @valleysvipers: Students exploring @RubeWorks - new option for our #makerspace? Skype with David Fox next week! #weinspire http://t.co/S
Building #RubeGoldberg machines in the classroom? First start with our Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game @RubeWorks
RT @dmiproductions: @RubeGoldberg Here's the short Rube Goldberg machine we made for Disney Store! http://t.co/yqTLdoZNpM
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks is now officially published by @ElectrcEggplant! Same @RubeGoldberg fun as before. Get ready for new features... …
RT @BrooksScarpa: Congratulations Animo Venice @GreenDotSchools @RubeGoldberg 1st Place HS Team! #creative #collaboration #education http:/…
RT @IridiumStudios: Had an awesome time building a Rube Goldberg Machine for @HealTheBay with @thatgrltrish and @jackpot222! https://t.co/0
RT @FriendswithFins: We built a #RubeGoldbergMachine and here's the video! http://t.co/mSV0HnjGpI @HealTheBay @SMPierAquarium @thatgrltrish…
RT @MyChemicalKatie: Presented our Rube Goldberg machines today in POE. Our task was to lift a 2 lb weight 2 ft and I must… http://t.co/jRA
RT @PringleCreekPS: Grade 7 Rube Goldberg Day!!!! Very innovative! http://t.co/3HcOukXDb2
RT @UnityGamesJapan: 変な発明で問題解決!「爆笑パズル ルーブさんのおかしな発明」iOSとAndroidで発売中です!「その発想はねえwww」って突っこみながら遊ぶとおもしろいですぞ!あとしめじは本当にスマホに触れるらしいですぞ。 http://t.co/
RT @thekidshouldsee: Joseph Herscher: The Page Turner #Trending #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/4GVJcduSWx http://t.co/1x9CEIkuNi
RT @MrsPriceDDPS: Building Rube Goldberg machines was a hit... great way to tie into procedural writing! http://t.co/WWltNmOAJj
RT @RubeWorks: Coming soon, Spanish & German versions of @RubeWorks. Looking for native speakers to help play test.
RT @UnityGamesJapan: iOS / Android向け問題解決ゲーム『爆笑パズル・ルーブさんのおかしな発明』日本語版を配信開始! - http://t.co/TO918XuwrL #UnityGamesJapan http://t.co/QYzNeCzIs1
Register your team TODAY for our 2015 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest!! http://t.co/73E75yrMJi
RT @KittredgeMagnet: Cool! MT @DossMb: Rube Goldberg machines at Kittredge Magnet School! #GeniusHour @RubeGoldberg @KittredgeMagnet http:/…
RT @Katiferd: U know ur a #loyalboilermaker when 2nd Gr hmwrk gives u @RubeGoldberg ambitions! @LifeAtPurdue http://t.co/MOFThoQR1h
Father and daughter find a fun way to start their day with a #RubeGoldberg cereal-pouring machine! Watch @BoingBoing http://t.co/7SgjBV7QLg
RT @MrBedleysClass: Learning about #STEM from engineer and @RubeWorks game designer @DavidBFox here @PVIUSD http://t.co/MamUtelixw
Family creates a #RubeGoldberg machine to pour a glass of milk on @AFVofficial - watch the video! http://t.co/UkTlHi6pmN
Free Shipping for the Holidays. Go to the Rube Store. http://t.co/uzm0BSYPmL
Rube Goldberg's firstborn son, Thomas George, died last week. Son, Brother, Father, Painter. You will be missed. http://t.co/erDcTjFiy4
RT @sheliachase: @MACSchools @ldcte We have materials, structural support, mechanical tech, electronic devices... #RubeGoldberg #steam http…
RT @Meteorseeker: #edtechchat #designprocess #rubegoldberg 6th gr S's collaborating & designing contraptions. http://t.co/JKq27NQnaO
RT @mminkuscds: In Mr. Steinberg's IGNITE group, the 5th Gr boys discuss the 2015 Rube Goldberg Machine Competition! #rubegoldberg http://t…
RT @MrsLohrer84: First working #rubegoldberg in #stem ! Way to go ladies!! https://t.co/edEMQyJ4u1
RT @GrowJewelRose: Mega Bloks Rube Goldberg Machine to Pour Cereal http://t.co/SMVmGQWqUh
RT @sheliachase: @MACSchools @ldcte A special visit by our CTE Director giving a team some pointers for their Rube Goldberg machine http:/…
RT @SNewco: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/tYV3TmzTXo #mlearning #edchat
RT @mi_sci: Building the Ultimate Machine, #MotorCity Style. Celebrating the spirit of @RubeGoldberg http://t.co/k5XmwsuKr7 http://t.co/P3B
RT @LTSFoundation: RT @ltgoodnews: 1st year @MCiTech @PLTWorg students share their @RubeGoldberg project w/ @WTHRcom & @VanwykWTHR http://t…
RT @DavidBFox: Had a blast at @UrbanPutt on Saturday. Doubly rewarding since I was a @kickstarter supporter. Lots of @RubeGoldberg! http://…
FREE gift with purchase at the Rube Store. http://t.co/KOo02pnuMD
RT @DrJesseTurner: Students crafting their Rube Goldberg machines @ MoHS! http://t.co/AmKuBj7w2x
RT @monty_ashley: Watching SOUP TO NUTS (1930), a movie written by Rube Goldberg (!) and featuring Moe, Larry, and Shemp before they were t…
RT @FreshAsAG: "@FascinatingVids: Amazing. http://t.co/9QvPmBq1CM" #tb to 8th grade Rube Goldberg project @captivatingkc @imatiredguy @lav…
RT @RubeWorks: @ccs13930 We also do @SkypeClassroom visits, as does @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter https://t.co/UKttr8dMi5 #STEM #RubeGoldbe…
RT @SmallingAnne: @RubeGoldberg 4th grade @MDEJJordan http://t.co/xEFT90vUM7
RT @4robertgarcia: Rube Goldberg Challenge coming to @OMSD_OMSD 11/22, hosted by @DeAnza_OMSD http://t.co/Ce6jVziafw
RT @MCiTech: Students working on their Rube Goldberg project. http://t.co/V6OJdz7mFS
RT @tatumisd: 5th graders create Rube Goldberg Machines to better understand the concept of potential and kinetic energy. http://t.co/QM457
RT @TinkerCrate: Which one's your fave? 13 Crazy Genius Rube Goldberg Machines http://t.co/STFGYnLQxX #tinker http://t.co/j8OP4HVsmP
RT @ComcastFreedom: Students: sign up for the @RubeGoldbergPHL competition http://t.co/fflCEc6mf0 @TechnicallyPHL @juliana_f_reyes
RT @ltgoodnews: 1st year @MCiTech @PLTWorg students share their @RubeGoldberg project w/ @WTHRcom & @VanwykWTHR http://t.co/ui5WhqeLje
RT @coolcatteacher: Closer home- played with Rube Works app on the plane. Cool. http://t.co/kHBMToWnOt
RT @MagnetekInc: Learn more about the 2015 Machine Contest @RubeGoldberg Check out our All New RGMC! Join the Fun! http://t.co/qDLtERBlFa #…
RT @chadwbecks: THE ART OF RUBE GOLDBERG took home 1st place last night at the NEW YORK BOOK SHOW @chadwbecks… http://t.co/TUb02xVcyI
Check out our All New RGMC! Join the Fun! http://t.co/SWBwm4Mc98
RT @SNewco: Interview with @DavidBFox the Designer of @RubeWorks App http://t.co/0ZrMmiQpw5 #mlearning #edchat
RT @228Timberwolves: Mrs. Rice loves helping teams with clues on building their machines, usually by reminding them to read #RubeWorks http…
RT @228Timberwolves: S - I'm thinking if we took this here and did this it would work, other S - oh I see #teamwork #RubeWorks http://t.co/
RT @228Timberwolves: Trying to create an alarm lock fresh juice squeezer #RubeWorks http://t.co/AEGlre9wn1
RT @228Timberwolves: Teamwork to complete tasks using Rube Goldberg machines on our iPads #RubeWorks http://t.co/paeJBJweKl
Team Registration is open on our site for the 2015 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest! http://t.co/0ipCaZSxM6
RT @Section101Tweet: Get ready to Shine A Shoe-our clients @RubeGoldberg International Online Contest Competition launches today! Read on: …
RT @thatannaho: Video: Page Turner by Joseph Herscher - A fantastic rube goldberg machine where a sip of your coffee leads... http://t.co/4
RT @bumpcitykid5: Rube Goldberg : Home of the Official Rube Goldberg Machine Contests http://t.co/ZS2zhfOBQN
RT @MkeMakerFaire: The epic 25 ton Rube Goldberg machine known as the Lize Size Mousetrap is coming to @MkeMakerFaire!! #mkemf https://t.…
RT @techinspecialed: @AppyMallAndroid is Live!!! Check out FREE & Discounted Apps our #AppyDevelopers @RubeWorks -http://t.co/pibD2XS8gg
RT @FabLabEP: #rubegoldberg #rubegoldbergmachine #minimakerfaire #ABQ #makerkids #explora http://t.co/GBonw5cE15
RT @RubeWorks: Wonderfully creative Aussie teacher uses @RubeWorks & @BookCreatorApp to teach physics. Watch these students' videos http://…
RT @RubeWorks: We're demoing @RubeWorks this Friday at @CATechCouncil event in Santa Clara #backtoschool #edtech http://t.co/M3hLQWzwYQ #ST…
Fall is in the air! Here's Rube's advice on "How to Get Rid of Autumn Leaves" (1954, @bancroftlibrary collection) http://t.co/kDpPPOxWNF
Enjoy the last night of some great tennis! #USOpen #rubegoldberg #FoolishQuestions http://t.co/pOBoCZpRf3
RT @maryannez911: Ice Bucket Challenge the Maker way! #ALSIceBucketChallenge #makered #rubegoldberg Donate to @alsassociation http://t.co
RT @AbramsComicArts: Excited for @baltimorecomics this wknd! Chat w. our Ed. Director Charles K + root for The Art of @RubeGoldberg @ the @…
RT @dzacek: My wife @maryannez911 of @MakerBoulder did the #ALSIceBucketChallenge with a kid-built Rube Goldberg machine. http://t.co/4aVD3
#BACKTOSCHOOL pt 2 #RubeGoldberg had to do it too! "Happy School Days" 1891 Rube's class photo http://t.co/ISyOKCUPeV
#BACKTOSCHOOL #RUBEGOLDBERG "The New Army Experiences its First Gas Attack" (1917) http://t.co/374SwyEl0Y
FUN FACT: Foolish Questions was created when Rube had to fill extra space on the comics page! http://t.co/9PKDsd7GzG
Happy Labor Day! Enjoy your vacation & take photos to entertain (or torture) your friends! http://t.co/dLcaKa2g6L
FREE Note Cards at the Rube Store http://t.co/NKUTVmmqDU
RT @tlarvenz: Rube Goldberg Machine Goodness: The Page Turner: http://t.co/7xUbYhw4Sq via @YouTube
RT @naileaxoxo: Every time I get stressed out about school, I think that if I got through the Rube Goldberg project in 8th grade, I can get…
RT @brainpickings: "An artist who followed the logic of the machine to its comic climax."The Art of Rube Goldberg http://t.co/uViBUeIpF7 ht…
RT @BrandtKrueger: I love that my girls love to watch @okgo videos. I like to think it's stimulating their Rube Goldberg Gland.
RT @TLightningNews: Eric Wagers's Rube Goldberg ALS Ice Bucket ... http://t.co/OCML7CFOYE
RT @poutine000: complicated simplicity. love it. #RubeGoldbergMachines @coolmaterial http://t.co/hElXzhC5TK @RubeGoldberg
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RT @KarenNemethEdM: A Rube Goldberg Project in education news! http://t.co/yHuXZE336u #scichat @DavidBFox @RubeWorks
What's on the 6th floor?: And to Think I Saw it on Gough Street http://t.co/liz7G4rXDL via SF Public Library and History Center
RT @SamWhitingSF: Rube Goldberg's SF apt. unchanged since 1920s open July 31. #openartsf @lhertz @MeredithWhite1 http://t.co/6plOWLC22D htt…
RT @NicciEduc: Rube Goldberg apartment unchanged and open today http://t.co/xi5oBzCLHR
RT @SFGate: Today's your chance to tour an S.F. apartment that has remained unchanged since 1906. http://t.co/e3anclZTSV http://t.co/Q9uGu8
RT @KBinCLE: Demonstrating energy conversion with Rube Goldberg devices. #aiaaPropEnergy http://t.co/xpvO2UDHP9
RT @CBrendasees: AIAA conference 2014 ECHS women of science Gloria & Christina design a Rube Goldberg Mechanism http://t.co/6bBYbifv0Q
RT @jewishmuseummd: Electrified Pickle Talk: The Art of Rube Goldberg! 3pm, August 3rd http://t.co/JiNcz2m2eo
RT @JPLL8: @RubeGoldberg 2.0 RT @TheStacksCat: Sci-Tech Rube Goldberg Machines http://t.co/PFVI6fP4Vz #robotics #MakerEd #cbemaker #cbeil…
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RT @RubeWorks: MT @MRadclyffe The Page Turner http://t.co/nfWGkEvmUN a)Poor Hammy! b)What happens when he wants to read pg 4? #RubeGoldberg…
RT @WisdomNZ: This takes place in England - the owners of the yard added each piece of the Rube Goldberg contraption slowly so... http://t.…
RT @icpetrie: A tabletop football-playing Rube Goldberg machine by @josephherscher, whose work is v popular chez nous these days. https://t…
MT @Back9Network: A Golf Trick Shot That Would Blow @RubeGoldberg's Mind: http://t.co/f35QmV7ddP @GoPro👈 Rube would have loved it!
RT @CLCRidgeview: STEM (and this squirrel) at it's finest. @ScottMuri @kathleenmccaffr @RubeGoldberg http://t.co/cSVX9Oo49g
RT @Back9Network: Video: A Golf Trick Shot That Would Blow @RubeGoldberg's Mind: http://t.co/o17zqO0dF6 @GoPro http://t.co/emYd32wq8E
RT @Section101Tweet: Check out this @RubeGoldberg inspired video ft. PUPPIES! https://t.co/WnBNnPlfGr
Great article from @NewYorker on "The Rube Goldberg" of rice growing in NYC! #RubeGoldberg #NYC http://t.co/GS1kshcih6
RT @shiltbrand: @HuffLarry @TechNinjaTodd Another cool one not on list is Rube Works Game for simple machines @RubeWorks Are you wanting ju…
Yotam Perel's animation killed it on #reddit last night. Check out his #rubegoldberg clip! #rude #RGM https://t.co/f5NOKqviCC
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RT @BoingBoing: Video: The 'Why Not' machine is a Rube Goldberg device that can tie (and untie) a necktie. http://t.co/xIp4Cqdzo6 http://t.…
RT @MfgStories: Rube Goldberg : @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game. Students would love this! http://t.co/BioGTG3SNt
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A #RubeGoldberg style machine from @CocaCola has people bike to burn calories and set a chain reaction in motion! http://t.co/eqKpQtoiTh
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RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks level designer @zumperov helped build this @SportsNation #RubeGoldberg Machine with @asadowsky http://t.co/Y001j
RT @SportsNation: This Rube Goldberg Machine involves Tom Brady, LeBron James, and BALLOONS!!! http://t.co/bbe4NA8DiK
RT @reddusfoximus: Obsessed!! RT @YouGotSnowd: Check out this awesome Rube Goldberg Machine we built for @SportsNation! >>> http://t.co/Nf1
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RT @NMHS_Principal: 4 Steps to Becoming a Maker Teacher via @Getting_Smart http://t.co/7JuszAaPBu
RT @MrSchlangen: Rube Goldberg Design Project http://t.co/2KGu2nCPpU via @weebly
RT @DoNothingBoxLLC: @adafruit I love all the quotes, but so far this one you want is my favorite! http://t.co/u79RV0eiae
RT @SNewco: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/tYV3TmS3bw #mlearning #edchat
RT @BradLancasterLT: HBMS students demonstrating their Rube Goldberg devices in the campus tech showcase. Amazing talent! http://t.co/92OY4
RT @chrisludwig: Word of our #phunsics Rube Goldberg machine got out and a crowd appeared for a (mostly) successful demo. http://t.co/koWng
RT @NHS_Knights: Working on Rube Goldberg project. #physicsclass http://t.co/rPiM7OKT5J
RT @ChrisParker10: Love the Rube Goldberg demos at The Knoll!! http://t.co/BXXgiHCaYk
RT @MrRuela: 6th Gr Sci Ss evaluating their Rube Goldberg project movies. Great creativity & problem solving. #STEM #makered http://t.co/6
RT @TheSpriceEffect: @RubeGoldberg https://t.co/97uWmanSdc
RT @KateriKristie: @RubeGoldberg Gr 8's testing their projects! #gpcsd http://t.co/c9BkhIMGn1
RT @CNET: See an insanely complex gizmo zip a zipper the (really) hard way http://t.co/ppXevqpUHW #ICYMI http://t.co/JgIeldCayz
RT @AbramsComicArts: Check out this clip from last week's ep of @JimmyKimmelLive feat. @RubeGoldberg contest winners! Via @BoingBoing http:…
RT @SkepticInk: Transubstantiation: Rube Goldberg Machines http://t.co/S7P1oiw8Ro
RT @LaughingSquid: Purdue University Rube Goldberg Machine Contest Winners Show Off Their Contraption on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ http://t.co/Nm
RT @RubeWorks: “@marishaaaaa_: i passed that rube goldberg project 🙌👏😌😁” yay!!
RT @udda_boktips: Rube Goldberg Machine Contest winners http://t.co/gjytm2r2oh
RT @NSTA: Team Awesome: Presenting @ #STEMchef challenge tonight at #NSTA14 #STEM Forum, Rm R09, 5:30 https://t.co/sLDjx1EmN8 http://t.co/Z
RT @GIZORAMA: GIZORAMA's #interview with @RubeWorks' dev and CEO of Kalani Games, Kalani Streicher http://t.co/YUBOAPFusB http://t.co/jH6Hh
RT @claurent88: My Learners smashed iMovies and @explainevrythng to document and describe @RubeGoldberg creations #edtech #STEM http://t.co
RT @RubeWorks: #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest winners, @PSPE_Rubeteam team from Purdue, on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night! http://t.co/Q6rXaVP
If you missed the Purdue team's #rubegoldberg machine on @JimmyKimmelLive last night, watch it here! http://t.co/06DzT8Gfsn
If you missed Purdue and their #rubegoldberg machine on last night's @JimmyKimmelLive watch it here now! http://t.co/EsV93PKkVs
RT @GIZORAMA: GIZORAMA's #interview with @DavidBFox about @RubeWorks and @ElectrcEggplant http://t.co/v9XFwERkjl http://t.co/yz7TzZqpd4
Don't forget, watch @JimmyKimmelLive TONIGHT 11:30pm EST to see who gets ZIPPED UP in Purdue's #rubegoldberg machine! http://t.co/DEHrVWj33W
Don't forget, watch @JimmyKimmelLive TONIGHT 11:30pm EST to see who gets ZIPPED UP in Purdue's #rubegoldberg machine! http://t.co/R1kGUWDxmJ
TONIGHT @JimmyKimmelLive at 11:30pm EST Purdue will run their #RubeGoldberg machine! The team is in LA, ready to go! http://t.co/WEwSPkfmLG
Watch @JimmyKimmelLive tomorrow night and see the @PSPE_Rubeteam with their #rubegoldberg machine on-air! http://t.co/FqrWPxEiV5
RT @PSPE_Rubeteam: Having fun in Hollywood! Big thanks to @RubeGoldberg @YKK_USA @JimmyKimmelLive !!
RT @chasrabesh: A #HappyMothersDay #rubegoldberg @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg @DavidBFox http://t.co/my55cYkS3c
RT @CCCookieSchool: @bancroftlibrary @RubeGoldberg Original 1908 Goldberg cartoon found lining my bathroom wall! @SFGate http://t.co/pF4rwY
RT @Heather_Melrose: Girl Power @imsa_west creating Rube Goldberg Machines! #lovescience @ConceptSchools @MayorBallard @RubeGoldberg http:/…
RT @thescienceguru: 5th graders @BurkesSchool visit the 8th grade test run of their @RubeGoldberg Machines #FromTheClassroom http://t.co/gw
Graduation Day Special at the Rube Store! http://t.co/mT1mIU1CC3
RT @DigitallyDownld: Review: Rube Works (#PC) http://t.co/lvBSyAbSE1 #educationalgame #gamification #puzzle #reviews #rubegoldberg
RT @smithsciencegms: Introduced Rube Goldberg projects today with stds exploring the Rube Works iPad app! @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg
What a great #RubeGoldberg machine! We fully endorse having MORE FUN at work. From @flux_factory and @ANIMALNewYork http://t.co/VzGM7lIWXh
RT @UnityGames: Retweet for a chance to win a @RubeWorks @iTunes promo code! http://t.co/T9618Lcqpe
#RubeGoldberg on TV! @TWC_Wisconsin covered our High School Nationals on "It Ain't Rocket Science" http://t.co/khDLEZimTd
RT @PSPE_Rubeteam: Our Rube Goldberg machine has been shipped! Its heading to LA! Look out for us on Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 14th. http:…
Learn your ABCs the #RubeGoldberg way! Check out this vintage @sesamestreet Rube-inspired alphabet device: http://t.co/oYviuzJUv7
RT @Section101Tweet: #Congrats to Team #MouseTrappes for coming in first place in the International Online @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest!
See who placed 1st in our International Online RGMC! http://t.co/UUhBFCHeDm
RT @RubeWorks: @GIZORAMA reviews @RubeWorks from @UnityGames, "fun, charming, and even educational" http://t.co/dRVR2Yzgil http://t.co/HoL
RT @SilberbergMark: Middle schoolers @lrei learn with @rubegoldberg 's granddaughter Jennifer George then back to building #lreilearns http…
RT @GIZORAMA: We sit down with @RubeWork from @UnityGames, our #review http://t.co/Hgp50jkLSa http://t.co/HxyBYYmTzL
RT @SilberbergMark: Middle schoolers @lrei diving into this year's Rube Goldberg challenge #dtk12chat #design #lreilearns http://t.co/i96KF
RT @RubeWorks: 13 more @RubeWorks Promo Codes here: http://t.co/f2H6T9s869 — This is all for now. Have fun! #STEM #edapps #edchat #Maker #R…
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RT @Arieloquent: "Barn Door's Open" - A hilarious farm-themed entry in the international @RubeGoldberg competition for fly-zipping: http://…
RT @RL8RGal: Rube Goldberg Project for 7th Hour Physics - Highland High School: http://t.co/r0u3DNa3Od via @YouTube
RT @geekadelphia: Associate Editor @ChrisUrie went to @PhilaSciFest Kick-Off & saw their massive Rube Goldberg Machine! http://t.co/Uhybqma
RT @loganjeffo: Great morning with the Rube Goldberg project. http://t.co/LnnImWbYek
RT @KarenWalstra: What Fictional Inventions Say About American Ingenuity #RubeGoldberg #invention #tech #edchatsa http://t.co/WF8W6LnX4K
RT @xboxjobs: Check out the video of our #WomenCreators collaborating to create a Rube Goldberg machine! Did they succeed?? http://t.co/Hqx
RT @TheWistar: The @PHLScienceFest has begun! Did you see the Rube Goldberg contraption made by @Drexel Engineers? Here's a video: https://…
RT @DrexelEngr: The Rube Goldberg has finally kicked off the Philadelphia Science Festival 2014! Get a recap here: http://t.co/GCcfZWfZmG #…
RT @ProfShack: Watch @DrexelEngr Break the world record Rube Goldberg machine energy xfers tommorw @ 11:00am http://t.co/dd2ZKoYGkD http://…
RT @rebeccaonion: Here! I wrote about Rube Goldberg, Heath Robinson, & interwar invention humor as product of its time: http://t.co/meliL5u
RT @BITTER_GAMER: Rube Goldberg's Grand Daughter & @DavidBFox's influence for @RubeWorks http://t.co/ee7oMx7S7u
RT @LucasartsReview: http://t.co/zkc5BW5PJN NEW BLOG: Interview with @DavidBFox on his new game @RubeWorks and his illustrious career http…
RT @_comicbuzz: Physics Puzzler "Rube Works" Arrives on Steam Today http://t.co/nf85GZBRoX @RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks @ElectrcEggplant @Uni…
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Everyone feels the effects of the spring air! Cartoon by#RubeGoldberg from the @bancroftlibrary collection http://t.co/g1bUyLYNCB
RT @RubeWorks: Exciting announcement tomorrow for everyone waiting for @RubeWorks on Windows & Linux! Can you spell S T E A M? #RubeGoldber…
RT @EinsteinInABox1: STEM Apps Beyond The Classroom (Blog post: http://t.co/FjkMfh1LvH) #STEM #apps http://t.co/j21uwLHXLS
The #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest has some big fans, including @StephenAtHome in this @GMA report from '97: http://t.co/VQ0HNhWGWW
RT @JMaxey1: More #rubeworks rubegoldberg http://t.co/FDctVPvTrE
RT @JMaxey1: Great job working together on #rubeworks rubegoldberg http://t.co/gHuJE2WjAl
RT @JMaxey1: More @RubeWorks fun! rubegoldberg #rubeworks http://t.co/Vzhkqtj7oT
RT @K5Kinders: We are learning about ramps and Rube Goldberg Machines! We need more materials! What can we do? @MasseyStreet_PS http://t.co
RT @KOrtquist: Me:"what r u doing today for your Rube Goldberg project?" Student:"idea-ing" 😳
RT @lottascales: "The Recycle Claw" 3rd gr Rube Goldberg type game to encourage recycling. #walearns #dtk12chat @walker3WA http://t.co/2dUp
RT @COSI: Video of the winning machine from Purdue from last weekend's @RubeGoldberg College Nationals here at COSI! https://t.co/HA1jK4VN
RT @AndroidCosmos: Rube Works: Rube Goldberg Game on... http://t.co/cGTSYHYv4f
RT @gmsPLTW: Day 2 #rubegoldberg project in #gtt #pltw class. Making good progress 6th period! http://t.co/67uRitkPg9
RT @tyriverside: Fabulous foodie cartoon gent in @PaulStuartNY window display, Madison +45th! #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/y6nzAFObPj
RT @Section101Tweet: Make sure to cast your vote for the 2014 International Online @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest People's Choice HERE! http…
Check out New Auburn High's winning machine from our National High School Rube Goldberg Machine Contest! http://t.co/7jFO1rknV5
RT @maxrauner: Warum einfach, wenn's auch anders geht. Purdue University gewinnt den @RubeGoldberg Contest http://t.co/8dJ5qPscVZ http://t.…
RT @EwrightWright: HHMS 8th graders made some awesome Rube Goldberg projects! Thank you to parents and family members who helped out! http:…
RT @PSPE_Rubeteam: Get excited for next years task: shine a shoe! #rubegoldberg #collegiatecompetition http://t.co/3KVujlIigH
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter, Jennifer George, gets her Zipper Zipped in this winning @PurdueSPE machine http://t.co/sl8AJ7
RT @RubeWorks: We had a great time at @COSI at the #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest collegiate finals. See photos https://t.co/m8J1Qc6hGK @Rub…
Vote now for the 2014 International Online Rube Goldberg Machine Contest People's Choice - watch videos here: http://t.co/2rXJW7SoLg
#RubeGoldberg Machine Contest 2015 task announced: "Shine a Shoe" http://t.co/ykNsuRs3MV
RT @AndroidSPIN: @RubeWorks: @RubeGoldberg Game on #Android Review - http://t.co/VmPLN51MUK
RT @BeccaLR14: Follow @PSPE_Rubeteam for updates about the PSPE Purdue Rube Goldberg Team and all things Rube!
RT @RubeWorks: Kids playing @RubeWorks at the collegiate @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest finals at @COSI last Saturday https://t.co/qwIAx5X6E
RT @TaylorMorseArt: A heartfelt shout-out to Jennifer George on the 2014 Eisner nominations for The Art of @RubeGoldberg: (A) Inventive (B)…
RT @PurdueEngineers: Just in case you missed it, @PurdueSPE reclaimed national @RubeGoldberg title! #mechanicalengineering http://t.co/RFY9
EXCITING NEWS! #TheArtofRube book has two #EisnerAward nominations! Check it out: http://t.co/Ng3NPIxntO
What a great post! @RubeWorks "Northwood 7th graders engage with Rube Goldberg machines through technology" http://t.co/L5b3DbcV0K
RT @TaylorMorseArt: A real honor being a judge at the @RubeGoldberg Machine Nationals today at @COSI, huge congrats to all the teams! http:…
Rube Goldberg Machine Contest 2014: Winning Machine Purdue University!: http://t.co/pO9NOcSdrs via @YouTube
Big thanks to @PaulStuartNY for a great #RubeGoldberg party! Check out the Rube window displays on Madison and 45th! http://t.co/wtH2DKIzaP
RT @LifeAtPurdue: Congrats to Purdue's PSPE Rube Goldberg team for winning the national championship today in Columbus,… http://t.co/2RgeA5
RT @chasrabesh: Our Rube Goldberg group at COSI IN Columbus @rubeworks #rubegoldberg http://t.co/HwUKmxqhwg
RT @COSI: Photos from today's @RubeGoldberg College Machine Nationals. https://t.co/PSpKD6nXiZ
RT @SNewco: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/pcEtXGHXzy #mlearning #edchat
RT @RubeWorks: Aisles and aisles of archived cartoons from the masters at @CartoonLibrary. Wow! http://t.co/ahgaTPF5YB
RT @RubeWorks: Jennifer George takes photos of Grandpa @RubeGoldberg's cartoons from the 1940s at @CartoonLibrary #rubegoldberg http://t.co
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeGoldberg machine expert @zumperov at @CartoonLibrary today with Rube's original cartoon. Our fav level? http://t.co/WpP
RT @RubeWorks: At the @cartoonlibrary today we saw @RubeGoldberg's ORIGINAL drawing of the Turkey level. Rube, meet iPhone http://t.co/Rbf3
RT @DavidBFox: @RubeGoldberg granddaughter Jennifer George in front of self portrait bust of Rube at @CartoonLibrary http://t.co/tQhvHqKMJ1
RT @TaylorMorseArt: Tour of @CartoonLibrary with pal @RubeGoldberg Jennifer George, @COSI Machine Team, @RubeWorks designer @DavidBFox! htt…
RT @Section101Tweet: The @RubeGoldberg People's Choice voting for the International Online Machine Contest opens tomorrow! More info here: …
Vote for People's Choice! April 12- 30. http://t.co/2EA5sxczFs
RT @DavidBFox: On my way to Columbus, OH to judge the collegiate #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest at @COSI on Sat. Goal: Zip a Zipper! Good lu…
RT @AbramsComicArts: RT “@ljoie: (A) INVENTIVE (B) CARTOON (C) GENIUS! The Art of Rube Goldberg in Washington Times: http://t.co/c5NB99uLCR
RT @AbramsComicArts: In the NYC area? Don't miss the @RubeGoldberg in-store exhibit + window displays at @PaulStuartNY on Madison & 45th. T…
RT @timschaffert: Rube Goldberg-theme window dressing on Madison Ave http://t.co/peh0WFZGFn
RT @COSI: The @RubeGoldberg College Machine Contest is Saturday! This year's challenge: zip a zipper. Starts at 11:30. http://t.co/WFXnO
RT @RubeWorks: @eklose Also check out these @SkypeClassroom visits we do, including w/@RubeGoldberg's granddaughter https://t.co/UKttr7WJg5
RT @DavidBFox: @msphillips78 @tgraveley Great talking with your Ss today about @RubeWorks via @SkypeClassroom! Thanks for making me feel we…
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks Mac version now #15 in Mac App Store in Education category http://t.co/5zc58TPZx2 #STEM #STEAM #edtech #RubeGoldb…
RT @tgraveley: Great way to kick off Goldberg project by learning firsthand about @RubeGoldberg with @SkypeClassroom
RT @blambot: Blambot creates the official Rube Goldberg font for Rube Goldberg, Inc.! http://t.co/FZELiwA1Yp
"Rube Goldberg Survives" Op-Ed from @nytimes @PaulKrugmanBlog on #Obamacare as a successful Rube Goldberg machine! http://t.co/VfDHHHu9ZP
RT @RubeWorks: “@ScubaStebe: In #Android News: Rube Works: Rube Goldberg Game on Android Review http://t.co/Jof83LwXrX <-- we love this @R…
RT @utsateach: http://t.co/ZyEFoGEAeb http://t.co/UvmFJFo7py
RT @chasrabesh: Rube Goldberg: The father of inventions http://t.co/M19zdr02fT
RT @AndroidSPIN: @RubeWorks: @RubeGoldberg Game on #Android Review - http://t.co/GSScHlVz8a http://t.co/KBpJifSQ1s
RT @STEMForward: Congratulations New Auburn for taking 1st Place at the National Rube Goldberg Machine Contest! http://t.co/JCijVWsXH8
RT @RubeWorks: #4 free PROMO CODE for the **Mac** version of @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game http://t.co/zkOIhfo5Ww #…
RT @RubeWorks: #3 free PROMO CODE for the **Mac** version of @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game http://t.co/B57WiO7CQ7 #…
RT @RubeWorks: Read the wonderful @NSTA Recommends @RubeWorks review "amazing and rich on so many levels" http://t.co/QjHjxIBCjV #NSTA14 #S…
RT @STEMForward: Good Morning! Happy Rube National! Join us @WCTC for the event, presented by @ConnectMinds. http://t.co/khiBIHLcgx
RT @STEMForward: Our Rube National presenting sponsor, @ConnectMinds, has an awesome booth, goodies AND Rube Machine! So cool! http://t.co/
RT @STEMForward: #RubeNational http://t.co/bYqGjvRNVO
RT @TWC_Wisconsin: Do you know what a #RubeGoldberg Machine is? @ConnectMinds has our very own at today's finals in WI - look! #TWCRGM http…
RT @TWC_Wisconsin: #RubeGoldberg Machines rock! 200+ students are competing at ntl finals at @wctc! @ConnectMinds @STEMForward #TWCRGM http…
RT @STEMForward: We're very pleased to have Rube Goldberg's granddaughter, Jennifer George, and Kinetic Artist Joseph Herscher join us toda…
RT @TWC_Wisconsin: These young minds use #STEM innovation to build #RubeGoldberg Machines & compete in the finals! #TWCRGM @STEMForward htt…
RT @littleBits: Today you'll find us at the @RubeGoldberg Machine workshop for teachers at #NSTA14
RT @TriSciCurious: @msphillips78 @RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks already have it downloaded! I do these with my physics students during simple mac…
RT @msphillips78: @TriSciCurious @RubeGoldberg my class is building these for our "Science Share" ...check out @RubeWorks App!
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks iOS version now updated to v1.2.9. Now senses orientation and other fixes. Update now: http://t.co/JRZpV0lXtN #ST…
RT @RubeWorks: Another free PROMO CODE for the **Mac** version of @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game http://t.co/xhbiMbr
Happy Friday! This #RubeGoldberg music video from @atrak and @djtommytrash gets us ready for the weekend. Enjoy! http://t.co/95RQ2rcBuN
RT @RubeWorks: Here's a free PROMO CODE for the Mac version of @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game http://t.co/TlIx8Hnd3z
RT @RubeWorks: Don't have Rube Works for iOS yet? Here's a PROMO CODE to download the game! http://t.co/bdDqxbLEeO #RubeGoldberg
Attn @HowIMetMother fans: @nytimes says the finale was written like a @RubeGoldberg machine! What do YOU think? http://t.co/LOqHq4mee8
RT @RubeWorks: “This app is amazing and rich on so many levels. I highly recommend this app...” via @NSTA #STEM #STEAM #RubeGoldberg http:/…
MoCCA Fest this weekend at Society of Illustrators! Book signing with #ArtofRube author JENNIFER GEORGE Sunday 4/6 http://t.co/cnqa8QqZkU
RT @SCHSRacine: Thanks to @ChipBrewster from @fox6now for visiting as our @RubeGoldberg team prepares for nationals! Clip should air tom mo…
RT @MPHbridgeRufo: Rube Goldberg machines created by the 4th grade were a big hit at the NAEA National Education Convention in San Diego ht…
For those of you with record players, this is for you from Rube... APRIL FOOLS! http://t.co/yMH5W9sx3w 4/1/1920, Bancroft Library collection
RT @plemmonsa: 2nd grade loves connecting with @DavidBFox @RubeWorks #tlchat @SkypeClassroom http://t.co/Uk8IsCghT4
This year's ZIP A ZIPPER task for the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest has YKK Corp involved -- check it out! http://t.co/UpG3WFaY9M
RT @marcihouseman: What do I do with a little down time on a Friday night? Play the @RubeWorks game--critical thinking & problem solving wi…
RT @PREPrincipal: 3rd graders Skyping with @davidbfox creator of @rubeworks! #prepbl http://t.co/Xh7T3w0KlT
RT @jmpruitt88: Asking @DavidBFox questions about how he created @rubeworks! #NoblPRE #simplemachines http://t.co/GH5GbubFrQ
RT @jmpruitt88: Classroom skype with @DavidBFox ! So excited to learn more about Rube Works! http://t.co/DQ5R2gzeZj
RT @Stephmhamilton: Finally figured out how to water palm tree in @RubeWorks! Teaching others now..Can't wait to skype @DavidBFox today! ht…
RT @msphillips78: So excited to meet with Rube Goldberg's granddaughter via @SkypeClassroom to start our Rube Goldberg projects! @RubeGoldb…
Only 5 days left to complete your Team Page. http://t.co/5aHRTkPSQv
RT @marcihouseman: @RubeWorks Bought the app 4 my son and ended up spending several hours on it myself yesterday. Love it!! We are "fightin…
RT @ArtsEmerson: Our upcoming #Lebensraum production has been called @RubeGoldberg-esque. Get to know: http://t.co/oEKEhKDBNt
RT @RubeWorks: Here's @RubeWorks designer @DavidBFox's presentation @ the Zozude Educational Competitions Contest on the #RGMC http://t.co/
RT @plemmonsa: @KarenNemethEdM @RubeWorks it's hard to single out one strand of literacy when our lives involve so many simultaneously. #st…
RT @plemmonsa: Some of our favorite apps right now are @flipgrid @tellagami @ChatterPixIt and @RubeWorks #storyappchat
RT @shmaynor: Creativity Museum in SF http://t.co/ti0ytszCUt @mschmitz_1
RT @Mister_Duque: A @RubeGoldberg  machine that mines a @Minecraft block, from my sixth grade science fair #edchat #scichat  https://t.co/E
RT @plemmonsa: Our 2nd graders loved learning about @RubeGoldberg with his granddaughter, Jennifer George. #tlchat #ccsdath http://t.co/sJu
RT @Wright2ndGrade: What a special opportunity #barrow2nd grade had to skype with @RubeGoldberg 's granddaughter! http://t.co/ZkxW3uME3h
RT @NSTA: MT @RubeWorks: @NSTA gave @RubeWorks a great review today! "This app is amazing and rich on so many levels" http://t.co/Iw8w79K30
RT @RubeWorks: @NSTA gave @RubeWorks a great review today! "This app is amazing and rich on so many levels" http://t.co/QjHjxIBCjV #NSTA #e…
RT @JTHS_Science: Innovation & problem-solving in Mr. Jern's & Mr. Knott's Physics courses at Joliet Central with @RubeGoldberg http://t.co
RT @Mister_Duque: My 6th grade class showed off their @RubeGoldberg  machines 2nite! Check out #BFCCPS or @MrDuqueTeacher 4 pics/vids. This…
RT @plemmonsa: New Post: Using @SkypeClassroom to connect with @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter #tlchat #ccsdath #edtech #edchat http://t.co/
International Online Team Pages Close April 1 http://t.co/mDOlBjBIL9
RT @RubeWorks: People loving @RubeWorks at @UnityGames booth #GDC14 #RubeGoldberg @RubeGoldberg http://t.co/rMhkVuLzPP
RT @plemmonsa: Our 2nd graders are excited about skyping with @RubeGoldberg tomorrow as part of their study of force and motion. #tlchat
RT @Stephmhamilton: @RubeWorks absolutely LOVED it!! They're begging me to get on the iPads every spare second! And their problem solving s…
RT @COSI: See the @RubeGoldberg competition yesterday from West High School's perspective. http://t.co/hTLTpDob3k
Happy St. Patrick's Day from Rube Goldberg! http://t.co/MVAIZPR9sY
RT @SNewco: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/pcEtXGHXzy #edchat #iOSEdapp #mlearning
RT @MfgStories: 🔵 All things #RubeGoldberg via @RubeWorks http://t.co/E4GHBW0GrR #STEM #STEAM #EdTEch #Eng #Mfg #Make #DIY http://t.co/Siyr
RT @COSI: As the @RubeGoldberg high school competition continues, visitors are also making their own Rube Goldberg machines! http://t.co/t
RT @COSI: Things are getting exciting at the @RubeGoldberg high school contest today! The challenge is to zip a zipper. http://t.co/S6Uiry
RT @COSI: We are hosting the @RubeGoldberg High School Regional Contest on Saturday! Judging starts at 11:30am. http://t.co/WFXnOkMXTl
RT @MfgStories: @RubeGoldberg Great fun projects for #Makers & #STEM - #Manufacturing #SocialMedia http://t.co/gMqoU8Yhx7
RT @KevinTPitts: Rube Goldberg competition in full swing! #EOH2014 http://t.co/Ylx0V5MU8K
RT @EdisonMiddle: Students in Mrs. Laskey's Gateway classes were Skyping with the developer of the Rube Goldberg App, Mr. David Fox! http:/…
RT @laskeysgateway: Using Skype to enrich student learning about Rube Goldberg and app creating with @DavidBFox @RubeWorks http://t.co/YjIL
Last chance! @SciGirls http://t.co/wa29pJZln7 reminds us to register NOW for the Online International Machine Contest http://t.co/uYFaFTYCz5
RT @Glynn_ed: Ss designing their Rube Goldberg inspired leprechaun traps. Very creative! @RubeWorks #rubegoldberg #Isthatgold http://t.co/3
RT @FBCKptcollege: The great feeling you get when the Rube Goldberg machine works!!! #happiness #success
RT @THSSpartan: Turpin AP Physics students complete the Rube Goldberg project. #19HShysteria http://t.co/tRAOZRcblo
RT @MsBruckler: 409 meets J.George, Rube Goldberg's granddaughter! http://t.co/lZCgOaTBqQ
RT @mrs_w5thgrade: Setting up Rube Goldberg machines. https://t.co/dcq8IQ9KEM
RT @CartoonLibrary: Columbus' own Caitlin McGurk and @TaylorMorseArt are the official judges of the 2014 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest! htt…
RT @Mcmsscience: #Skype with Rube Goldberg this morning in encore was awesome! Bringing in the real world to our class! http://t.co/jxKCugP
RT @MsKertesz: Rube Goldberg's granddaughter came to speak to us today. She came to see some of our inventions. #ps10bk http://t.co/pc3syR8
RT @RubeWorks: Mac Promo Codes: We're celebrating the launch of @RubeWorks on the Mac! Visit our facebook page for a code http://t.co/f2H6T
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks now featured on the Mac App Store in Education! http://t.co/5zc58TPZx2 #RubeGoldberg #STEM #STEAM #edapps http://…
RT @RubeWorks: Stay up to date with Rube Works and @RubeGoldberg info and follow our fb pages: https://t.co/MPlj2l2kH8 https://t.co/aQHkJ9v
Everyone knows the board game Mousetrap, but did you know Rube sold the rights for the game? Check out HIS version! http://t.co/31JliQqvHl
Join the fun by March 17th and get 2 FREE offers! http://t.co/1jOHF6sUXJ
RT @RubeWorks: We're giving away @RubeWorks promo codes for iOS! Visit our Facebook page and grab them before someone else does! https://t.…
RT @essteckley: Great talk at #92Y on #rubegoldberg, w Al Jaffee, Brian Walker Jennifer George and Adam Gopnik tonight! #thatsgenius 7Days …
RT @92Y: The Genius of Rube Goldberg with Jennifer George, Al Jaffee, Adam Gopnik starts soon. Watch live online! http://t.co/gqcVF8YPbn #t…
RT @MissFitzgerald4: @SkypeClassroom experience with Jennifer George! Awesome way to begin our day! #cbcsd @Beckers4thGrade @RubeGoldberg h…
RT @Annie_Fox: Teachers: Inspire your students with The Rube Goldberg Contest http://t.co/nhvAYnPNQ4
RT @Annie_Fox: I'm watching .@DavidBFox (live streaming) presenting at ZoZude conf. Talking about .@RubeWorks Looks great! http://t.co/jRbW
RT @MissFitzgerald4: @SkypeClassroom with @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter, Jennifer George! #cbcsd @Beckers4thGrade http://t.co/t5GkyQ8v1s
RT @SCHSRacine: SCHS wins 2nd @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest regional in 5 years by zipping a zipper cooler than anyone else! http://t.co/7f
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest talk by @RubeWorks designer @DavidBFox @ Zozude Conf today, 2:15pm PT streamed live http://t.c
RT @Beckers4thGrade: AWESOME @SkypeClassroom call this morning with @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter, Jennifer George! So cool!!! #cbcsd http…
RT @DavidBFox: I'm speaking at 2:15pm PDT today at the Zozude Edu Competitions Conf, streaming at http://t.co/7qBIzApV9E
RT @RubeWorks: Great news! @RubeWorks is now available on the Mac App Store! Download it for you #Mac at http://t.co/5zc58TPZx2 #edtech #Ru…
RT @RubeWorks: Do you have a Mac? Do you really want to play @RubeWorks on it instead of your phone or tablet? Stay tuned for some news!
RT @brooks_jones: OK, let's give away one of the @RubeWorks codes now: 1st to RT this wins a copy of the @RubeGoldberg game! #storyappchat
RT @87ead: Met Ben Cohen from @benandjerrys at @unfairartshow. With his #RubeGoldberg #AmendOMatic for http://t.co/Flk0YJdfvM http://t.co/c
RT @JacksonCitPat: A PeeWee Herman look a-like and a 44-step zipper process has Central confident about a Rube Goldberg contest win. http:/…
RT @twitcam: Tomorrow, @92Y honors the life of Rube Goldberg with his granddaughter Jennifer George. Tune in @ 8:15pm ET. http://t.co/sTrsv
RT @JMaxey1: Tuttle Rube Goldberg Prodigies – YouTube http://t.co/lt4spuCemP
RT @amhaunted: #Frankenbutts wins #RubeGoldberg zipper zipping contest http://t.co/Zbj64qzV1x http://t.co/QJQgsaD7bs
RT @PiusXIHigh: The Rube Goldberg team took 2nd in the state competition and won best technical writing. They advance to nationals on April…
RT @RubeWorks: @melburnor @laskeysgateway And yes for elementary. Designed for ages 9 and up. But 2nd graders played it, gr8 blog: http://t…
RT @RubeWorks: “@SNewco: A Must-Have App- @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game http://t.co/086hI7TL3X #edchat” we love thi…
RT @RubeWorks: Watch here for an announcement on Monday. We're very excited!
RT @StemEdCoalition: Engineering Leadership Society To Compete In National Rube Goldberg Machine Contest #STEM http://t.co/SWltG8ajEY
RT @RubeWorks: “@AbbyBrink2: 2nd graders designing with @RubeWorks game. #barrowbuddies. #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/XNe4BtrR2K very cool
RT @RubeWorks: “@ninjamanuel: Champion! Boo yeah! #Engineering #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/gFNNsAlM58 congrats!
RT @92Y: Not many of us make it into the dictionary as an adjective. But then again, Rube Goldberg is no ordinary noun: http://t.co/h5IiAIM
RT @JMaxey1: Here's our awesome @RubeGoldberg Day! http://t.co/fh0AEgltAW @RubeWorks #RubeGoldberg
RT @laskeysgateway: Played @RubeWorks today in class! The students were having so much fun they didn't want to leave for the practice fire …
RT @DrexelOnline: #DrexelPride! MT @RepMeehan: Congrats to #Drexel engineering for creating the world’s largest Rube Goldberg machine http:…
RT @SonyaKMcNamara: @msumankato for the #RubeGoldberg Competition! #Physics #STEM #PLTW #PLTWproud http://t.co/dXbR8gaZHP
RT @SNewco: A Must-Have App- Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/QhTsYnwLQN #edchat
RT @JMaxey1: @RubeGoldberg #RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks Zipping the zipper success! http://t.co/HduRgOvuVV @DavidBFox
It's COLD outside, but that doesn't mean you can't bundle up in style! Rube's hats are functional AND fashionable! http://t.co/NAb5Wkc8D8
RT @SciGirls: International Online Contest registration ends March 17 for kids ages 11-14: http://t.co/4g2veTF4Rz Challenge is machine that…
RT @RubeWorks: @Discovery filmed #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest college regionals at @Purdue start at 6:42 to see http://t.co/pOtbcAsUGw #RG…
RT @RubeWorks: Fun review of "The Art of Rube Goldberg" via @Kneumsi @PopMatters http://t.co/yP5ZT7AG0R @AbramsComicArts @ABRAMSbooks @Rube…
RT @archz_: Started our Rube Goldberg Machine with a phone call and ended it with a rocket. #success #NEM2014 @ESSCOntario http://t.co/cVPW
RT @mrtonymartin: What looks to be the definitive Rube Goldberg book: http://t.co/WYKw5rlO0J
RT @plemmonsa: 2nd grade #barrowbuddies are making @rubegoldberg inventions @rubeworks #tlchat https://t.co/wmi5elcbYU
RT @jcalvert4: Check out this high school Rube Goldberg competition, think they're invested? http://t.co/dMRuppZbbu
Contest Nationals are close. See what it takes to Zip A Zipper! http://t.co/cx6tGYuzde
RT @COSI: COSI will host the @RubeGoldberg College Machine Contest again on 4/12! This year's task: zip a zipper! http://t.co/WFXnOkMXTl
ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Lecture @92Y with Jennifer George, Al Jaffee, @adamgopnik & Brian Walker - tickets on sale now! http://t.co/GqUGbIdykN
RT @E_Gilbert1: Love science tools! My Hands, Toddler Outreach. COSI can come to your ECE classroom: http://t.co/NuvP6TnaSc @COSI http://t.…
RT @COSI: Now through March 16 youth admission (age 2-12) is $5 in honor of our 50th Anniversary. No coupon needed!
RT @COSI: The @RubeGoldberg High School competition is coming up on 3/15! Check out these photos from last year! http://t.co/XiHa7PdYxn
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks: Our review of the 1st official Rube Goldberg app "perfect app for family game night" http://t.co/fVrCYljaLO via …
RT @UnityGames: .@RubeWorks is featured in "Games to Watch" on @GooglePlay! Download today: http://t.co/cywgdtNvrz #rubegoldberg http://t.c
We Love Engineers! Thanks @ASME_FutureME for getting the word out about our Machine Contests! Check out the write-up: http://t.co/FzIX9HMP5V
RT @AbramsComicArts: .@RubeGoldberg Butts In on The @ComicsJournal http://t.co/NrRPI90Bf3
RT @ljoie: Rube Goldberg Butts In | The Comics Journal: http://t.co/kuijF8ogd8 @RubeGoldberg @AbramsBooks
RT @koko500: Neato! MT @VideoAmy: LOVE this #RubeGoldberg+#HipHop=History of recorded music 90 sec. http://t.co/5M5n4B9MYg (@eileengill, se…
RT @RubeWorks: Even the pros don't get it right the first time! Video: IFPI/Making of Music Remains, a recorded music Rube Goldberg http://…
RT @Annie_Fox: Teachers & parents (grades 2+) this review of our app Rube Works made me weep w/joy .@RubeWorks .@ElectrcEggplant http://t.c
RT @RubeWorks: MT @bfccps Ss enjoy #rubegoldberg presentation & discussion w/@DavidBFox http://t.co/u4yKQ4ypIO via @SkypeClassroom https://…
RT @JMaxey1: @scottcharlson A little teaser for http://t.co/g18bsmFoJP @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg @DavidBFox http://t.co/EX1jjpDB8p
RT @DavidBFox: @mrduqueteacher My pleasure talking to your Ss today! Lots of great questions on game design/production, @RubeWorks, & @Rube…
RT @MrDuqueTeacher: Live Skyping with @RubeGoldberg  game designer @DavidBFox ! @bfccps 
RT @plemmonsa: Love the celebration when Ss figure something out @rubeworks #tlchat #ipaded https://t.co/vPfcz4i7pO
RT @plemmonsa: New Post: Problem Solving and Science in Action with @RubeWorks @ElectrcEggplant #tlchat #ipaded #ccsdath #edtech http://t.…
#TheArtofRube contributor Paul Tumey's "Rube Goldberg Butts In" column just published in @ComicsJournal Check it out! http://t.co/yjAGbFGNJK
Register for the International Online contest by March 17 - and get 2 Special Offers! http://t.co/GUnaxVJdSj
RT @RubeWorks: Rube Goldberg Butts In via @ComicsJournal and Paul Tumey http://t.co/UOdYGtURBg #RubeGoldberg @RubeGoldberg
RT @ljoie: New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium: Jennifer George and Charles Kochman: @RubeGoldberg @AbramsComicArts http://t.co/4qAiz
Check out this great video of the history of recorded music, unfolding as a Rube Goldberg Machine! http://t.co/bX4EWWhHIb
RT @plemmonsa: 2nd grade is problem solving with @rubeworks #tlchat #ccsdath https://t.co/oxTCiqcqTG
RT @AbbyBrink2: 2nd graders designing with @RubeWorks game. #barrowbuddies. #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/zr6fJos7GD
@plemmonsa nice! More pics please! @ElectrcEggplant
RT @plemmonsa: 2nd graders are exploring @RubeWorks by @ElectrcEggplant in prep for a @RubeGoldberg project #tlchat http://t.co/fdmNO1PZxK
RT @argonne: Happening now: Argonne's 2014 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest @childrensmuseum. #rubegoldberg http://t.co/Xpa4g0KSIG
RT @argonne: More from Argonne's Rube Goldberg Contest. #rubegoldberg http://t.co/ZwQw6VfA92
RT @argonne: Rube results: 1st place: Reavis HS; 2nd: Maine South HS; 3rd: Luther North College Prep; People's choice: Chicago Christian. C…
RT @argonne: Congrats to @ReavisD220 for its Rube Goldberg Contest win! The team now moves on to nationals! http://t.co/aBT3OzfK8z
RT @CNYTeacher: Free Rube Goldberg app for teachers who register for 2014 contest http://t.co/BGGNXTbmFI #STEM #engineering
RT @BigMikeyOcho: And look! A volcano! This Rube Goldberg machine was pretty awesome, actually. @tusharnene @HockeyMath http://t.co/jQ3a9LU
RT @TechPurdue: Shots from Saturday's Rube Goldberg competition. http://t.co/t6cvg5Kfsg #technologyweek
RT @sdsmt: Let the games begin! Twenty steps, one crushed can, endless glory #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/PjkKDzXirW
RT @argonne: The judges survey the machines at Rube Goldberg. The results will be in soon! #rubegoldberg http://t.co/GzaIxxpyeI
RT @JMaxey1: Ss giving up PE time to work on @RubeGoldberg designs! Awesome! #RubeGoldberg
With friends like these, it's best not to get a winter cold. Rube's Weekly Meeting of the Tuesday Ladies' Club, 1917 http://t.co/Wal9Msz4u6
RT @PopSci: How to become a Rube Goldberg machine builder http://t.co/4p4yRzqE26
RT @ut_cci: Need to check out the #rubegoldberg competition @UToledo engineering, 11am today. Contraptions with more than 20 steps to close…
RT @THRIVEDecatur: It's almost here! Tomorrow is the city-wide Rube Goldberg Competition at Children's Museum of Illinois! The event... htt…
RT @BES_UMCP: Stop by the Kim building later to check out the Rube Goldberg Machines created for the Alumni Cup!
RT @TechPurdue: Whack-A-Gnome? It's part of zipping a zipper at the Rube Goldberg competition. http://t.co/zI76bZvTjn #technologyweek http:…
RT @PurdueAdmission: Complicate the simple. @RubeGoldberg contest tomorrow. Another #worldrecord for Purdue? http://t.co/xqr55zcwpV
RT @sdsmt: Join us at 3 in Surbeck ballroom to see all the outrageous ways our @RubeGoldberg teams have engineered to crush a can! #EWeek20…
RT @RubeWorks: Check out our new @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game video trailer http://t.co/h0q1lXTW92 #STEM #STEAM #e…
Come hear Jennifer George &Charles Kochman on #TheArtofRube Tues Feb. 25 for the NY Comics & Picture-Story Symposium! http://t.co/PWw5px8svS
RT @PurdueProEd: Contest ensures #engineer Rube Goldberg lives on via @asmetweet http://t.co/DQX8XQqDIP
RT @RubeWorks: New #RubeGoldberg Machine vid via kinetic artist & @RubeWorks level designer @josephherscher (love his Page Turner) http://t…
RT @kylepace: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/M9tsv3H9cO via @snewco #mlearning
RT @KP_Principal: @MrMillerKMS have u seen this? “@SNewco: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/gbs7cYVOPH #…
RT @mtstirling: History of music in 90 second Rube Goldberg machine filmed at Abbey Road, just in time for the #BritAwards http://t.co/lixj
RT @TaylorMorseArt: Jennifer George & Charles Kochman on The Art of @RubeGoldberg 76th meeting Feb. 25, 2014 at 7pm http://t.co/nzPrwuOSMu
RT @UnityGames: .@RubeWorks is climbing the ranks on @amazonappstore! Check it out at #77 http://t.co/Vm8sIg72pj
Don't feel bad if you're putting on the winter pounds... Rube reminds us it's good for a snowstorm! http://t.co/hhMDSRznoV
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks in top 100 on @amazonappstore Hot New Releases http://t.co/VlHHRpsDsP #Amazon #Android #KindleFire @Kindle #Games…
RT @SamBlancoBCBA: Excited to check out the Rube Works app! #edtech #apped #ipaded @UnityGames, @ElectrcEggplant, @DavidBFox & @RubeGoldberg
Watch the new Rube Goldberg Machine vid from kinetic artist @josephherscher - and learn the perfect recipe for bread! http://t.co/sevwXmiQVD
RT @RubeWorks: We love @SNewco's description of @RubeWorks! http://t.co/EDA4lLCFAR #mlearning #edchat #STEAM #STEM #stemchat #scied #scichat
RT @PSUgetinvolved: Missed the Rube Goldberg Machine contest on Saturday? Check out these great pics that recap it wonderfully!http://t.co/
RT @SNewco: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/9qKST1TWov #mlearning #edchat
Happy Presidents' Day! A reminder from Rube - this holiday, it's "Time to Lift Our Eyes" to Lincoln http://t.co/ovlQ6yVc9J
RT @jesuitdallas: Juniors present their #RubeGoldberg machines in physics class. Good luck! http://t.co/LaSYoPYvXm
RT @ClassicAlbumSun: Filmed at #Abbey Road, Music Remains is a 'Recorded Music Rube Goldberg Machine' showing the music world in 90 secs ht…
RT @JannaHuang: The most ratchet Rube Goldberg machine I ever did see http://t.co/iOOpIwA0bk
RT @ENGR_Leadership: ELS placed 1st in yesterday's Rube Goldberg competition at the Nittany Lion Inn! See you at the National Competition! …
RT @Jenn2J: Love the app #RubeWorks for starting the discussion about Rube Goldberg machines. #EdCampOKC #appsmackdown
RT @sunimuslim: first place in the rube goldberg competition... I'm such a good engineer http://t.co/Vmm45z6cXF
RT @unsilentK_neier: 2nd place Rube Goldberg machine #psu #goodday http://t.co/80NRJ5b4FN
RT @PSUEngineering: #PennState Rube Goldberg Contest results: Engineering Leadership Society wins first place overall.
RT @SteveMaier_: NWOSU Saturday Showcase! SPS temps prospective students with a Rube Goldberg candy launcher =) http://t.co/KqdCK5sAHJ
RT @PH3N: how to crack a nut without a nutcracker (you'll need chloroform, dog, snuff, squirrel, self-aware nut) #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/
RT @BrianPlautz: Recorded music history through a Rube Goldberg machine! http://t.co/oJi4fRb8uw
“@BrianPlautz: Recorded music history through a Rube Goldberg machine! http://t.co/e1yov1Deem
RT @PSUgetinvolved: Don't forget to go check out the Rube Goldberg contest today! Doors open at 12:30! Find more information here http://t.…
RT @RubeWorks: MT @AppsyMapCom @RubeWorks review, interview w/developers. Read in our blog! http://t.co/3BtHS33m9R #RubeGoldberg @RubeGoldb…
RT @RubeWorks: Dutch @RubeWorks video review “@Tayari_A: Rube goldberg: http://t.co/qCFdAChM30 via @YouTube”
Happy Valentine's Day from RUBE - some silly Valentines for all from February 14, 1914! http://t.co/IcsrqnRXPl
@RubeWorks video review in Dutch “@Tayari_A: Rube goldberg: http://t.co/aGfOVFL7QV via @YouTube”
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks review on iOS and Android http://t.co/n3MlVEMYmG via @appsymapcom @LisaTheAppChick #STEM #STEAM #edtech #edapps @…
RT @HiltbrandSci8: @andymartire @RubeWorks Here's a video of the @RubeGoldberg machines our KMS students made. http://t.co/YO6EoM2aZk
Music Remains - A Recorded Music Rube Goldberg Machine: http://t.co/l0ZEo2tuOG via @youtube #RubeGoldberg
Register your team in the International Online RGMC and get a FREE Rube Works app. http://t.co/pZSFoPAKmh
RT @aleshabishop: Art and Science surround us all the time - I like it that way, don't you? #STEAM
RT @cmbrookins: I'm thrilled to follow awesome Rube Goldberg folks! Someday I'll convince a group to build one! @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg @j…
RT @RubeWorks: Schedule a Free .@SkypeClassroom talk w/@RubeGoldberg's granddaughter @RubeWorks @DavidBFox @zumperov https://t.co/UKttr8dMi
RT @HiltbrandSci8: Getting ready for #KMSFamSciNight @rubegoldberg http://t.co/kxeWY1opI5
RT @shiltbrand: @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg S's getting ready #KMSFamSciNight w/ #rubegoldberg projects http://t.co/PoyzJGa2P2
RT @shiltbrand: @RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks Check out this set up from my 8th graders...more to come! http://t.co/zkA8t9KEcr
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks now available on Kindle Fire at the @amazonappstore Download TODAY: http://t.co/wOKwyPJrry #RubeGoldberg #edapp #…
RT @RubeWorks: Attn #KindleFire owners: RT @UnityGames @RubeWorks is live on the @amazonappstore! Download TODAY: http://t.co/wOKwyPJrry #R…
RT @lucasjgood: Inspired by OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass," my boys' first #rubegoldberg Machine: http://t.co/eHg981eRjs. Hopefully not the …
RT @cmbrookins: If you love Rube Goldberg craziness, here are a couple great folks to follow! @RubeWorks @josephherscher #rubegoldberg
RT @mcwhirterk: Grade 8's exploring systems by building Rube Goldberg machines. http://t.co/IBatArHBKS
RT @prpnews: http://t.co/nscyckIy8J Wacky machines to take center stage at Feb. 15 Rube Goldberg contest
Schedule a Free .@SkypeClassroom talk w/@RubeGoldberg's granddaughter @RubeWorks @DavidBFox @zumperov https://t.co/vCUeVf3cyS #edtech #skype
RT @sammorra: We've been enjoying Rubeworks app. Played it the past few days. Lots of fun. http://t.co/ExABL0vHkv #scichat #edchat #STEM #e…
RT @chasrabesh: Our 7th grds are going to get to @SkypeClassroom @skype w the app dev. Of the @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg game! #scied #scicha…
RT @RubeWorks: Schedule a free @RubeWorks @SkypeClassroom visit for your students w/designer @DavidBFox https://t.co/snQmhXDVsL #RubeGoldbe…
RT @SciGirls: The Olympics begin tonight! The @NSF has put together great videos on the Science & Engineering of the Olympic Games http://t…
RT @sdsmt: What is the most outlandish way to crush a can? Get your Rube Goldberg team to show us! http://t.co/kAd97URG3d http://t.co/3RJRj
RT @EWExplorers: Bird's eye view of one of our @RubeGoldberg machine presentations. #EWpride http://t.co/h2JPIwuX6e
RT @EWExplorers: We had a great time presenting our @RubeGoldberg machines to parents today! #EWpride http://t.co/6liCQpuQ4T
RT @MrDuqueTeacher: #BFCCPS 6th graders building @RubeGoldberg machines on own time! Presenting Rube Goldberg Recess Club http://t.co/g5OXJ
RT @UlrichrUlrich: Working hard on our Rube Goldberg machines so we can still present to our parents tomorrow. #ewexplorers #ewpride http:/…
RT @sdsmt: Hey, Mines & HS students! Register a team for Rube Goldberg Challenge! Deadline is Friday. http://t.co/kAd97URG3d http://t.co/3R
RT @StacyKoneval: Another groups @RubeGoldberg machine. Ringing a Bell Rube Goldberg Machine http://t.co/vM8qCvo0Ht via @youtube #ewpride
RT @SkypeClassroom: Our new guest speaker can bring the wonderful cartoons of Rube Goldberg into your classroom! @RubeGoldberg http://t.co
RT @jeeveswilliams: New Amnesty International ad campaign depicts signing a petition as setting off a Rube Goldberg machine. http://t.co/OC
RT @EWExplorers: Working hard on our @RubeGoldberg machines. #EWpride http://t.co/wcGRvLBHcs
RT @RubeWorks: New .@SkypeClassroom talks set up for @RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks @DavidBFox https://t.co/UKttr8dMi5 #edtech #skype
RT @MickShuran: @bobparti we were inspired on a rainy Sunday, Thanks! #ThingamaBob Colin's Rube Goldberg http://t.co/Xf77xpOI6Z via
RT @LolMrSquirrel: Awesome desktop Rube Goldberg device… Click here for more funny pictures by Mr. Squirrel http://t.co/j4wF6bUwVp http://t…
RT @SAKIDS: Don't forget about our Homeschool Science Club Tuesday, Feb. 25! We'll build Rube Goldberg machines! tix at http://t.co/S4p7EvQ
Found on @reddit: great desktop Rube Goldberg gif! Check it out: http://t.co/BYzMpKFYkR
RT @kidscornerabc: Rube-Goldberg machine at the science centre! http://t.co/ra1vLaS72v #kids #learning #rubegoldberg #teachers #school #par…
RT @courosa: "The Page Turner" https://t.co/84JimbVZkL #RubeGoldberg
RT @Tweeteveen: Just made a Rube Goldberg machine to send my tweets. This is proof that is works.
RT @aatishb: "Professor Butts and the Self-Operating Napkin", a cartoon by Rube Goldberg. http://t.co/sf4y8XWmiD http://t.co/X5u4XGkkGK
RT @JMaxey1: “@shareski: So, what's your guys' favorite ipad app for when the SuperBowl sucks?” @RubeWorks
RT @RubeWorks: GoldieBlox #RubeGoldberg Super Bowl ad strives to entice girls to science .@SFGate http://t.co/GX7lnB2f24 @RubeWorks @RubeGo…
RT @chasrabesh: Rube Goldberg: The father of inventions http://t.co/usYYvuL3xT @rubeworks I found it! #rubegoldberg so amazing!
RT @honolulumuseum: Sneak peek: Ross Mukai, left, from Oahu Makerspace, installs portions of the Rube Goldberg machine,… http://t.co/OnUZJX
RT @kayfey: #RubeGoldberg, the #cartoonist of complicated machines, inspired the #boardgame "Mouse Trap" and the commercial 4 the company "…
RT @UnivSchool: Will Xin and Buddy Warren show their Rube Goldberg device, as part of the "mission possible" challenge http://t.co/JzKd58X0
RT @SJWill56: Students create Miniature Golf Course @RubeGoldberg Machine #BSCSD http://t.co/TMQu257JlE @BSMS_2013 @RubeWorks http://t.co/R
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks game designer @DavidBFox is available for free @SkypeClassroom visits w/any class using the game. Contact us for …
RT @Mister_Duque: @RubeWorks In grps, kids brainstormed moves. Ea grp offered a move. Tested after ea move b4 asking for next step. http://…
RT @Mister_Duque: @RubeWorks Instant feedback and simple reset vs physical RG machine minimized frustrations, allowed 4 more discussion on …
RT @Mister_Duque: @RubeWorks Kids responded to game aspect, funny animations. Random objects really made kids be attentive to how things mo…
RT @Mister_Duque: Hey @CallahanLuke , using the @ipevo to play the @RubeWorks game w/ class! Kids had blast & it got them probSolving http:…
RT @RubeWorks: Using @RubeWorks in your classroom? Please let us know! Also, you can purchase 20+ units at 50% off under Apple's Vol Purcha…
RT @kejames: A full-page #STEM ad from the 1970s featuring a space-loving teenage girl (+kitteh!), found & shared by @mgrabois http://t.co/
RT @josephherscher: @NZ_Global @CBSSunday Thanks! Hopefully soon you will see me in a kids @rubegoldberg TV show I am developing...
RT @chasrabesh: Sam's already got this one Mr.roth @SteuartBesly http://t.co/Z5eVQnsEJo @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg can't wait for 7th gr #rub…
RT @MrDuqueTeacher: kits all ready for an impromptu @RubeGoldberg building activity at #BFCCPS; get some practice b4 sciFair #stem http://t…
RT @edutopia: Watch how students reframed #failure as success by building a #RubeGoldberg machine: http://t.co/T9Ta4qJqg3 #edchat http://t.…
In CA? @dailycalarts says go to Cartoons, Comics, & Funny Papers exhibit at the @bancroftlibrary and see Rube's art! http://t.co/yATSSiTvau
RT @newhampsha: 8red STEM working on their Rube Goldberg contraptions. @PentucketMS #stem #creativeexploration http://t.co/9fXQh20EWK
RT @JanetsPlanet: ZIP A ZIPPER! FORM A TEAM AND COMPETE! The Rube Goldberg Machine Contest (RGMC) is an annual national competition... htt…
RT @TheHeadKnuckle: Inspire the Creative Process with Rube Goldberg Machines: I am always looking for opportunities for the studen... http:…
Thanks for the great vid segment @CBSSunday - Also check out Rube's Gift Wrapping Device & grab #TheArtofRube today! http://t.co/BIfcZSJaDi
RT @ljoie: Rube Goldberg: The father of inventions http://t.co/n5azDt9Z2e @RubeGoldberg
RT @AbramsComicArts: The father of inventions! RT @CBSSunday Video: @MoRocca's visit to the @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest gets complicated …
RT @WUSTLEngineers: VIDEO: Watch the #wustl @RubeGoldberg team on @CBSSunday with @MoRocca: http://t.co/jDQXf8MTQt. #wustlengineers
RT @josephherscher: @CBSSunday Morning segment about @RubeGoldberg competition (I'm in it!) http://t.co/ftVzNKn7Hh
RT @COSI: MT @CBSSunday: @MoRocca visits the @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest at #COSI in #Columbus, OH [video]: http://t.co/eOZklTXFLa #RubeG…
RT @PIF_SHS: Great piece this morning on @CBSSunday about @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest http://t.co/VnkimqVJym @RubeWorks
@CBSSunday @MoRocca feature @RubeGoldberg and @josephherscher this morning http://t.co/1vQd5oSPHL #RubeGoldberg #RGMC #STEM #STEAM
RT @janlwilder: Best Segment Today!! “@CBSSunday: Video: @MoRocca's visit to the @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest gets complicated http://t.c
@RubeGoldberg: The father of inventions http://t.co/qVstrwmYgs w/@josephherscher @DavidBFox @RubeWorks via @CBSSunday @MoRocca #RubeGoldberg
RT @KDRPR: Great segment today on @CBSSunday about @RubeGoldberg machines and a shout out to the awesome @goldieblox #STEAM http://t.co/0Ze
RT @SimplySuzy: Rube Goldberg : @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game. Students would love this! http://t.co/P3s4RQluG8
RT @MoRocca: The real Rube Goldberg was funny & charming. Ben Stiller should play him in a biopic. I am right about this. http://t.co/1gpfc
@cbssunday @morocca What a great @RubeGoldberg segment on your show this morning! Could you fix the video link? http://t.co/aZluzyVJmp
RT @CBSSunday: Video: @MoRocca's visit to the @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest gets complicated http://t.co/2GCYp6TJd8
RT @CBSSunday: At the @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest @MoRocca checks out the competition; Don’t miss @CBSSunday Jan. 26 http://t.co/dJQ8dwm1
RT @CBSSunday: Ever hear of Rube Goldberg? @MoRocca has a report on the impact of the cartoonist this week on @CBSSunday.
Tomorrow morning @CBSSunday has a segment on #RubeGoldberg Father of Inventions, including @RubeWorks Show notes: http://t.co/0yYKbiaD2O
RT @SJWill56: 7th grade students in Ballston Spa demo their Rube Goldberg machines for Mr S #BSCSD #STEM @RubeGoldberg @BSMS_2013 http://t…
RT @shiltbrand: @RubeGoldberg My 8th grd Ss are finishing up RG projects over next couple of weeks. Wish you could hear their convo. Will p…
RT @RubeWorks: @DavidBFox & Jennifer George talk to @ipadkids re: creative process behind the @RubeWorks app http://t.co/qmolD8vFhs http://…
RT @PDSWebJedi: #PDSChargers PDS team's 2nd place win in Rube Goldberg contest featured in Observer! http://t.co/1n4fEiCuRO
RT @WGBH_edu: How many steps does it take to power a fan? A whole lot, when you're using a Rube Goldberg machine! Watch now: http://t.co/tM
RT @UlrichrUlrich: Great day in inquiry! Students starting to build their @RubeGoldberg machines #ewpride http://t.co/sNlubYu5LC
RT @jlschwittay: This is why I love teaching science... #productivechaos #rubegoldberg #pcms http://t.co/H5lEGjdlVF
RT @lblanken: @coffeechugbooks Best thing I did all year was to let my students stop project work to build a rube goldberg machine. Play +…
RT @educatoral: Rube Works: David Fox and Jennifer George talk to us about the first officially-endorsed RUbe Goldberg app http://t.co/rO5
RT @Mister_Duque: I do Rube Goldberg machines 4 sci fair, kids love it. For Android users, here's a Goldberg game! #scichat #STEM http://t.…
RT @LloydCedricks: Cardinal Excellence Awards 2014 with Team Rube Goldberg #AllinForPICE #PICEisLOVE http://t.co/pj5nxZuGd1
RT @ipadkids: David Fox & Jennifer George talk to @ipadkids re: creative process behind the @RubeWorks app http://t.co/LivCqK33u8 http://t.…
RT @duuro_com: #RubeWorks Works! Read our full review http://t.co/T3R7BH55KZ #gaming #ios #android #rubegoldberg #crazymachines #puzzlegame
RT @Lorinczi158: We're creating Rube Goldberg Machines http://t.co/AwWYDIJjQN
RT @Lorinczi158: Rube Goldberg is alive and well in the Synergy Lab. #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/6o8zav5L0E
RT @AndroidSPIN: @RubeWorks, the #RubeGoldberg game, is finally released on #Android - http://t.co/yvK8nHFtmP
RT @crscience: Have you gotten to play @RubeWorks yet? So addicting! http://t.co/FdDDZvealE #STEM #ipaded #edtech
RT @UnityGames: "If you are a fan of puzzle games with an inventive twist, grab the Rube Goldberg Game from the Play Store for"-@androidsho…
RT @UnityGames: Rube Works: "A Classic Contraption Conundrum Comes To Life”-@toucharcade http://t.co/oqwnkBib9q #RubeGoldberg
RT @EWExplorers: "@TheMrBrockway: Our first @RubeGoldberg Machine planning session has begun! #EWpride http://t.co/tmyJXcEUxK"
RT @UnityGames: .@RubeWorks is OFFICIALLY available on @Android! Download today and solve Rube Goldberg's creative contraptions http://t.co
RT @WHSCunnings: Rube Goldberg kids hard at work...The lab is getting messy!! http://t.co/DTSYKCjlsi
RT @StacyKoneval: Students collaborate about their @RubeGoldberg machine designs. #ewpride http://t.co/BeOJIfnDgR
RT @cartoonart: @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game is now available for @Android on @GooglePlay... http://t.co/09dyYbKz0j
UPCOMING: Don't miss #TheArtofRube contributors Jennifer George, Al Jaffee & @adamgopnik talk @92ndStreetY March 10! http://t.co/g1h729XPf1
RT @Section101Tweet: So cool! Via @nprbooks: Lovebirds + String + Watering Can + Dog = @RubeGoldberg #Magic http://t.co/xY9f6r4tH4
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks "is that rare licensed property that actually gives you greater insight into the source material" http://t.co/nT1
RT @RubeWorks: Satirizing The New Machine: @RubeWorks "is more than a total joy to play" http://t.co/ZKcjAkwHvq via @mediapost @RubeGoldber…
Register Your Team today! International Online Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. http://t.co/bs4bmj1WXc
RT @nharm: Zipping a zipper is simple, right? Not if you're zipping as part of a Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. http://t.co/pYrnynOpzt #STEM
RT @TomSemioli: Remember @rubegoldbergmachines ? The #art of @RubeGoldberg - my chat with author Jennifer George @HuffPostBooks:http://t.c
RT @richtcs: OK here's the video for yesterday's Rube Goldberg machine at school. http://t.co/bKgV9AfYXr #RubeGoldberg #TCS #TCSOrlando
RT @RubeWorks: Now 236 #RubeGoldberg-related pins on @DavidBFox's Rube Goldberg Fun @Pinterest board http://t.co/shXf7Th2QJ #STEM #engineer…
RT @TeachersApps: Get to know the wonderful TWA Certified Apps! http://t.co/3PhDxni5H3 @RubeWorks @SocialBugLabs @DeeperRicher @thinglink
Talkin' Rube Goldberg With Author Jennifer George via @HuffPostBooks http://t.co/EPxIlO29Qo #RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks
RT @RickReinking: Rube Day 3. A good base and a couple energy steps.... One step at a time.... #spiritlakecsd #rubegoldberg @RubeWorks http…
RT @ipadkids: We reviewed the official Rube Goldberg iOS app @RubeWorks - we love it!! http://t.co/bTpChrOgQC http://t.co/rvY6OQ0qgB
RT @Annie_Fox: @RubeWorks featured in Take Five for Family Engagement: Great Puzzle Apps to Share With Kids 4-10+ http://t.co/qZMhTK4RZp vi…
RT @iPad_storytime: Just Published! Take 5 for Family Engagement - Five Exceptional Puzzle Games to Share with a child ages 4-10+ A... htt…
RT @ljoie: Via @nprbooks: Lovebirds + String + Watering Can + Dog = Rube Goldberg Magic http://t.co/bJjo9Z72ZQ @RubeGoldberg @AbramsComicA…
RT @dokeefe: this year's #rubegoldberg #bosslevel at @Q2L_NYC http://t.co/ZTbSVgyqgj #education #designthinking
RT @DavidBFox: Like #RubeGoldberg? I've collected hundreds of videos/images on my Rube Goldberg Fun @pinterest board http://t.co/WnXiZpg7Ea
Via @nprbooks: Lovebirds + String + Watering Can + Dog = Rube Goldberg Magic http://t.co/k6FLfjTZfO #RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks
RT @GBigsAngle: FDA Wanted: Gum Chewing Robot Tester http://t.co/jpZ3vkXB2X #humor @US_FDA @quitsmoking @RubeGoldberg #gum @greggutfeld @G…
RT @SpriceRGMs: My latest and greatest chain reaction machine! Share if you like it! http://t.co/LdYOaJtUps
Start 2014 with RGM videos! This compilation comes from children's educational program in Japan, Pythagora Switch http://t.co/A5yaQh3DDu
HAPPY NEW YEAR! To all Rube fans out there, enjoy this card from the man himself feat. a boisterous statuette ca.1967 http://t.co/FEb1otwDQV
RT @Annie_Fox: At the stroke of midnight the ball drops from Times Sq AND our @RubeWorks 99¢ sale ends! Don't kick yourself 2morrow http:/…