RT @mi_sci: Building the Ultimate Machine, #MotorCity Style. Celebrating the spirit of @RubeGoldberg http://t.co/k5XmwsuKr7 http://t.co/P3B
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RT @FreshAsAG: "@FascinatingVids: Amazing. http://t.co/9QvPmBq1CM" #tb to 8th grade Rube Goldberg project @captivatingkc @imatiredguy @lav…
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RT @4robertgarcia: Rube Goldberg Challenge coming to @OMSD_OMSD 11/22, hosted by @DeAnza_OMSD http://t.co/Ce6jVziafw
RT @MCiTech: Students working on their Rube Goldberg project. http://t.co/V6OJdz7mFS
RT @tatumisd: 5th graders create Rube Goldberg Machines to better understand the concept of potential and kinetic energy. http://t.co/QM457
RT @TinkerCrate: Which one's your fave? 13 Crazy Genius Rube Goldberg Machines http://t.co/STFGYnLQxX #tinker http://t.co/j8OP4HVsmP
RT @ComcastFreedom: Students: sign up for the @RubeGoldbergPHL competition http://t.co/fflCEc6mf0 @TechnicallyPHL @juliana_f_reyes
RT @ltgoodnews: 1st year @MCiTech @PLTWorg students share their @RubeGoldberg project w/ @WTHRcom & @VanwykWTHR http://t.co/ui5WhqeLje
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Team Registration is open on our site for the 2015 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest! http://t.co/0ipCaZSxM6
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Fall is in the air! Here's Rube's advice on "How to Get Rid of Autumn Leaves" (1954, @bancroftlibrary collection) http://t.co/kDpPPOxWNF
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RT @dzacek: My wife @maryannez911 of @MakerBoulder did the #ALSIceBucketChallenge with a kid-built Rube Goldberg machine. http://t.co/4aVD3
#BACKTOSCHOOL pt 2 #RubeGoldberg had to do it too! "Happy School Days" 1891 Rube's class photo http://t.co/ISyOKCUPeV
#BACKTOSCHOOL #RUBEGOLDBERG "The New Army Experiences its First Gas Attack" (1917) http://t.co/374SwyEl0Y
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RT @tlarvenz: Rube Goldberg Machine Goodness: The Page Turner: http://t.co/7xUbYhw4Sq via @YouTube
RT @naileaxoxo: Every time I get stressed out about school, I think that if I got through the Rube Goldberg project in 8th grade, I can get…
RT @brainpickings: "An artist who followed the logic of the machine to its comic climax."The Art of Rube Goldberg http://t.co/uViBUeIpF7 ht…
RT @BrandtKrueger: I love that my girls love to watch @okgo videos. I like to think it's stimulating their Rube Goldberg Gland.
RT @TLightningNews: Eric Wagers's Rube Goldberg ALS Ice Bucket ... http://t.co/OCML7CFOYE
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RT @KarenNemethEdM: A Rube Goldberg Project in education news! http://t.co/yHuXZE336u #scichat @DavidBFox @RubeWorks
What's on the 6th floor?: And to Think I Saw it on Gough Street http://t.co/liz7G4rXDL via SF Public Library and History Center
RT @SamWhitingSF: Rube Goldberg's SF apt. unchanged since 1920s open July 31. #openartsf @lhertz @MeredithWhite1 http://t.co/6plOWLC22D htt…
RT @NicciEduc: Rube Goldberg apartment unchanged and open today http://t.co/xi5oBzCLHR
RT @SFGate: Today's your chance to tour an S.F. apartment that has remained unchanged since 1906. http://t.co/e3anclZTSV http://t.co/Q9uGu8
RT @KBinCLE: Demonstrating energy conversion with Rube Goldberg devices. #aiaaPropEnergy http://t.co/xpvO2UDHP9
RT @CBrendasees: AIAA conference 2014 ECHS women of science Gloria & Christina design a Rube Goldberg Mechanism http://t.co/6bBYbifv0Q
RT @jewishmuseummd: Electrified Pickle Talk: The Art of Rube Goldberg! 3pm, August 3rd http://t.co/JiNcz2m2eo
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RT @WisdomNZ: This takes place in England - the owners of the yard added each piece of the Rube Goldberg contraption slowly so... http://t.…
RT @icpetrie: A tabletop football-playing Rube Goldberg machine by @josephherscher, whose work is v popular chez nous these days. https://t…
MT @Back9Network: A Golf Trick Shot That Would Blow @RubeGoldberg's Mind: http://t.co/f35QmV7ddP @GoPro👈 Rube would have loved it!
RT @CLCRidgeview: STEM (and this squirrel) at it's finest. @ScottMuri @kathleenmccaffr @RubeGoldberg http://t.co/cSVX9Oo49g
RT @Back9Network: Video: A Golf Trick Shot That Would Blow @RubeGoldberg's Mind: http://t.co/o17zqO0dF6 @GoPro http://t.co/emYd32wq8E
RT @Section101Tweet: Check out this @RubeGoldberg inspired video ft. PUPPIES! https://t.co/WnBNnPlfGr
Great article from @NewYorker on "The Rube Goldberg" of rice growing in NYC! #RubeGoldberg #NYC http://t.co/GS1kshcih6
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RT @BoingBoing: Video: The 'Why Not' machine is a Rube Goldberg device that can tie (and untie) a necktie. http://t.co/xIp4Cqdzo6 http://t.…
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A #RubeGoldberg style machine from @CocaCola has people bike to burn calories and set a chain reaction in motion! http://t.co/eqKpQtoiTh
RT @JCingari: .@SportsNation salutes shows 2M Facebook fans w/ a Rube Goldberg machine video. My story on the incredible set up: http://t.c
RT @YouGotSnowd: Check out this awesome Rube Goldberg Machine we built for @SportsNation! >>> http://t.co/5O548y9LCL
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks level designer @zumperov helped build this @SportsNation #RubeGoldberg Machine with @asadowsky http://t.co/Y001j
RT @SportsNation: This Rube Goldberg Machine involves Tom Brady, LeBron James, and BALLOONS!!! http://t.co/bbe4NA8DiK
RT @reddusfoximus: Obsessed!! RT @YouGotSnowd: Check out this awesome Rube Goldberg Machine we built for @SportsNation! >>> http://t.co/Nf1
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RT @NMHS_Principal: 4 Steps to Becoming a Maker Teacher via @Getting_Smart http://t.co/7JuszAaPBu
RT @MrSchlangen: Rube Goldberg Design Project http://t.co/2KGu2nCPpU via @weebly
RT @DoNothingBoxLLC: @adafruit I love all the quotes, but so far this one you want is my favorite! http://t.co/u79RV0eiae
RT @SNewco: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/tYV3TmS3bw #mlearning #edchat
RT @BradLancasterLT: HBMS students demonstrating their Rube Goldberg devices in the campus tech showcase. Amazing talent! http://t.co/92OY4
RT @chrisludwig: Word of our #phunsics Rube Goldberg machine got out and a crowd appeared for a (mostly) successful demo. http://t.co/koWng
RT @NHS_Knights: Working on Rube Goldberg project. #physicsclass http://t.co/rPiM7OKT5J
RT @ChrisParker10: Love the Rube Goldberg demos at The Knoll!! http://t.co/BXXgiHCaYk
RT @MrRuela: 6th Gr Sci Ss evaluating their Rube Goldberg project movies. Great creativity & problem solving. #STEM #makered http://t.co/6
RT @TheSpriceEffect: @RubeGoldberg https://t.co/97uWmanSdc
RT @KateriKristie: @RubeGoldberg Gr 8's testing their projects! #gpcsd http://t.co/c9BkhIMGn1
RT @CNET: See an insanely complex gizmo zip a zipper the (really) hard way http://t.co/ppXevqpUHW #ICYMI http://t.co/JgIeldCayz
RT @AbramsComicArts: Check out this clip from last week's ep of @JimmyKimmelLive feat. @RubeGoldberg contest winners! Via @BoingBoing http:…
RT @SkepticInk: Transubstantiation: Rube Goldberg Machines http://t.co/S7P1oiw8Ro
RT @LaughingSquid: Purdue University Rube Goldberg Machine Contest Winners Show Off Their Contraption on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ http://t.co/Nm
RT @RubeWorks: “@marishaaaaa_: i passed that rube goldberg project 🙌👏😌😁” yay!!
RT @udda_boktips: Rube Goldberg Machine Contest winners http://t.co/gjytm2r2oh
RT @NSTA: Team Awesome: Presenting @ #STEMchef challenge tonight at #NSTA14 #STEM Forum, Rm R09, 5:30 https://t.co/sLDjx1EmN8 http://t.co/Z
RT @GIZORAMA: GIZORAMA's #interview with @RubeWorks' dev and CEO of Kalani Games, Kalani Streicher http://t.co/YUBOAPFusB http://t.co/jH6Hh
RT @claurent88: My Learners smashed iMovies and @explainevrythng to document and describe @RubeGoldberg creations #edtech #STEM http://t.co
RT @RubeWorks: #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest winners, @PSPE_Rubeteam team from Purdue, on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night! http://t.co/Q6rXaVP
If you missed the Purdue team's #rubegoldberg machine on @JimmyKimmelLive last night, watch it here! http://t.co/06DzT8Gfsn
If you missed Purdue and their #rubegoldberg machine on last night's @JimmyKimmelLive watch it here now! http://t.co/EsV93PKkVs
RT @GIZORAMA: GIZORAMA's #interview with @DavidBFox about @RubeWorks and @ElectrcEggplant http://t.co/v9XFwERkjl http://t.co/yz7TzZqpd4
Don't forget, watch @JimmyKimmelLive TONIGHT 11:30pm EST to see who gets ZIPPED UP in Purdue's #rubegoldberg machine! http://t.co/DEHrVWj33W
Don't forget, watch @JimmyKimmelLive TONIGHT 11:30pm EST to see who gets ZIPPED UP in Purdue's #rubegoldberg machine! http://t.co/R1kGUWDxmJ
TONIGHT @JimmyKimmelLive at 11:30pm EST Purdue will run their #RubeGoldberg machine! The team is in LA, ready to go! http://t.co/WEwSPkfmLG
Watch @JimmyKimmelLive tomorrow night and see the @PSPE_Rubeteam with their #rubegoldberg machine on-air! http://t.co/FqrWPxEiV5
RT @PSPE_Rubeteam: Having fun in Hollywood! Big thanks to @RubeGoldberg @YKK_USA @JimmyKimmelLive !!
RT @chasrabesh: A #HappyMothersDay #rubegoldberg @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg @DavidBFox http://t.co/my55cYkS3c
RT @CCCookieSchool: @bancroftlibrary @RubeGoldberg Original 1908 Goldberg cartoon found lining my bathroom wall! @SFGate http://t.co/pF4rwY
RT @Heather_Melrose: Girl Power @imsa_west creating Rube Goldberg Machines! #lovescience @ConceptSchools @MayorBallard @RubeGoldberg http:/…
RT @thescienceguru: 5th graders @BurkesSchool visit the 8th grade test run of their @RubeGoldberg Machines #FromTheClassroom http://t.co/gw
Graduation Day Special at the Rube Store! http://t.co/mT1mIU1CC3
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What a great #RubeGoldberg machine! We fully endorse having MORE FUN at work. From @flux_factory and @ANIMALNewYork http://t.co/VzGM7lIWXh
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#RubeGoldberg on TV! @TWC_Wisconsin covered our High School Nationals on "It Ain't Rocket Science" http://t.co/khDLEZimTd
RT @PSPE_Rubeteam: Our Rube Goldberg machine has been shipped! Its heading to LA! Look out for us on Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 14th. http:…
Learn your ABCs the #RubeGoldberg way! Check out this vintage @sesamestreet Rube-inspired alphabet device: http://t.co/oYviuzJUv7
RT @Section101Tweet: #Congrats to Team #MouseTrappes for coming in first place in the International Online @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest!
See who placed 1st in our International Online RGMC! http://t.co/UUhBFCHeDm
RT @RubeWorks: @GIZORAMA reviews @RubeWorks from @UnityGames, "fun, charming, and even educational" http://t.co/dRVR2Yzgil http://t.co/HoL
RT @SilberbergMark: Middle schoolers @lrei learn with @rubegoldberg 's granddaughter Jennifer George then back to building #lreilearns http…
RT @GIZORAMA: We sit down with @RubeWork from @UnityGames, our #review http://t.co/Hgp50jkLSa http://t.co/HxyBYYmTzL
RT @SilberbergMark: Middle schoolers @lrei diving into this year's Rube Goldberg challenge #dtk12chat #design #lreilearns http://t.co/i96KF
RT @RubeWorks: 13 more @RubeWorks Promo Codes here: http://t.co/f2H6T9s869 — This is all for now. Have fun! #STEM #edapps #edchat #Maker #R…
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RT @Arieloquent: "Barn Door's Open" - A hilarious farm-themed entry in the international @RubeGoldberg competition for fly-zipping: http://…
RT @RL8RGal: Rube Goldberg Project for 7th Hour Physics - Highland High School: http://t.co/r0u3DNa3Od via @YouTube
RT @geekadelphia: Associate Editor @ChrisUrie went to @PhilaSciFest Kick-Off & saw their massive Rube Goldberg Machine! http://t.co/Uhybqma
RT @loganjeffo: Great morning with the Rube Goldberg project. http://t.co/LnnImWbYek
RT @KarenWalstra: What Fictional Inventions Say About American Ingenuity #RubeGoldberg #invention #tech #edchatsa http://t.co/WF8W6LnX4K
RT @xboxjobs: Check out the video of our #WomenCreators collaborating to create a Rube Goldberg machine! Did they succeed?? http://t.co/Hqx
RT @TheWistar: The @PHLScienceFest has begun! Did you see the Rube Goldberg contraption made by @Drexel Engineers? Here's a video: https://…
RT @DrexelEngr: The Rube Goldberg has finally kicked off the Philadelphia Science Festival 2014! Get a recap here: http://t.co/GCcfZWfZmG #…
RT @ProfShack: Watch @DrexelEngr Break the world record Rube Goldberg machine energy xfers tommorw @ 11:00am http://t.co/dd2ZKoYGkD http://…
RT @rebeccaonion: Here! I wrote about Rube Goldberg, Heath Robinson, & interwar invention humor as product of its time: http://t.co/meliL5u
RT @BITTER_GAMER: Rube Goldberg's Grand Daughter & @DavidBFox's influence for @RubeWorks http://t.co/ee7oMx7S7u
RT @LucasartsReview: http://t.co/zkc5BW5PJN NEW BLOG: Interview with @DavidBFox on his new game @RubeWorks and his illustrious career http…
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Everyone feels the effects of the spring air! Cartoon by#RubeGoldberg from the @bancroftlibrary collection http://t.co/g1bUyLYNCB
RT @RubeWorks: Exciting announcement tomorrow for everyone waiting for @RubeWorks on Windows & Linux! Can you spell S T E A M? #RubeGoldber…
RT @EinsteinInABox1: STEM Apps Beyond The Classroom (Blog post: http://t.co/FjkMfh1LvH) #STEM #apps http://t.co/j21uwLHXLS
The #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest has some big fans, including @StephenAtHome in this @GMA report from '97: http://t.co/VQ0HNhWGWW
RT @JMaxey1: More #rubeworks rubegoldberg http://t.co/FDctVPvTrE
RT @JMaxey1: Great job working together on #rubeworks rubegoldberg http://t.co/gHuJE2WjAl
RT @JMaxey1: More @RubeWorks fun! rubegoldberg #rubeworks http://t.co/Vzhkqtj7oT
RT @K5Kinders: We are learning about ramps and Rube Goldberg Machines! We need more materials! What can we do? @MasseyStreet_PS http://t.co
RT @KOrtquist: Me:"what r u doing today for your Rube Goldberg project?" Student:"idea-ing" 😳
RT @lottascales: "The Recycle Claw" 3rd gr Rube Goldberg type game to encourage recycling. #walearns #dtk12chat @walker3WA http://t.co/2dUp
RT @COSI: Video of the winning machine from Purdue from last weekend's @RubeGoldberg College Nationals here at COSI! https://t.co/HA1jK4VN
RT @AndroidCosmos: Rube Works: Rube Goldberg Game on... http://t.co/cGTSYHYv4f
RT @gmsPLTW: Day 2 #rubegoldberg project in #gtt #pltw class. Making good progress 6th period! http://t.co/67uRitkPg9
RT @tyriverside: Fabulous foodie cartoon gent in @PaulStuartNY window display, Madison +45th! #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/y6nzAFObPj
RT @Section101Tweet: Make sure to cast your vote for the 2014 International Online @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest People's Choice HERE! http…
Check out New Auburn High's winning machine from our National High School Rube Goldberg Machine Contest! http://t.co/7jFO1rknV5
RT @maxrauner: Warum einfach, wenn's auch anders geht. Purdue University gewinnt den @RubeGoldberg Contest http://t.co/8dJ5qPscVZ http://t.…
RT @EwrightWright: HHMS 8th graders made some awesome Rube Goldberg projects! Thank you to parents and family members who helped out! http:…
RT @PSPE_Rubeteam: Get excited for next years task: shine a shoe! #rubegoldberg #collegiatecompetition http://t.co/3KVujlIigH
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter, Jennifer George, gets her Zipper Zipped in this winning @PurdueSPE machine http://t.co/sl8AJ7
RT @RubeWorks: We had a great time at @COSI at the #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest collegiate finals. See photos https://t.co/m8J1Qc6hGK @Rub…
Vote now for the 2014 International Online Rube Goldberg Machine Contest People's Choice - watch videos here: http://t.co/2rXJW7SoLg
#RubeGoldberg Machine Contest 2015 task announced: "Shine a Shoe" http://t.co/ykNsuRs3MV
RT @AndroidSPIN: @RubeWorks: @RubeGoldberg Game on #Android Review - http://t.co/VmPLN51MUK
RT @BeccaLR14: Follow @PSPE_Rubeteam for updates about the PSPE Purdue Rube Goldberg Team and all things Rube!
RT @RubeWorks: Kids playing @RubeWorks at the collegiate @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest finals at @COSI last Saturday https://t.co/qwIAx5X6E
RT @TaylorMorseArt: A heartfelt shout-out to Jennifer George on the 2014 Eisner nominations for The Art of @RubeGoldberg: (A) Inventive (B)…
RT @PurdueEngineers: Just in case you missed it, @PurdueSPE reclaimed national @RubeGoldberg title! #mechanicalengineering http://t.co/RFY9
EXCITING NEWS! #TheArtofRube book has two #EisnerAward nominations! Check it out: http://t.co/Ng3NPIxntO
What a great post! @RubeWorks "Northwood 7th graders engage with Rube Goldberg machines through technology" http://t.co/L5b3DbcV0K
RT @TaylorMorseArt: A real honor being a judge at the @RubeGoldberg Machine Nationals today at @COSI, huge congrats to all the teams! http:…
Rube Goldberg Machine Contest 2014: Winning Machine Purdue University!: http://t.co/pO9NOcSdrs via @YouTube
Big thanks to @PaulStuartNY for a great #RubeGoldberg party! Check out the Rube window displays on Madison and 45th! http://t.co/wtH2DKIzaP
RT @LifeAtPurdue: Congrats to Purdue's PSPE Rube Goldberg team for winning the national championship today in Columbus,… http://t.co/2RgeA5
RT @chasrabesh: Our Rube Goldberg group at COSI IN Columbus @rubeworks #rubegoldberg http://t.co/HwUKmxqhwg
RT @COSI: Photos from today's @RubeGoldberg College Machine Nationals. https://t.co/PSpKD6nXiZ
RT @SNewco: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/pcEtXGHXzy #mlearning #edchat
RT @RubeWorks: Aisles and aisles of archived cartoons from the masters at @CartoonLibrary. Wow! http://t.co/ahgaTPF5YB
RT @RubeWorks: Jennifer George takes photos of Grandpa @RubeGoldberg's cartoons from the 1940s at @CartoonLibrary #rubegoldberg http://t.co
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeGoldberg machine expert @zumperov at @CartoonLibrary today with Rube's original cartoon. Our fav level? http://t.co/WpP
RT @RubeWorks: At the @cartoonlibrary today we saw @RubeGoldberg's ORIGINAL drawing of the Turkey level. Rube, meet iPhone http://t.co/Rbf3
RT @DavidBFox: @RubeGoldberg granddaughter Jennifer George in front of self portrait bust of Rube at @CartoonLibrary http://t.co/tQhvHqKMJ1
RT @TaylorMorseArt: Tour of @CartoonLibrary with pal @RubeGoldberg Jennifer George, @COSI Machine Team, @RubeWorks designer @DavidBFox! htt…
RT @Section101Tweet: The @RubeGoldberg People's Choice voting for the International Online Machine Contest opens tomorrow! More info here: …
Vote for People's Choice! April 12- 30. http://t.co/2EA5sxczFs
RT @DavidBFox: On my way to Columbus, OH to judge the collegiate #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest at @COSI on Sat. Goal: Zip a Zipper! Good lu…
RT @AbramsComicArts: RT “@ljoie: (A) INVENTIVE (B) CARTOON (C) GENIUS! The Art of Rube Goldberg in Washington Times: http://t.co/c5NB99uLCR
RT @AbramsComicArts: In the NYC area? Don't miss the @RubeGoldberg in-store exhibit + window displays at @PaulStuartNY on Madison & 45th. T…
RT @timschaffert: Rube Goldberg-theme window dressing on Madison Ave http://t.co/peh0WFZGFn
RT @COSI: The @RubeGoldberg College Machine Contest is Saturday! This year's challenge: zip a zipper. Starts at 11:30. http://t.co/WFXnO
RT @RubeWorks: @eklose Also check out these @SkypeClassroom visits we do, including w/@RubeGoldberg's granddaughter https://t.co/UKttr7WJg5
RT @DavidBFox: @msphillips78 @tgraveley Great talking with your Ss today about @RubeWorks via @SkypeClassroom! Thanks for making me feel we…
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks Mac version now #15 in Mac App Store in Education category http://t.co/5zc58TPZx2 #STEM #STEAM #edtech #RubeGoldb…
RT @tgraveley: Great way to kick off Goldberg project by learning firsthand about @RubeGoldberg with @SkypeClassroom
RT @blambot: Blambot creates the official Rube Goldberg font for Rube Goldberg, Inc.! http://t.co/FZELiwA1Yp
"Rube Goldberg Survives" Op-Ed from @nytimes @PaulKrugmanBlog on #Obamacare as a successful Rube Goldberg machine! http://t.co/VfDHHHu9ZP
RT @RubeWorks: “@ScubaStebe: In #Android News: Rube Works: Rube Goldberg Game on Android Review http://t.co/Jof83LwXrX <-- we love this @R…
RT @utsateach: http://t.co/ZyEFoGEAeb http://t.co/UvmFJFo7py
RT @chasrabesh: Rube Goldberg: The father of inventions http://t.co/M19zdr02fT
RT @AndroidSPIN: @RubeWorks: @RubeGoldberg Game on #Android Review - http://t.co/GSScHlVz8a http://t.co/KBpJifSQ1s
RT @STEMForward: Congratulations New Auburn for taking 1st Place at the National Rube Goldberg Machine Contest! http://t.co/JCijVWsXH8
RT @RubeWorks: #4 free PROMO CODE for the **Mac** version of @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game http://t.co/zkOIhfo5Ww #…
RT @RubeWorks: #3 free PROMO CODE for the **Mac** version of @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game http://t.co/B57WiO7CQ7 #…
RT @RubeWorks: Read the wonderful @NSTA Recommends @RubeWorks review "amazing and rich on so many levels" http://t.co/QjHjxIBCjV #NSTA14 #S…
RT @STEMForward: Good Morning! Happy Rube National! Join us @WCTC for the event, presented by @ConnectMinds. http://t.co/khiBIHLcgx
RT @STEMForward: Our Rube National presenting sponsor, @ConnectMinds, has an awesome booth, goodies AND Rube Machine! So cool! http://t.co/
RT @STEMForward: #RubeNational http://t.co/bYqGjvRNVO
RT @TWC_Wisconsin: Do you know what a #RubeGoldberg Machine is? @ConnectMinds has our very own at today's finals in WI - look! #TWCRGM http…
RT @TWC_Wisconsin: #RubeGoldberg Machines rock! 200+ students are competing at ntl finals at @wctc! @ConnectMinds @STEMForward #TWCRGM http…
RT @STEMForward: We're very pleased to have Rube Goldberg's granddaughter, Jennifer George, and Kinetic Artist Joseph Herscher join us toda…
RT @TWC_Wisconsin: These young minds use #STEM innovation to build #RubeGoldberg Machines & compete in the finals! #TWCRGM @STEMForward htt…
RT @littleBits: Today you'll find us at the @RubeGoldberg Machine workshop for teachers at #NSTA14
RT @TriSciCurious: @msphillips78 @RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks already have it downloaded! I do these with my physics students during simple mac…
RT @msphillips78: @TriSciCurious @RubeGoldberg my class is building these for our "Science Share" ...check out @RubeWorks App!
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks iOS version now updated to v1.2.9. Now senses orientation and other fixes. Update now: http://t.co/JRZpV0lXtN #ST…
RT @RubeWorks: Another free PROMO CODE for the **Mac** version of @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game http://t.co/xhbiMbr
Happy Friday! This #RubeGoldberg music video from @atrak and @djtommytrash gets us ready for the weekend. Enjoy! http://t.co/95RQ2rcBuN
RT @RubeWorks: Here's a free PROMO CODE for the Mac version of @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game http://t.co/TlIx8Hnd3z
RT @RubeWorks: Don't have Rube Works for iOS yet? Here's a PROMO CODE to download the game! http://t.co/bdDqxbLEeO #RubeGoldberg
Attn @HowIMetMother fans: @nytimes says the finale was written like a @RubeGoldberg machine! What do YOU think? http://t.co/LOqHq4mee8
RT @RubeWorks: “This app is amazing and rich on so many levels. I highly recommend this app...” via @NSTA #STEM #STEAM #RubeGoldberg http:/…
MoCCA Fest this weekend at Society of Illustrators! Book signing with #ArtofRube author JENNIFER GEORGE Sunday 4/6 http://t.co/cnqa8QqZkU
RT @SCHSRacine: Thanks to @ChipBrewster from @fox6now for visiting as our @RubeGoldberg team prepares for nationals! Clip should air tom mo…
RT @MPHbridgeRufo: Rube Goldberg machines created by the 4th grade were a big hit at the NAEA National Education Convention in San Diego ht…
For those of you with record players, this is for you from Rube... APRIL FOOLS! http://t.co/yMH5W9sx3w 4/1/1920, Bancroft Library collection
RT @plemmonsa: 2nd grade loves connecting with @DavidBFox @RubeWorks #tlchat @SkypeClassroom http://t.co/Uk8IsCghT4
This year's ZIP A ZIPPER task for the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest has YKK Corp involved -- check it out! http://t.co/UpG3WFaY9M
RT @marcihouseman: What do I do with a little down time on a Friday night? Play the @RubeWorks game--critical thinking & problem solving wi…
RT @PREPrincipal: 3rd graders Skyping with @davidbfox creator of @rubeworks! #prepbl http://t.co/Xh7T3w0KlT
RT @jmpruitt88: Asking @DavidBFox questions about how he created @rubeworks! #NoblPRE #simplemachines http://t.co/GH5GbubFrQ
RT @jmpruitt88: Classroom skype with @DavidBFox ! So excited to learn more about Rube Works! http://t.co/DQ5R2gzeZj
RT @Stephmhamilton: Finally figured out how to water palm tree in @RubeWorks! Teaching others now..Can't wait to skype @DavidBFox today! ht…
RT @msphillips78: So excited to meet with Rube Goldberg's granddaughter via @SkypeClassroom to start our Rube Goldberg projects! @RubeGoldb…
Only 5 days left to complete your Team Page. http://t.co/5aHRTkPSQv
RT @marcihouseman: @RubeWorks Bought the app 4 my son and ended up spending several hours on it myself yesterday. Love it!! We are "fightin…
RT @ArtsEmerson: Our upcoming #Lebensraum production has been called @RubeGoldberg-esque. Get to know: http://t.co/oEKEhKDBNt
RT @RubeWorks: Here's @RubeWorks designer @DavidBFox's presentation @ the Zozude Educational Competitions Contest on the #RGMC http://t.co/
RT @plemmonsa: @KarenNemethEdM @RubeWorks it's hard to single out one strand of literacy when our lives involve so many simultaneously. #st…
RT @plemmonsa: Some of our favorite apps right now are @flipgrid @tellagami @ChatterPixIt and @RubeWorks #storyappchat
RT @shmaynor: Creativity Museum in SF http://t.co/ti0ytszCUt @mschmitz_1
RT @Mister_Duque: A @RubeGoldberg  machine that mines a @Minecraft block, from my sixth grade science fair #edchat #scichat  https://t.co/E
RT @plemmonsa: Our 2nd graders loved learning about @RubeGoldberg with his granddaughter, Jennifer George. #tlchat #ccsdath http://t.co/sJu
RT @Wright2ndGrade: What a special opportunity #barrow2nd grade had to skype with @RubeGoldberg 's granddaughter! http://t.co/ZkxW3uME3h
RT @NSTA: MT @RubeWorks: @NSTA gave @RubeWorks a great review today! "This app is amazing and rich on so many levels" http://t.co/Iw8w79K30
RT @RubeWorks: @NSTA gave @RubeWorks a great review today! "This app is amazing and rich on so many levels" http://t.co/QjHjxIBCjV #NSTA #e…
RT @JTHS_Science: Innovation & problem-solving in Mr. Jern's & Mr. Knott's Physics courses at Joliet Central with @RubeGoldberg http://t.co
RT @Mister_Duque: My 6th grade class showed off their @RubeGoldberg  machines 2nite! Check out #BFCCPS or @MrDuqueTeacher 4 pics/vids. This…
RT @plemmonsa: New Post: Using @SkypeClassroom to connect with @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter #tlchat #ccsdath #edtech #edchat http://t.co/
International Online Team Pages Close April 1 http://t.co/mDOlBjBIL9
RT @RubeWorks: People loving @RubeWorks at @UnityGames booth #GDC14 #RubeGoldberg @RubeGoldberg http://t.co/rMhkVuLzPP
RT @plemmonsa: Our 2nd graders are excited about skyping with @RubeGoldberg tomorrow as part of their study of force and motion. #tlchat
RT @Stephmhamilton: @RubeWorks absolutely LOVED it!! They're begging me to get on the iPads every spare second! And their problem solving s…
RT @COSI: See the @RubeGoldberg competition yesterday from West High School's perspective. http://t.co/hTLTpDob3k
Happy St. Patrick's Day from Rube Goldberg! http://t.co/MVAIZPR9sY
RT @SNewco: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/pcEtXGHXzy #edchat #iOSEdapp #mlearning
RT @MfgStories: 🔵 All things #RubeGoldberg via @RubeWorks http://t.co/E4GHBW0GrR #STEM #STEAM #EdTEch #Eng #Mfg #Make #DIY http://t.co/Siyr
RT @COSI: As the @RubeGoldberg high school competition continues, visitors are also making their own Rube Goldberg machines! http://t.co/t
RT @COSI: Things are getting exciting at the @RubeGoldberg high school contest today! The challenge is to zip a zipper. http://t.co/S6Uiry
RT @COSI: We are hosting the @RubeGoldberg High School Regional Contest on Saturday! Judging starts at 11:30am. http://t.co/WFXnOkMXTl
RT @MfgStories: @RubeGoldberg Great fun projects for #Makers & #STEM - #Manufacturing #SocialMedia http://t.co/gMqoU8Yhx7
RT @KevinTPitts: Rube Goldberg competition in full swing! #EOH2014 http://t.co/Ylx0V5MU8K
RT @EdisonMiddle: Students in Mrs. Laskey's Gateway classes were Skyping with the developer of the Rube Goldberg App, Mr. David Fox! http:/…
RT @laskeysgateway: Using Skype to enrich student learning about Rube Goldberg and app creating with @DavidBFox @RubeWorks http://t.co/YjIL
Last chance! @SciGirls http://t.co/wa29pJZln7 reminds us to register NOW for the Online International Machine Contest http://t.co/uYFaFTYCz5
RT @Glynn_ed: Ss designing their Rube Goldberg inspired leprechaun traps. Very creative! @RubeWorks #rubegoldberg #Isthatgold http://t.co/3
RT @FBCKptcollege: The great feeling you get when the Rube Goldberg machine works!!! #happiness #success
RT @THSSpartan: Turpin AP Physics students complete the Rube Goldberg project. #19HShysteria http://t.co/tRAOZRcblo
RT @MsBruckler: 409 meets J.George, Rube Goldberg's granddaughter! http://t.co/lZCgOaTBqQ
RT @mrs_w5thgrade: Setting up Rube Goldberg machines. https://t.co/dcq8IQ9KEM
RT @CartoonLibrary: Columbus' own Caitlin McGurk and @TaylorMorseArt are the official judges of the 2014 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest! htt…
RT @Mcmsscience: #Skype with Rube Goldberg this morning in encore was awesome! Bringing in the real world to our class! http://t.co/jxKCugP
RT @MsKertesz: Rube Goldberg's granddaughter came to speak to us today. She came to see some of our inventions. #ps10bk http://t.co/pc3syR8
RT @RubeWorks: Mac Promo Codes: We're celebrating the launch of @RubeWorks on the Mac! Visit our facebook page for a code http://t.co/f2H6T
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks now featured on the Mac App Store in Education! http://t.co/5zc58TPZx2 #RubeGoldberg #STEM #STEAM #edapps http://…
RT @RubeWorks: Stay up to date with Rube Works and @RubeGoldberg info and follow our fb pages: https://t.co/MPlj2l2kH8 https://t.co/aQHkJ9v
Everyone knows the board game Mousetrap, but did you know Rube sold the rights for the game? Check out HIS version! http://t.co/31JliQqvHl
Join the fun by March 17th and get 2 FREE offers! http://t.co/1jOHF6sUXJ
RT @RubeWorks: We're giving away @RubeWorks promo codes for iOS! Visit our Facebook page and grab them before someone else does! https://t.…
RT @essteckley: Great talk at #92Y on #rubegoldberg, w Al Jaffee, Brian Walker Jennifer George and Adam Gopnik tonight! #thatsgenius 7Days …
RT @92Y: The Genius of Rube Goldberg with Jennifer George, Al Jaffee, Adam Gopnik starts soon. Watch live online! http://t.co/gqcVF8YPbn #t…
RT @MissFitzgerald4: @SkypeClassroom experience with Jennifer George! Awesome way to begin our day! #cbcsd @Beckers4thGrade @RubeGoldberg h…
RT @Annie_Fox: Teachers: Inspire your students with The Rube Goldberg Contest http://t.co/nhvAYnPNQ4
RT @Annie_Fox: I'm watching .@DavidBFox (live streaming) presenting at ZoZude conf. Talking about .@RubeWorks Looks great! http://t.co/jRbW
RT @MissFitzgerald4: @SkypeClassroom with @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter, Jennifer George! #cbcsd @Beckers4thGrade http://t.co/t5GkyQ8v1s
RT @SCHSRacine: SCHS wins 2nd @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest regional in 5 years by zipping a zipper cooler than anyone else! http://t.co/7f
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest talk by @RubeWorks designer @DavidBFox @ Zozude Conf today, 2:15pm PT streamed live http://t.c
RT @Beckers4thGrade: AWESOME @SkypeClassroom call this morning with @RubeGoldberg's granddaughter, Jennifer George! So cool!!! #cbcsd http…
RT @DavidBFox: I'm speaking at 2:15pm PDT today at the Zozude Edu Competitions Conf, streaming at http://t.co/7qBIzApV9E
RT @RubeWorks: Great news! @RubeWorks is now available on the Mac App Store! Download it for you #Mac at http://t.co/5zc58TPZx2 #edtech #Ru…
RT @RubeWorks: Do you have a Mac? Do you really want to play @RubeWorks on it instead of your phone or tablet? Stay tuned for some news!
RT @brooks_jones: OK, let's give away one of the @RubeWorks codes now: 1st to RT this wins a copy of the @RubeGoldberg game! #storyappchat
RT @87ead: Met Ben Cohen from @benandjerrys at @unfairartshow. With his #RubeGoldberg #AmendOMatic for http://t.co/Flk0YJdfvM http://t.co/c
RT @JacksonCitPat: A PeeWee Herman look a-like and a 44-step zipper process has Central confident about a Rube Goldberg contest win. http:/…
RT @twitcam: Tomorrow, @92Y honors the life of Rube Goldberg with his granddaughter Jennifer George. Tune in @ 8:15pm ET. http://t.co/sTrsv
RT @JMaxey1: Tuttle Rube Goldberg Prodigies – YouTube http://t.co/lt4spuCemP
RT @amhaunted: #Frankenbutts wins #RubeGoldberg zipper zipping contest http://t.co/Zbj64qzV1x http://t.co/QJQgsaD7bs
RT @PiusXIHigh: The Rube Goldberg team took 2nd in the state competition and won best technical writing. They advance to nationals on April…
RT @RubeWorks: @melburnor @laskeysgateway And yes for elementary. Designed for ages 9 and up. But 2nd graders played it, gr8 blog: http://t…
RT @RubeWorks: “@SNewco: A Must-Have App- @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game http://t.co/086hI7TL3X #edchat” we love thi…
RT @RubeWorks: Watch here for an announcement on Monday. We're very excited!
RT @StemEdCoalition: Engineering Leadership Society To Compete In National Rube Goldberg Machine Contest #STEM http://t.co/SWltG8ajEY
RT @RubeWorks: “@AbbyBrink2: 2nd graders designing with @RubeWorks game. #barrowbuddies. #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/XNe4BtrR2K very cool
RT @RubeWorks: “@ninjamanuel: Champion! Boo yeah! #Engineering #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/gFNNsAlM58 congrats!
RT @92Y: Not many of us make it into the dictionary as an adjective. But then again, Rube Goldberg is no ordinary noun: http://t.co/h5IiAIM
RT @JMaxey1: Here's our awesome @RubeGoldberg Day! http://t.co/fh0AEgltAW @RubeWorks #RubeGoldberg
RT @laskeysgateway: Played @RubeWorks today in class! The students were having so much fun they didn't want to leave for the practice fire …
RT @DrexelOnline: #DrexelPride! MT @RepMeehan: Congrats to #Drexel engineering for creating the world’s largest Rube Goldberg machine http:…
RT @SonyaKMcNamara: @msumankato for the #RubeGoldberg Competition! #Physics #STEM #PLTW #PLTWproud http://t.co/dXbR8gaZHP
RT @SNewco: A Must-Have App- Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/QhTsYnwLQN #edchat
RT @JMaxey1: @RubeGoldberg #RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks Zipping the zipper success! http://t.co/HduRgOvuVV @DavidBFox
It's COLD outside, but that doesn't mean you can't bundle up in style! Rube's hats are functional AND fashionable! http://t.co/NAb5Wkc8D8
RT @SciGirls: International Online Contest registration ends March 17 for kids ages 11-14: http://t.co/4g2veTF4Rz Challenge is machine that…
RT @RubeWorks: @Discovery filmed #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest college regionals at @Purdue start at 6:42 to see http://t.co/pOtbcAsUGw #RG…
RT @RubeWorks: Fun review of "The Art of Rube Goldberg" via @Kneumsi @PopMatters http://t.co/yP5ZT7AG0R @AbramsComicArts @ABRAMSbooks @Rube…
RT @archz_: Started our Rube Goldberg Machine with a phone call and ended it with a rocket. #success #NEM2014 @ESSCOntario http://t.co/cVPW
RT @mrtonymartin: What looks to be the definitive Rube Goldberg book: http://t.co/WYKw5rlO0J
RT @plemmonsa: 2nd grade #barrowbuddies are making @rubegoldberg inventions @rubeworks #tlchat https://t.co/wmi5elcbYU
RT @jcalvert4: Check out this high school Rube Goldberg competition, think they're invested? http://t.co/dMRuppZbbu
Contest Nationals are close. See what it takes to Zip A Zipper! http://t.co/cx6tGYuzde
RT @COSI: COSI will host the @RubeGoldberg College Machine Contest again on 4/12! This year's task: zip a zipper! http://t.co/WFXnOkMXTl
ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Lecture @92Y with Jennifer George, Al Jaffee, @adamgopnik & Brian Walker - tickets on sale now! http://t.co/GqUGbIdykN
RT @E_Gilbert1: Love science tools! My Hands, Toddler Outreach. COSI can come to your ECE classroom: http://t.co/NuvP6TnaSc @COSI http://t.…
RT @COSI: Now through March 16 youth admission (age 2-12) is $5 in honor of our 50th Anniversary. No coupon needed!
RT @COSI: The @RubeGoldberg High School competition is coming up on 3/15! Check out these photos from last year! http://t.co/XiHa7PdYxn
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks: Our review of the 1st official Rube Goldberg app "perfect app for family game night" http://t.co/fVrCYljaLO via …
RT @UnityGames: .@RubeWorks is featured in "Games to Watch" on @GooglePlay! Download today: http://t.co/cywgdtNvrz #rubegoldberg http://t.c
We Love Engineers! Thanks @ASME_FutureME for getting the word out about our Machine Contests! Check out the write-up: http://t.co/FzIX9HMP5V
RT @AbramsComicArts: .@RubeGoldberg Butts In on The @ComicsJournal http://t.co/NrRPI90Bf3
RT @ljoie: Rube Goldberg Butts In | The Comics Journal: http://t.co/kuijF8ogd8 @RubeGoldberg @AbramsBooks
RT @koko500: Neato! MT @VideoAmy: LOVE this #RubeGoldberg+#HipHop=History of recorded music 90 sec. http://t.co/5M5n4B9MYg (@eileengill, se…
RT @RubeWorks: Even the pros don't get it right the first time! Video: IFPI/Making of Music Remains, a recorded music Rube Goldberg http://…
RT @Annie_Fox: Teachers & parents (grades 2+) this review of our app Rube Works made me weep w/joy .@RubeWorks .@ElectrcEggplant http://t.c
RT @RubeWorks: MT @bfccps Ss enjoy #rubegoldberg presentation & discussion w/@DavidBFox http://t.co/u4yKQ4ypIO via @SkypeClassroom https://…
RT @JMaxey1: @scottcharlson A little teaser for http://t.co/g18bsmFoJP @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg @DavidBFox http://t.co/EX1jjpDB8p
RT @DavidBFox: @mrduqueteacher My pleasure talking to your Ss today! Lots of great questions on game design/production, @RubeWorks, & @Rube…
RT @MrDuqueTeacher: Live Skyping with @RubeGoldberg  game designer @DavidBFox ! @bfccps 
RT @plemmonsa: Love the celebration when Ss figure something out @rubeworks #tlchat #ipaded https://t.co/vPfcz4i7pO
RT @plemmonsa: New Post: Problem Solving and Science in Action with @RubeWorks @ElectrcEggplant #tlchat #ipaded #ccsdath #edtech http://t.…
#TheArtofRube contributor Paul Tumey's "Rube Goldberg Butts In" column just published in @ComicsJournal Check it out! http://t.co/yjAGbFGNJK
Register for the International Online contest by March 17 - and get 2 Special Offers! http://t.co/GUnaxVJdSj
RT @RubeWorks: Rube Goldberg Butts In via @ComicsJournal and Paul Tumey http://t.co/UOdYGtURBg #RubeGoldberg @RubeGoldberg
RT @ljoie: New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium: Jennifer George and Charles Kochman: @RubeGoldberg @AbramsComicArts http://t.co/4qAiz
Check out this great video of the history of recorded music, unfolding as a Rube Goldberg Machine! http://t.co/bX4EWWhHIb
RT @plemmonsa: 2nd grade is problem solving with @rubeworks #tlchat #ccsdath https://t.co/oxTCiqcqTG
RT @AbbyBrink2: 2nd graders designing with @RubeWorks game. #barrowbuddies. #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/zr6fJos7GD
@plemmonsa nice! More pics please! @ElectrcEggplant
RT @plemmonsa: 2nd graders are exploring @RubeWorks by @ElectrcEggplant in prep for a @RubeGoldberg project #tlchat http://t.co/fdmNO1PZxK
RT @argonne: Happening now: Argonne's 2014 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest @childrensmuseum. #rubegoldberg http://t.co/Xpa4g0KSIG
RT @argonne: More from Argonne's Rube Goldberg Contest. #rubegoldberg http://t.co/ZwQw6VfA92
RT @argonne: Rube results: 1st place: Reavis HS; 2nd: Maine South HS; 3rd: Luther North College Prep; People's choice: Chicago Christian. C…
RT @argonne: Congrats to @ReavisD220 for its Rube Goldberg Contest win! The team now moves on to nationals! http://t.co/aBT3OzfK8z
RT @CNYTeacher: Free Rube Goldberg app for teachers who register for 2014 contest http://t.co/BGGNXTbmFI #STEM #engineering
RT @BigMikeyOcho: And look! A volcano! This Rube Goldberg machine was pretty awesome, actually. @tusharnene @HockeyMath http://t.co/jQ3a9LU
RT @TechPurdue: Shots from Saturday's Rube Goldberg competition. http://t.co/t6cvg5Kfsg #technologyweek
RT @sdsmt: Let the games begin! Twenty steps, one crushed can, endless glory #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/PjkKDzXirW
RT @argonne: The judges survey the machines at Rube Goldberg. The results will be in soon! #rubegoldberg http://t.co/GzaIxxpyeI
RT @JMaxey1: Ss giving up PE time to work on @RubeGoldberg designs! Awesome! #RubeGoldberg
With friends like these, it's best not to get a winter cold. Rube's Weekly Meeting of the Tuesday Ladies' Club, 1917 http://t.co/Wal9Msz4u6
RT @PopSci: How to become a Rube Goldberg machine builder http://t.co/4p4yRzqE26
RT @ut_cci: Need to check out the #rubegoldberg competition @UToledo engineering, 11am today. Contraptions with more than 20 steps to close…
RT @THRIVEDecatur: It's almost here! Tomorrow is the city-wide Rube Goldberg Competition at Children's Museum of Illinois! The event... htt…
RT @BES_UMCP: Stop by the Kim building later to check out the Rube Goldberg Machines created for the Alumni Cup!
RT @TechPurdue: Whack-A-Gnome? It's part of zipping a zipper at the Rube Goldberg competition. http://t.co/zI76bZvTjn #technologyweek http:…
RT @PurdueAdmission: Complicate the simple. @RubeGoldberg contest tomorrow. Another #worldrecord for Purdue? http://t.co/xqr55zcwpV
RT @sdsmt: Join us at 3 in Surbeck ballroom to see all the outrageous ways our @RubeGoldberg teams have engineered to crush a can! #EWeek20…
RT @RubeWorks: Check out our new @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game video trailer http://t.co/h0q1lXTW92 #STEM #STEAM #e…
Come hear Jennifer George &Charles Kochman on #TheArtofRube Tues Feb. 25 for the NY Comics & Picture-Story Symposium! http://t.co/PWw5px8svS
RT @PurdueProEd: Contest ensures #engineer Rube Goldberg lives on via @asmetweet http://t.co/DQX8XQqDIP
RT @RubeWorks: New #RubeGoldberg Machine vid via kinetic artist & @RubeWorks level designer @josephherscher (love his Page Turner) http://t…
RT @kylepace: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/M9tsv3H9cO via @snewco #mlearning
RT @KP_Principal: @MrMillerKMS have u seen this? “@SNewco: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/gbs7cYVOPH #…
RT @mtstirling: History of music in 90 second Rube Goldberg machine filmed at Abbey Road, just in time for the #BritAwards http://t.co/lixj
RT @TaylorMorseArt: Jennifer George & Charles Kochman on The Art of @RubeGoldberg 76th meeting Feb. 25, 2014 at 7pm http://t.co/nzPrwuOSMu
RT @UnityGames: .@RubeWorks is climbing the ranks on @amazonappstore! Check it out at #77 http://t.co/Vm8sIg72pj
Don't feel bad if you're putting on the winter pounds... Rube reminds us it's good for a snowstorm! http://t.co/hhMDSRznoV
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks in top 100 on @amazonappstore Hot New Releases http://t.co/VlHHRpsDsP #Amazon #Android #KindleFire @Kindle #Games…
RT @SamBlancoBCBA: Excited to check out the Rube Works app! #edtech #apped #ipaded @UnityGames, @ElectrcEggplant, @DavidBFox & @RubeGoldberg
Watch the new Rube Goldberg Machine vid from kinetic artist @josephherscher - and learn the perfect recipe for bread! http://t.co/sevwXmiQVD
RT @RubeWorks: We love @SNewco's description of @RubeWorks! http://t.co/EDA4lLCFAR #mlearning #edchat #STEAM #STEM #stemchat #scied #scichat
RT @PSUgetinvolved: Missed the Rube Goldberg Machine contest on Saturday? Check out these great pics that recap it wonderfully!http://t.co/
RT @SNewco: Rube Works: "The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/9qKST1TWov #mlearning #edchat
Happy Presidents' Day! A reminder from Rube - this holiday, it's "Time to Lift Our Eyes" to Lincoln http://t.co/ovlQ6yVc9J
RT @jesuitdallas: Juniors present their #RubeGoldberg machines in physics class. Good luck! http://t.co/LaSYoPYvXm
RT @ClassicAlbumSun: Filmed at #Abbey Road, Music Remains is a 'Recorded Music Rube Goldberg Machine' showing the music world in 90 secs ht…
RT @JannaHuang: The most ratchet Rube Goldberg machine I ever did see http://t.co/iOOpIwA0bk
RT @ENGR_Leadership: ELS placed 1st in yesterday's Rube Goldberg competition at the Nittany Lion Inn! See you at the National Competition! …
RT @Jenn2J: Love the app #RubeWorks for starting the discussion about Rube Goldberg machines. #EdCampOKC #appsmackdown
RT @sunimuslim: first place in the rube goldberg competition... I'm such a good engineer http://t.co/Vmm45z6cXF
RT @unsilentK_neier: 2nd place Rube Goldberg machine #psu #goodday http://t.co/80NRJ5b4FN
RT @PSUEngineering: #PennState Rube Goldberg Contest results: Engineering Leadership Society wins first place overall.
RT @SteveMaier_: NWOSU Saturday Showcase! SPS temps prospective students with a Rube Goldberg candy launcher =) http://t.co/KqdCK5sAHJ
RT @PH3N: how to crack a nut without a nutcracker (you'll need chloroform, dog, snuff, squirrel, self-aware nut) #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/
RT @BrianPlautz: Recorded music history through a Rube Goldberg machine! http://t.co/oJi4fRb8uw
“@BrianPlautz: Recorded music history through a Rube Goldberg machine! http://t.co/e1yov1Deem
RT @PSUgetinvolved: Don't forget to go check out the Rube Goldberg contest today! Doors open at 12:30! Find more information here http://t.…
RT @RubeWorks: MT @AppsyMapCom @RubeWorks review, interview w/developers. Read in our blog! http://t.co/3BtHS33m9R #RubeGoldberg @RubeGoldb…
RT @RubeWorks: Dutch @RubeWorks video review “@Tayari_A: Rube goldberg: http://t.co/qCFdAChM30 via @YouTube”
Happy Valentine's Day from RUBE - some silly Valentines for all from February 14, 1914! http://t.co/IcsrqnRXPl
@RubeWorks video review in Dutch “@Tayari_A: Rube goldberg: http://t.co/aGfOVFL7QV via @YouTube”
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks review on iOS and Android http://t.co/n3MlVEMYmG via @appsymapcom @LisaTheAppChick #STEM #STEAM #edtech #edapps @…
RT @HiltbrandSci8: @andymartire @RubeWorks Here's a video of the @RubeGoldberg machines our KMS students made. http://t.co/YO6EoM2aZk
Music Remains - A Recorded Music Rube Goldberg Machine: http://t.co/l0ZEo2tuOG via @youtube #RubeGoldberg
Register your team in the International Online RGMC and get a FREE Rube Works app. http://t.co/pZSFoPAKmh
RT @aleshabishop: Art and Science surround us all the time - I like it that way, don't you? #STEAM
RT @cmbrookins: I'm thrilled to follow awesome Rube Goldberg folks! Someday I'll convince a group to build one! @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg @j…
RT @RubeWorks: Schedule a Free .@SkypeClassroom talk w/@RubeGoldberg's granddaughter @RubeWorks @DavidBFox @zumperov https://t.co/UKttr8dMi
RT @HiltbrandSci8: Getting ready for #KMSFamSciNight @rubegoldberg http://t.co/kxeWY1opI5
RT @shiltbrand: @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg S's getting ready #KMSFamSciNight w/ #rubegoldberg projects http://t.co/PoyzJGa2P2
RT @shiltbrand: @RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks Check out this set up from my 8th graders...more to come! http://t.co/zkA8t9KEcr
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks now available on Kindle Fire at the @amazonappstore Download TODAY: http://t.co/wOKwyPJrry #RubeGoldberg #edapp #…
RT @RubeWorks: Attn #KindleFire owners: RT @UnityGames @RubeWorks is live on the @amazonappstore! Download TODAY: http://t.co/wOKwyPJrry #R…
RT @lucasjgood: Inspired by OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass," my boys' first #rubegoldberg Machine: http://t.co/eHg981eRjs. Hopefully not the …
RT @cmbrookins: If you love Rube Goldberg craziness, here are a couple great folks to follow! @RubeWorks @josephherscher #rubegoldberg
RT @mcwhirterk: Grade 8's exploring systems by building Rube Goldberg machines. http://t.co/IBatArHBKS
RT @prpnews: http://t.co/nscyckIy8J Wacky machines to take center stage at Feb. 15 Rube Goldberg contest
Schedule a Free .@SkypeClassroom talk w/@RubeGoldberg's granddaughter @RubeWorks @DavidBFox @zumperov https://t.co/vCUeVf3cyS #edtech #skype
RT @sammorra: We've been enjoying Rubeworks app. Played it the past few days. Lots of fun. http://t.co/ExABL0vHkv #scichat #edchat #STEM #e…
RT @chasrabesh: Our 7th grds are going to get to @SkypeClassroom @skype w the app dev. Of the @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg game! #scied #scicha…
RT @RubeWorks: Schedule a free @RubeWorks @SkypeClassroom visit for your students w/designer @DavidBFox https://t.co/snQmhXDVsL #RubeGoldbe…
RT @SciGirls: The Olympics begin tonight! The @NSF has put together great videos on the Science & Engineering of the Olympic Games http://t…
RT @sdsmt: What is the most outlandish way to crush a can? Get your Rube Goldberg team to show us! http://t.co/kAd97URG3d http://t.co/3RJRj
RT @EWExplorers: Bird's eye view of one of our @RubeGoldberg machine presentations. #EWpride http://t.co/h2JPIwuX6e
RT @EWExplorers: We had a great time presenting our @RubeGoldberg machines to parents today! #EWpride http://t.co/6liCQpuQ4T
RT @MrDuqueTeacher: #BFCCPS 6th graders building @RubeGoldberg machines on own time! Presenting Rube Goldberg Recess Club http://t.co/g5OXJ
RT @UlrichrUlrich: Working hard on our Rube Goldberg machines so we can still present to our parents tomorrow. #ewexplorers #ewpride http:/…
RT @sdsmt: Hey, Mines & HS students! Register a team for Rube Goldberg Challenge! Deadline is Friday. http://t.co/kAd97URG3d http://t.co/3R
RT @StacyKoneval: Another groups @RubeGoldberg machine. Ringing a Bell Rube Goldberg Machine http://t.co/vM8qCvo0Ht via @youtube #ewpride
RT @SkypeClassroom: Our new guest speaker can bring the wonderful cartoons of Rube Goldberg into your classroom! @RubeGoldberg http://t.co
RT @jeeveswilliams: New Amnesty International ad campaign depicts signing a petition as setting off a Rube Goldberg machine. http://t.co/OC
RT @EWExplorers: Working hard on our @RubeGoldberg machines. #EWpride http://t.co/wcGRvLBHcs
RT @RubeWorks: New .@SkypeClassroom talks set up for @RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks @DavidBFox https://t.co/UKttr8dMi5 #edtech #skype
RT @MickShuran: @bobparti we were inspired on a rainy Sunday, Thanks! #ThingamaBob Colin's Rube Goldberg http://t.co/Xf77xpOI6Z via
RT @LolMrSquirrel: Awesome desktop Rube Goldberg device… Click here for more funny pictures by Mr. Squirrel http://t.co/j4wF6bUwVp http://t…
RT @SAKIDS: Don't forget about our Homeschool Science Club Tuesday, Feb. 25! We'll build Rube Goldberg machines! tix at http://t.co/S4p7EvQ
Found on @reddit: great desktop Rube Goldberg gif! Check it out: http://t.co/BYzMpKFYkR
RT @kidscornerabc: Rube-Goldberg machine at the science centre! http://t.co/ra1vLaS72v #kids #learning #rubegoldberg #teachers #school #par…
RT @courosa: "The Page Turner" https://t.co/84JimbVZkL #RubeGoldberg
RT @Tweeteveen: Just made a Rube Goldberg machine to send my tweets. This is proof that is works.
RT @aatishb: "Professor Butts and the Self-Operating Napkin", a cartoon by Rube Goldberg. http://t.co/sf4y8XWmiD http://t.co/X5u4XGkkGK
RT @JMaxey1: “@shareski: So, what's your guys' favorite ipad app for when the SuperBowl sucks?” @RubeWorks
RT @RubeWorks: GoldieBlox #RubeGoldberg Super Bowl ad strives to entice girls to science .@SFGate http://t.co/GX7lnB2f24 @RubeWorks @RubeGo…
RT @chasrabesh: Rube Goldberg: The father of inventions http://t.co/usYYvuL3xT @rubeworks I found it! #rubegoldberg so amazing!
RT @honolulumuseum: Sneak peek: Ross Mukai, left, from Oahu Makerspace, installs portions of the Rube Goldberg machine,… http://t.co/OnUZJX
RT @kayfey: #RubeGoldberg, the #cartoonist of complicated machines, inspired the #boardgame "Mouse Trap" and the commercial 4 the company "…
RT @UnivSchool: Will Xin and Buddy Warren show their Rube Goldberg device, as part of the "mission possible" challenge http://t.co/JzKd58X0
RT @SJWill56: Students create Miniature Golf Course @RubeGoldberg Machine #BSCSD http://t.co/TMQu257JlE @BSMS_2013 @RubeWorks http://t.co/R
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks game designer @DavidBFox is available for free @SkypeClassroom visits w/any class using the game. Contact us for …
RT @Mister_Duque: @RubeWorks In grps, kids brainstormed moves. Ea grp offered a move. Tested after ea move b4 asking for next step. http://…
RT @Mister_Duque: @RubeWorks Instant feedback and simple reset vs physical RG machine minimized frustrations, allowed 4 more discussion on …
RT @Mister_Duque: @RubeWorks Kids responded to game aspect, funny animations. Random objects really made kids be attentive to how things mo…
RT @Mister_Duque: Hey @CallahanLuke , using the @ipevo to play the @RubeWorks game w/ class! Kids had blast & it got them probSolving http:…
RT @RubeWorks: Using @RubeWorks in your classroom? Please let us know! Also, you can purchase 20+ units at 50% off under Apple's Vol Purcha…
RT @kejames: A full-page #STEM ad from the 1970s featuring a space-loving teenage girl (+kitteh!), found & shared by @mgrabois http://t.co/
RT @josephherscher: @NZ_Global @CBSSunday Thanks! Hopefully soon you will see me in a kids @rubegoldberg TV show I am developing...
RT @chasrabesh: Sam's already got this one Mr.roth @SteuartBesly http://t.co/Z5eVQnsEJo @RubeWorks @RubeGoldberg can't wait for 7th gr #rub…
RT @MrDuqueTeacher: kits all ready for an impromptu @RubeGoldberg building activity at #BFCCPS; get some practice b4 sciFair #stem http://t…
RT @edutopia: Watch how students reframed #failure as success by building a #RubeGoldberg machine: http://t.co/T9Ta4qJqg3 #edchat http://t.…
In CA? @dailycalarts says go to Cartoons, Comics, & Funny Papers exhibit at the @bancroftlibrary and see Rube's art! http://t.co/yATSSiTvau
RT @newhampsha: 8red STEM working on their Rube Goldberg contraptions. @PentucketMS #stem #creativeexploration http://t.co/9fXQh20EWK
RT @JanetsPlanet: ZIP A ZIPPER! FORM A TEAM AND COMPETE! The Rube Goldberg Machine Contest (RGMC) is an annual national competition... htt…
RT @TheHeadKnuckle: Inspire the Creative Process with Rube Goldberg Machines: I am always looking for opportunities for the studen... http:…
Thanks for the great vid segment @CBSSunday - Also check out Rube's Gift Wrapping Device & grab #TheArtofRube today! http://t.co/BIfcZSJaDi
RT @ljoie: Rube Goldberg: The father of inventions http://t.co/n5azDt9Z2e @RubeGoldberg
RT @AbramsComicArts: The father of inventions! RT @CBSSunday Video: @MoRocca's visit to the @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest gets complicated …
RT @WUSTLEngineers: VIDEO: Watch the #wustl @RubeGoldberg team on @CBSSunday with @MoRocca: http://t.co/jDQXf8MTQt. #wustlengineers
RT @josephherscher: @CBSSunday Morning segment about @RubeGoldberg competition (I'm in it!) http://t.co/ftVzNKn7Hh
RT @COSI: MT @CBSSunday: @MoRocca visits the @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest at #COSI in #Columbus, OH [video]: http://t.co/eOZklTXFLa #RubeG…
RT @PIF_SHS: Great piece this morning on @CBSSunday about @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest http://t.co/VnkimqVJym @RubeWorks
@CBSSunday @MoRocca feature @RubeGoldberg and @josephherscher this morning http://t.co/1vQd5oSPHL #RubeGoldberg #RGMC #STEM #STEAM
RT @janlwilder: Best Segment Today!! “@CBSSunday: Video: @MoRocca's visit to the @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest gets complicated http://t.c
@RubeGoldberg: The father of inventions http://t.co/qVstrwmYgs w/@josephherscher @DavidBFox @RubeWorks via @CBSSunday @MoRocca #RubeGoldberg
RT @KDRPR: Great segment today on @CBSSunday about @RubeGoldberg machines and a shout out to the awesome @goldieblox #STEAM http://t.co/0Ze
RT @SimplySuzy: Rube Goldberg : @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game. Students would love this! http://t.co/P3s4RQluG8
RT @MoRocca: The real Rube Goldberg was funny & charming. Ben Stiller should play him in a biopic. I am right about this. http://t.co/1gpfc
@cbssunday @morocca What a great @RubeGoldberg segment on your show this morning! Could you fix the video link? http://t.co/aZluzyVJmp
RT @CBSSunday: Video: @MoRocca's visit to the @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest gets complicated http://t.co/2GCYp6TJd8
RT @CBSSunday: At the @RubeGoldberg Machine Contest @MoRocca checks out the competition; Don’t miss @CBSSunday Jan. 26 http://t.co/dJQ8dwm1
RT @CBSSunday: Ever hear of Rube Goldberg? @MoRocca has a report on the impact of the cartoonist this week on @CBSSunday.
Tomorrow morning @CBSSunday has a segment on #RubeGoldberg Father of Inventions, including @RubeWorks Show notes: http://t.co/0yYKbiaD2O
RT @SJWill56: 7th grade students in Ballston Spa demo their Rube Goldberg machines for Mr S #BSCSD #STEM @RubeGoldberg @BSMS_2013 http://t…
RT @shiltbrand: @RubeGoldberg My 8th grd Ss are finishing up RG projects over next couple of weeks. Wish you could hear their convo. Will p…
RT @RubeWorks: @DavidBFox & Jennifer George talk to @ipadkids re: creative process behind the @RubeWorks app http://t.co/qmolD8vFhs http://…
RT @PDSWebJedi: #PDSChargers PDS team's 2nd place win in Rube Goldberg contest featured in Observer! http://t.co/1n4fEiCuRO
RT @WGBH_edu: How many steps does it take to power a fan? A whole lot, when you're using a Rube Goldberg machine! Watch now: http://t.co/tM
RT @UlrichrUlrich: Great day in inquiry! Students starting to build their @RubeGoldberg machines #ewpride http://t.co/sNlubYu5LC
RT @jlschwittay: This is why I love teaching science... #productivechaos #rubegoldberg #pcms http://t.co/H5lEGjdlVF
RT @lblanken: @coffeechugbooks Best thing I did all year was to let my students stop project work to build a rube goldberg machine. Play +…
RT @educatoral: Rube Works: David Fox and Jennifer George talk to us about the first officially-endorsed RUbe Goldberg app http://t.co/rO5
RT @Mister_Duque: I do Rube Goldberg machines 4 sci fair, kids love it. For Android users, here's a Goldberg game! #scichat #STEM http://t.…
RT @LloydCedricks: Cardinal Excellence Awards 2014 with Team Rube Goldberg #AllinForPICE #PICEisLOVE http://t.co/pj5nxZuGd1
RT @ipadkids: David Fox & Jennifer George talk to @ipadkids re: creative process behind the @RubeWorks app http://t.co/LivCqK33u8 http://t.…
RT @duuro_com: #RubeWorks Works! Read our full review http://t.co/T3R7BH55KZ #gaming #ios #android #rubegoldberg #crazymachines #puzzlegame
RT @Lorinczi158: We're creating Rube Goldberg Machines http://t.co/AwWYDIJjQN
RT @Lorinczi158: Rube Goldberg is alive and well in the Synergy Lab. #RubeGoldberg http://t.co/6o8zav5L0E
RT @AndroidSPIN: @RubeWorks, the #RubeGoldberg game, is finally released on #Android - http://t.co/yvK8nHFtmP
RT @crscience: Have you gotten to play @RubeWorks yet? So addicting! http://t.co/FdDDZvealE #STEM #ipaded #edtech
RT @UnityGames: "If you are a fan of puzzle games with an inventive twist, grab the Rube Goldberg Game from the Play Store for"-@androidsho…
RT @UnityGames: Rube Works: "A Classic Contraption Conundrum Comes To Life”-@toucharcade http://t.co/oqwnkBib9q #RubeGoldberg
RT @EWExplorers: "@TheMrBrockway: Our first @RubeGoldberg Machine planning session has begun! #EWpride http://t.co/tmyJXcEUxK"
RT @UnityGames: .@RubeWorks is OFFICIALLY available on @Android! Download today and solve Rube Goldberg's creative contraptions http://t.co
RT @WHSCunnings: Rube Goldberg kids hard at work...The lab is getting messy!! http://t.co/DTSYKCjlsi
RT @StacyKoneval: Students collaborate about their @RubeGoldberg machine designs. #ewpride http://t.co/BeOJIfnDgR
RT @cartoonart: @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game is now available for @Android on @GooglePlay... http://t.co/09dyYbKz0j
UPCOMING: Don't miss #TheArtofRube contributors Jennifer George, Al Jaffee & @adamgopnik talk @92ndStreetY March 10! http://t.co/g1h729XPf1
RT @Section101Tweet: So cool! Via @nprbooks: Lovebirds + String + Watering Can + Dog = @RubeGoldberg #Magic http://t.co/xY9f6r4tH4
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks "is that rare licensed property that actually gives you greater insight into the source material" http://t.co/nT1
RT @RubeWorks: Satirizing The New Machine: @RubeWorks "is more than a total joy to play" http://t.co/ZKcjAkwHvq via @mediapost @RubeGoldber…
Register Your Team today! International Online Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. http://t.co/bs4bmj1WXc
RT @nharm: Zipping a zipper is simple, right? Not if you're zipping as part of a Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. http://t.co/pYrnynOpzt #STEM
RT @TomSemioli: Remember @rubegoldbergmachines ? The #art of @RubeGoldberg - my chat with author Jennifer George @HuffPostBooks:http://t.c
RT @richtcs: OK here's the video for yesterday's Rube Goldberg machine at school. http://t.co/bKgV9AfYXr #RubeGoldberg #TCS #TCSOrlando
RT @RubeWorks: Now 236 #RubeGoldberg-related pins on @DavidBFox's Rube Goldberg Fun @Pinterest board http://t.co/shXf7Th2QJ #STEM #engineer…
RT @TeachersApps: Get to know the wonderful TWA Certified Apps! http://t.co/3PhDxni5H3 @RubeWorks @SocialBugLabs @DeeperRicher @thinglink
Talkin' Rube Goldberg With Author Jennifer George via @HuffPostBooks http://t.co/EPxIlO29Qo #RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks
RT @RickReinking: Rube Day 3. A good base and a couple energy steps.... One step at a time.... #spiritlakecsd #rubegoldberg @RubeWorks http…
RT @ipadkids: We reviewed the official Rube Goldberg iOS app @RubeWorks - we love it!! http://t.co/bTpChrOgQC http://t.co/rvY6OQ0qgB
RT @Annie_Fox: @RubeWorks featured in Take Five for Family Engagement: Great Puzzle Apps to Share With Kids 4-10+ http://t.co/qZMhTK4RZp vi…
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@lanahirschowitz You're very welcome! Best of luck to your son and his friend! Hope your home (and your nerves) survives the experiment!
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Have some holiday family fun with RUBE WORKS, our game for iOS! @Wired gives it a great overview: http://t.co/77KPbSfgIR
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Season's Greetings! @Quirkology posted "The Amazing Machine" - a festive Rube Goldberg Machine video. Enjoy! http://t.co/g9LBo5dLQH
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What can Rube Goldberg teach us about church? http://t.co/cCGVR0oCXP
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RT @RubeWorks: Exciting news!! @RubeWorks 1.2 now live on the App Store with 9 new levels! Free update if you have the app. https://t.co/Op
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Tune into Jeopardy tonight to see what the Rube Goldberg related clue is! http://t.co/KSfVJvSAuH
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Tonight's episode of Jeopardy features a Rube Goldberg related clue. Tune in to find out what it is! http://t.co/3ZexVBkkkd
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RT @MediaPost: Rube Goldberg's zany machines still serve as an effective satire of our own age http://t.co/CPJL5SpGBr @popeyesm
RT @LFedtech: #olhms 8th grade Ss annual Invention Convention day. How to Ring a Bell #rubegoldberg #makers http://t.co/Cz3zQkjnwn
RT @Whitfieldschool: Rube Goldberg Projects: This week, Whitfield juniors in Andrew Asikainen's physics sections completed and pres... http…
RT @WasheKoda: #RubeGoldberg Machine rings their bells http://t.co/udGElfgJtV
RT @JMaxey1: "Shopping" for @rubegoldberg materials. The mad rush looked like Black Friday crazy people! http://t.co/e9UjErJvDl
RT @ChristieCubs: Mrs. Brown's class makes Rube Goldberg machines. http://t.co/qfUZ9Ud5PE
RT @izapconflict: @brainpicker When I was writing for the Monkees, I wrote Rube Goldberg saying he had influenced me. He sent me back an o…
RT @ljoie: Deconstructing "The Art of Rube Goldberg" with Comic Book Resources http://t.co/XqvglNMzb4 via @cbr @RubeGoldberg @AbramsComicA…
@dmiproductions Well done! And very appropriate that the first toy be Mouse Trap! http://t.co/apMJCwZkik #RubeGoldberg
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RT @AlyssaColeLit: I forgot my phone charger at work. Now my phone is dead and I am devising a Rube Goldberg device to use as an alarm cloc…
RT @ArtsBusinessPHL: The #Art of Rube Goldberg | Brain Pickings http://t.co/pjsIkTzoW3 #rubegoldberg #design
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"Beyond a Man's Machines, Exploring an Inventor’s Cartoons in ‘The Art of Rube Goldberg’" via @nytimes http://t.co/cFqDyUUDXp
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RT @RubeWorks: Wow! Great review from @toucharcade: 'Rube Works' Review - A Classic Contraption Conundrum Comes to Life http://t.co/p05V1un
RT @toucharcade: 'Rube Works' Review - A Classic Contraption Conundrum Comes to Life http://t.co/rKe4a7SLuJ
RT @iPad_storytime: My little boy (age 7) & I worked out all the @RubeWorks puzzles - it's a great family game! #storyappchat
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“@gnarly_karlyyy: WE GOT A 95 ON THE RUBE GOLDBERG IT WAS ALL WORTH IT YAAAASSS @xoxo_aleksandra” WTG Karly!
RT @chrischandler: The Mind-Boggling Art Of Rube Goldberg | Co.Design http://t.co/snU0aNxwOc
RT @pathhyena: Growing up, Mouse Trap was like the coolest game ever. The mini Rube Goldberg Machine of board games.
RT @brainpicker: Love this vintage record sleeve by none other than Rube Goldberg http://t.co/yg9NYXfLoH
RT @keptarX: Rube goldberg project: http://t.co/VksxtfS68N via @YouTube
RT @mthornton78: @RubeWorks @pammoran this is #rubegoldberg project we did a few yrs back. Totally kid created with little help http://t.co
RT @JDibbleG: If they did build one, I'd be impressed! #rubegoldberg #babygeniuses http://t.co/4OVaKBraIe
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RT @techlab217: Just finished all the levels on #Rubeworks! Now what am I going to do with my time? Great game and soooo challenging.
RT @techlab217: Team Delta with their outstanding #RubeGoldberg project. They successfully zipped a zipper, #Mindstorm included! http://t.c
RT @JMaxey1: @tbbrwn @pammoran Urs look so fun! I have one class preparing to build @RubeGoldberg machines in a week. http://t.co/EUS8OjFldo
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Check out #TheArtofRube featured on @brainpickings - it's "an absolute treat from cover to cover"! http://t.co/g3VhC9X34V
Great read from @NPR - musings on Rube's machines! Check out the full article: http://t.co/bbOkUQJ022
RT @RubeWorks: Wow! Rave review for @RubeWorks by @ToddBernhard & @iphonelife "I highly recommend this beautiful and well made app" http://…
RT @ToddBernhard: Rupe Goldberg App Is an Elegantly Complex Invention! http://t.co/tv2Uv5xpvB via @iphonelife
RT @RubeWorks: Created a Twitter list for Educators using @RubeGoldberg and/or @RubeWorks in the classroom. If you do, let us know https://…
RT @ICV2: Review: 'The Art of Rube Goldberg' HC - Review of The Art of Rube Goldberg: (A) Inventive (B) Cartoon (C) Genius H... http://t.co
RT @RubeWorks: @brainpicker Nice animated GIF of the cover, Maria! "The Art of Rube Goldberg" http://t.co/uOpVW9wtYE
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RT @ljoie: Holiday Round-up: Michael Dooley’s Best Design Books and Digital Product Picks http://t.co/hTYnDgSMi7 @RubeGoldberg @AbramsComi…
Rube's granddaughter Jennifer George has her favorite inventions on @mental_floss, with images from #TheArtofRube! http://t.co/KAK5vmWf8Y
Love #RubeWorks? Nominate it for the BEST APP EVER AWARDS! Click on the category name and follow the prompts. http://t.co/OYg3g7lbJu
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Happy Thanksgiving! Here's how we'll be slicing our turkey @RubeWorks
Happy Thanksgiving! Here's how we'll be slicing our turkey @ Rube Goldberg Inc. Want to know how? Download @RubeWorks http://t.co/UAxU0zR9kA
Happy Thanksgiving! Here's how we'll be slicing our turkey @ Rube Goldberg Inc. Want to know how? Download Rube Works!http://t.co/UAxU0zR9kA
RT @RubeWorks: New version of @GoldieBlox & Rube Goldberg "Princess Machine" http://t.co/u4n9biOt4l w/no @beastieboys music #RubeGoldberg @…
We love this Rube Goldberg Machine and the concept behind it -- to create toys that get girls interested in engineering!
RT @RubeWorks: MT @SubspaceReviews I interviewed the designer of @RubeWorks, @DavidBFox! Check it out: http://t.co/XAHbpuJYbg @RubeGoldberg…
RT @RubeWorks: “@JMaxey1: Woohoo! On the porch when I got home from school! @RubeWorks http://t.co/D770c9Ic1E @RubeGoldberg @AbramsComicAr…
RT @frostSCImrc: Check out OK GO's video. See how many simple machines you can identify in their Rube Goldberg design! https://t.co/554VXT5
RT @RubeWorks: #RubeGoldberg Invention Game Workshop at Children's Creativity Museum, 12/7/2013 via @SFGate http://t.co/KVnAVlihVT #BayArea…
RT @laskeysgateway: #rubegoldberg test day! http://t.co/IXLF9MMuUf
RT @laskeysgateway: #rubegoldberg test day. 12' of boards, using simple machines, to create the most elaborate design to pop a balloon! htt…
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RT @RubeWorks: @ShanetheGamer interviews @RubeWorks team members @DavidBFox Zach Umperovitch, @RubeGoldberg's grndda Jennifer George http:/…
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RT @TheiMums: New review and giveaway: If you like Physics based puzzlers you have to check this out Rube Works: The Official... http://t.c
"Rube's Inventions Neatly Skewered Our Technocratic World" Great spread on #TheArtofRube from @thedailybeast - http://t.co/c9RzMSrsC0
Boing Boing reviews THE ART OF RUBE GOLDBERG and talks about Rube's "mutant approach to engineering"
The Art of Rube Goldberg - available now. Order your signed edition for the Holidays! http://t.co/MMWxwlsRPP
RT @RubeWorks: @howiemandel You really loved @SpriceRGMs' #RubeGoldberg machines. You'll love @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invent…
RT @RubeWorks: "Before 'Rube Goldberg' became an adjective..." http://t.co/GWQp4a0281 via @thedailybeast #RubeGoldberg @AbramsComicArts @AB…
RT @9dognight: Hope they (& all #VTed schools) know about 2014 #RGMC @RubeGoldberg Machine #Contest info: Zip a Zipper! http://t.co/2jqfF91
RT @9dognight: Hope they (& all #VTed schools) know about 2014 #RGMC @RubeGoldberg Machine #Contest info: Zip a Zipper! http://t.co/2jqfF91
RT @9dognight: Hope they (& all #VTed schools) know about 2014 #RGMC @RubeGoldberg Machine #Contest info: Zip a Zipper! http://t.co/2jqfF91
RT @lillynottingham: Perfect @RubeGoldberg invention for a Friday #happyhour #happyday http://t.co/NxJMYlo4aj
RT @lillynottingham: Perfect @RubeGoldberg invention for a Friday #happyhour #happyday http://t.co/NxJMYlo4aj
RT @AbramsComicArts: If you're at the @MiamiBookFair today, stop by the @RubeGoldberg panel w. Jennifer George & Charles Kochman @ 2:30! ht…
RT @AbramsComicArts: If you're at the @MiamiBookFair today, stop by the @RubeGoldberg panel w. Jennifer George & Charles Kochman @ 2:30! ht…
RT @AbramsComicArts: If you're at the @MiamiBookFair today, stop by the @RubeGoldberg panel w. Jennifer George & Charles Kochman @ 2:30! ht…
RT @ABRAMSbooks: RT @erinhotch @rubegoldberg mobile at the launch party. http://t.co/XztkMxp9Fy #theartofrube
RT @MishkaShubaly: #rubegoldberg http://t.co/8b2miMPTep
RT @ljoie: Jennifer George & others signing #rubegoldberg @AbramsBooks http://t.co/fx5gwW8BiG
RT @erinhotch: #rubegoldberg mobile at the launch party. http://t.co/6FHfmHoFbj
RT @whsmrsbrownell: Check out @RubeWorks! Cool game app for iOS and android! Loads of fun! #whsphysics http://t.co/MxVtGu4vjj
RT @sparkelle: With all this @goldieblox talk, the engineer in me wants to develop a little lady engineer. Now if i could just find the rig…
RT @ljoie: Jennifer George & others signing #rubegoldberg @AbramsBooks http://t.co/fx5gwW8BiG
RT @JufJannieApps: Rube works het officiële spel met uitvindingen van Rube Goldberg – appreview http://t.co/c5FjJn2nZ3 echt een aanrader!
RT @JMaxey1: @DavidBFox @RubeWorks Just rec'd Amazon order confirmation for my Art of Rube Goldberg book! Woohoo!
RT @RubeWorks: “@JMaxey1: Skyping with @DavidBFox and Jennifer George! http://t.co/CakuGoo5a5 @RubeGoldberg @ElectrcEggplant #RubeGoldberg…
RT @ABRAMSbooks: Glad you dig it, great photo! RT @KierPet Just got the @RubeGoldberg book! Looks amazing!! @RubeWorks @ABRAMSbooks http://…
RT @chasrabesh: You have to try this #rubegoldberg app! It's amazingly fun and great for @OHEducation 7th gr #science @RubeWorks http://t.…
RT @NCWIT: Girl power, brought to you by @goldieblox [EA member], @RubeGoldberg, & the Beastie Boys: http://t.co/TNatkWiWyZ #engineering
RT @RubeWorks: A gr8 way to construct & play w/@RubeGoldberg’s famous contraptions. If you love contraptions, this game is a must-have. via…
RT @RubeWorks: "The 1st licensed @RubeGoldberg game is a success. Fans will lap it up, and it's great for puzzle fans in general." http://t…
RT @SubspaceReviews: This week I've been playing an iOS puzzle game, Rube Works. Here's my review! http://t.co/fajusgXt2G
RT @geekwithjunior: Build Rube Goldberg’s Original Contraptions in Rube Works http://t.co/r5NtKAveO6
The official Rube Goldberg invention mobile game is here! http://t.co/qfMgT2q0Lm
RT @staciefrederick: See @goldieblox turn an average home into a massive, magical @RubeGoldberg contraption http://t.co/Tfy44xdwzH; Too muc…
Check out the official trailer for @RubeWorks! http://t.co/1o0PssSSwg - Available now for iOS: http://t.co/CbEQbVGa9M
RT @JufJannieApps: Mijn zoontje is op het moment lekker bezig met het puzzelen van uitvindingen: https://t.co/SQZsUPR3KS #Rube Works
RT @jedipadmaster: Unity Games - Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game - https://t.co/sgBsMsCAoa #iTunes I love games like …
RT @TheiMums: Are you a Rube Goldberg fan ? Check out the news of this new app released this week by Electric Eggplant, review... http://t.…
Only 11 copies left of #TheArtofRube on Amazon! Don't miss out! http://t.co/v7UIkrtUVJ
Join us for #TheArtofRube Book Party! Nov 21, 6pm at @LoriBookstein Fine Art http://t.co/fBhqq21F2L
RT @RubeWorks: 6th grade science class all using @RubeWorks on their iPads. Love how kids are helping each other! https://t.co/XYNwuAR3jx v…
RT @carlosicaza: Thank u @DavidBFox @ElectrcEggplant @unity3d Rube Goldberg game is out http://t.co/slawE7to7f @RubeGoldberg #namaste http:…
RT @SpriceRGMs: Test your skills and build your own machines, one of the coolest apps there it! http://t.co/a8H0g90LhK
RT @edutopia: [New Video] Watch how these students learn how to reframe failure through designing a #RubeGoldberg machine: http://t.co/wYQW
RT @evrybdysinvited: An interview with #RubeGoldberg's granddaughter: http://t.co/IiUXI9biep
RT @ElectrcEggplant: “@PadGadget: Rube Works Lets You Create Cause-and-Effect Contraptions on your iPad: #RubeGoldberg… http://t.co/wO2Ftj5
RT @RubeWorks: “@PadGadget: Rube Works Lets You Create Cause-and-Effect Contraptions on your iPad: Rube Goldberg was best… http://t.co/YaGu
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks Workshop in SF at @creativitykids 12/7 for kids 8+ & families http://t.co/J9DbgHSpeU followed by hands-on #RubeGo…
RT @RubeWorks: Press release announcing release of @RubeWorks http://t.co/qt2QmgXIPy via @gamasutra
RT @_comicbuzz: Rube-Goldberg Puzzler “Rube Works" Now Available for iPad and iPhone http://t.co/ddn7xkkk0Z @RubeGoldberg @RubeWorks #RubeG…
RT @RubeWorks: Our Rube Works game now live on the App Store #iPad #iphone http://t.co/JRZpV03OfF #RubeGoldberg #edapp #edtech #edu #ADEed…
RT @UnityGames: Rube Works is officially live! Get the game for iOS here: http://t.co/LzuHBu2LHz http://t.co/C2sgPFp6Q9
RT @RubeWorks: The official video trailer for "Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.co/tVQ2Tbtlqp #RubeGoldberg …
RT @UnityGames: Stay tuned! We will have exciting news in the coming hours! https://t.co/IIDRGZwASP http://t.co/BOFZFW18Oe
RT @RubeWorks: Reframing failure as iteration allows students to thrive w/collaborative #RubeGoldberg machine building http://t.co/dF3VWcCG
RT @thekidshouldsee: Reframing failure as iteration + Rube Goldberg machines! An excellent @instituteofplay @edutopia vid via @VideoAmy - h…
RT @lycaon824: Rube Goldberg's marvelous machines http://t.co/9ID2zNOy18 #tech
IT'S HERE! Why waste another day not laughing? #TheArtofRube is out TODAY- grab a copy now! http://t.co/98bd4Z31Nl http://t.co/NOkm57YrKz
RT @AbramsComicArts: The Art of Rube Goldberg is now in stores! View a selection of images from inside the book. #ArtOfRube http://t.co/GBD
RT @RubeWorks: @RubeWorks updates, screenshots, videos, follow us on fb https://t.co/nFxGfOnYag #RubeGoldberg #edapp #edtech #edu #ADEedu …
RT @AbramsComicArts: 1 day left 'til the release of The Art of Rube Goldberg. Can't wait? Check out this sneak peek gallery: http://t.co/tm
Rube-inspired kinetic artist @josephherscher wins over his audience with "The Dresser"! http://t.co/1PeIHGF1kp http://t.co/f5gJxOq5Vw
RT @RubeWorks: Rube Goldberg on Inventions from 1959, interviewed by Edward R. Murrow's "Person to Person" http://t.co/jVBrnFJrnP #RubeGold…
A Week of Rube Goldberg's 1918 Comics Featuring Mike and Ike http://t.co/ruA46ZB4Yp #RubeGoldberg
RT @RubeWorks: Kinetic Artist @josephherscher designed 3 of the levels in @RubeWorks, (#RubeGoldberg designed 12) - http://t.co/Gt68uGsJUv
RT @HollyWhisman: This should be fun: http://t.co/EI0NLcf02Z #RubeGoldberg #ArtInMotion
4 DAYS LEFT until #TheArtofRube! Check out 1916 footage - Rube demonstrating early animation techniques: http://t.co/WcqV5ZXVPF
RT @alwesloski: @RubeGoldberg @DavidBFox @RubeWorks @Pixelvolt My students can't wait. We have been talking about Rube all week!
Interview w/@DavidBFox on the making of @RubeWorks (to be released on iOS 1 wk from today on 11/14/13) http://t.co/RltmSbCtfe via @Pixelvolt
RT @AbramsComicArts: 5 days left! Check out the moveable cover, a Goodreads contest, and a way to get rid of autumn leaves! #TheArtofRube h…
"Rube Goldberg would have been a very happy man" 11/4 Bill Moyers mentioned Rube 4 times with the Affordable Care Act http://t.co/AQS12f7Tb9
RT @AbramsComicArts: Enter the @Goodreads book #giveaway for The Art of #RubeGoldberg! http://t.co/tDPdyRtsRP
RT @AbramsComicArts: 6 days 'til the release of #TheArtofRube. Check out the ACA blog for some Goldbergian examples of his lasting legacy! …
@WIRED says The Art of Rube Goldberg makes them feel like kids again. Grab a copy 11/12, join the fun! #TheArtofRube http://t.co/0Uvcn4teVj
CARTOONS, COMICS and FUNNY PAPERS: Experience the timeless nature of cartoons @bancroftlibrary gallery until March 1 http://t.co/12pdXwMZad
RT @RubeWorks: The Art of Rube Goldberg Celebrates Chain Reactions | Underwire | http://t.co/8i6Qp2QPkb http://t.co/j6UdOgmwZ6 via @jkehe @…
Hi @creativitykids thanks for following us! Check out our Rube Goldberg contests for kids - registration is now open! http://t.co/SGNE6NurU5
@Adam_Langer Glad to hear you like the book cover! Hope you're as excited as we are for the release on Nov 19 http://t.co/YwmqtytCYc
@mwecker Glad to hear you like the book cover! Hope you're as excited as we are for the release on Nov 19 http://t.co/YwmqtytCYc
@okstatelibrary - thanks for following us! Hope ur as excited as we are about the new Rube Book coming Nov 19 http://t.co/JaCqnhgpAY
Hi @wordbookstores - great to know you're fans and thanks for following us!
Hello November! Good to see you because now we can say The Art of Rube Goldberg will be released THIS MONTH - Nov 19. http://t.co/Hqhc2W4mlh
Hello November! Good to see you because now we can say The Art of Rube Goldberg will be released THIS MONTH - Nov 19. http://t.co/Hqhc2W4mlh
RT @momswithapps: Listening to the fascinating story of Rube Goldberg by @DavidBFox in anticipation of the new app! #RubeWorks http://t.co/
RT @momswithapps: New to kids' app development? Based in the Bay Area? Consider this meetup tonight: http://t.co/tqlRNubyzg with David of @…
RT @CreativityMobil: Resentful Octopus Sleeping in Aquarium. Learn more: http://t.co/gCdoiJVGgX #meetup #rubegoldberg http://t.co/bmHyAAdEe4
RT @RubeWorks: Tomorrow night, 10/28, game designer @DavidBFox is demoing "Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" http://t.…
RT @RubeWorks: Follow "Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" on Facebook for more updates, screenshots, and more: https://…
RT @CreativityMobil: Join our 10/28 Meetup to learn about Rube Works: the 1st official Rube Goldberg invention game http://t.co/gCdoiJVGgX
RT @_comicbuzz: Unity Games to Publish Rube-Goldberg Licensed Puzzler http://t.co/OsJq6hufAf @RubeGoldberg @ElectrcEggplant @UnityGames
“@UnityGames: Kids love Rube Works! http://t.co/lyi6qJAost So do adults! @RubeWorks
RT @UnityGames: Nothing beats the original! Rube Goldberg creates an explains one of his original animations.... http://t.co/abuP5QUjph
RT @UnityGames: David Fox of Electric Eggplant will be giving a demo of Rube Works this coming Monday at the Silicon Valley App... http://t…
RT @RubeWorks: Live in the #BayArea? Rube Works designer/producer @DavidBFox is giving a talk/demo on the game in San Carlos http://t.co/Zd
RT @RubeWorks: Download the "Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game" press package and all screenshots http://t.co/o6TEUdlA3
RT @ShanetheGamer: The classic Rube Works is coming to mobile gaming. We like.... http://t.co/LOZPzyFun6
RT @UnityGames: Hello Rube Works Fans! We have a long update for you today. This week we sent out our first ever Rube Works press... http:…
RT @RubeWorks: Great update on the Rube Works press release + link to download all screenshots in the press package! https://t.co/weTxO7FNj
RT @RubeWorks: Screenshots! => Nemsokára érkezik a Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game - PlayDome http://t.co/jnXPZyCwbF
RT @PocketTactics: A Rube Goldberg machine game for iOS & Android -- officially licensed by Goldberg's estate: http://t.co/EOCOMJkj4S
RT @RubeWorks: Incredible machines: Rube Works coming to iOS & Android next month http://t.co/8MbzmYa9B0 via @pockettactics <- Thanks Owen!
RT @RubeWorks: Rube Works To Immortalize Rube Goldberg’s Inventions In Game Form http://t.co/gcVfBDkUCU via @AndroidSPIN < love your enthus…
RT @RubeWorks: Unity Games To Bring Official Rube Goldberg Machine Game Called Rube Works http://t.co/4p93LROrIA #android via @androidshock…
RT @RubeWorks: via @TheGamersHub Unity Games Unveils Rube Goldberg-Themed Mobile Puzzler http://t.co/cDIM4Bghk1
RT @TheGamersHub: Unity Games Unveils Rube Goldberg-Themed Mobile Puzzler http://t.co/WQT0sdY6hg
RT @UnityGames: For up to date info on the official Rube Goldberg game, follow @RubeWorks FB page https://t.co/uC30nqHKkX #RubeGoldberg #Ma…
RT @UnityGames: Partnership with @ElectrcEggplant announced in Gamasutra http://t.co/WQb4MPItgz #RubeGoldberg #MadeWithUnity #RubeWorks
RT @RubeWorks: Screenshots from the first level of Rube Works here: https://t.co/un85tzVPex
RT @RubeWorks: The press release went out today announcing Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game! http://t.co/eArwDYkcp1
RT @unity3d: #madewithunity: @RubeWorks: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Mobile Game, newest member of the @UnityGames family!#unityga…
Tomorrow @NY_Comic_Con Rube's grandchildren, free prints & preview of THE ART OF RUBE GOLDBERG,3-5 @ABRAMSbooks Booth http://t.co/f4sTRSAPrs
RT @josephherscher: Just announced: the official @RubeGoldberg game! I also designed some of the levels. It's called Rube Works #rubeworks…
RT @UnityGames At @NY_Comic_Con? Check out the @ABRAMSbooks booth for a @RubeWorks trading card!
RT @ABRAMSbooks: Our Comic Con booth is about to get set up! Visit us at booth 2228 #nycc @ New York Comic Con 2013 http://t.co/tKTDWfqK3w
RT @UnityGames: At @NY_Comic_Con? Check out the @ABRAMSbooks booth for a @RubeWorks trading card!
RT @UnityGames "Excited about Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game? Check out the Facebook page for more info  "...
RT @UnityGames: Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game is the newest member of the Unity games family! @RubeGoldberg @Rubewo…
RT @UnityGames: Are you at @ny_comic_con? Visit Abrams books and grab a @Rubeworks trading card! http://t.co/vrcvZaYdMu
RT @UnityGames: Excited about Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game? Check out the Facebook page for more info https://t.co
RT @UnityGames: Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game is the newest member of the Unity games family! @RubeGoldberg @Rubewo…
RT @RubeWorks: We have our official Rube Works facebook page set up! Follow us there at http://t.co/gUcZodINGD and see some sneak peek scre…
RT @RubeWorks: Excited to announce the name of our game: Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game. You are the first to hear t…
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: @AbramsComicArts "The Art of Rube Goldberg" gorgeous, clever, comprehensive overview of the life/work of the cartoonis…
"The Art of Rube Goldberg" in @PublishersWkly Graphic Novels as Gifts roundup "gorgeous, clever, comprehensive" http://t.co/fpuRiuE63q
Get 50% off Rube Sweatshirts! http://t.co/rXEVPKjTf5
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: Tomorrow night, @DavidBFox will be giving the first public demo of our #RubeGoldberg game! #BayArea #SanRafael http://…
What's New at Rube Goldberg! http://t.co/L3xBvXW4JL
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: MT @RubeGoldberg 2014 RGMC (Rube Goldberg Machine Contest) Registration is open. http://t.co/pRSNgojBR0 http://t.co/dE
2014 RGMC. Registration is open. http://t.co/hRNwg8VmBI http://t.co/7GK6ZB028Q
2014 RGMC. Registration is open. http://t.co/hRNwg8VmBI http://t.co/7GK6ZB028Q
RT @AbramsComicArts: New Blog Post: The Art of Rube Goldberg: (A) Inventive (B) Cartoon (C) GeniusSelected and with comm... http://t.co/2zl
The Art of Rube Goldberg. Pre-order at http://t.co/am879IhKKR http://t.co/cmkRbJqTvG
50% OFF at the Rube Store http://t.co/TLpBqrjFCs
#voteAGT Sprice - WTG @SpriceRGMs, loved your #RubeGoldberg machines
Wishing @SpriceRGMs the best of luck tonight on #AGT! Rooting for you!
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: Canton student competing for $1 million NBC TV show prize | Entertainment - Home #StevePrice @SpriceRGMs http://t.co/H
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: Follow our @Pinterest collection of #RubeGoldberg videos and photos http://t.co/31JieyajuE
RT @ciaranobrien: I spent a not even slightly frustrating day filming a Rube Goldberg Machine for @JacksGap and @FinnHarries #firsttake htt…
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: MT @DeltaEducation Levers & Pulleys activity! Select "Build a #RubeGoldberg Machine!" #teaching #science - http://t.co
RT @klakhani: Kids learning about design rules by constructing a rube goldberg machine https://t.co/QUOAGreiVd - very cool cc @OpenIDEO
#RubeGoldberg is now on @Instagram! Follow us at http://t.co/uUPPQyoZVs
@olivia_solon Hi Olivia - sure, there's an email address you can reach us at on this page http://t.co/bmM0z0xiMj
RT @JulianaDriever: @josephherscher on his Rube Goldberg Machines on @badatsports: http://t.co/ED917uGEro
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: MT @VROCcanada Check out the pics of our VROC #STEM Camp Rube Goldberg machines http://t.co/2zrFT2h2FJ <- cool!
RT @RokenbokToys: Recently saw a Rube Goldberg Machine made of Rokenbok. Took 1st in State #ScienceOlympiad Watch the video here http://t.c
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: The 10 Coolest Rube Goldberg Devices On The Internet http://t.co/xCHX3iAKfG via @Beneful
RT @designindaba: Rube Goldberg: my work was a “symbol of man’s capacity for exerting maximum effort to accomplish minimal results.” http:/…
RT @ZoePrint: Just who was this Rube Goldberg? http://t.co/Bfc1I6Mv7M #print #marketing
RT @NewYorker: Steven Beschloss on Rube Goldberg's elaborate contraptions and the mad inventor himself: http://t.co/3TPX6mL6VM
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: #RubeGoldberg, 1904 graduate of UC Berkeley College of Engineering http://t.co/YanoGWwiG0 @RubeGoldberg
Object of Interest: Rube Goldberg Machines http://t.co/S98YuF39kO via @NewYorker
RT @Beneful: .@CNN gives a behind the scenes look at the making of our #DogGoldberg video! WATCH it here: http://t.co/MqH5hL0BUr
We LOVE this new RGM - especially this weekend that Rube celebrates his 130th birthday! Thank you Beneful! http://t.co/zL3vPmMGYH
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: New Dog Food Ad Goes All Rube Goldberg FTW http://t.co/JkTIEfqBfJ via @reelseo #RubeGoldberg
RT @SpriceRGMs: Happy 4th of July and Rube Goldberg's birthday! http://t.co/7oWxwgVeiB
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: Happy 130th Birthday #RubeGoldberg! Happy 237th Birthday USA! http://t.co/st2IBQe8te
Rube News - July. Happy Birthday Rube!! http://t.co/sYFl0qXvk1
Rube also created cartoons for ads “@jon__williamson: Photo: Berkeley (Rube Goldberg) - 19420905 Liberty on Flickr. http://t.co/x7LZ3oJT4y
Happy Birthday Rube! 50% off Every Item. July 1-7 only. http://t.co/UTXhnpM7Lu
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: RA for All: #ALA 2013: 20 Programs Under 20 Dollars, including building #RubeGoldberg Machines http://t.co/As3E1olcUu
July 4th is #RubeGoldberg's 130th birthday. Happy Birthday Rube! Celebrate in the Rube Store. 50% off http://t.co/ZwMAM8VQJn
RT @LSJNews: #MSU student Steve Price featured on America's Got Talent for giant Rube Goldberg machine: http://t.co/WQRwfkJ2uy #AGT
Happy Birthday Rube!! Celebrate in the Rube Store. 50% EVERY ITEM!! http://t.co/ZwMAM8VQJn
RT @TransparentESL: Rube Goldberg machines: Have you ever heard of a Rube Goldberg machine? Even if you haven’t heard of this ‘thi... http:…
RT @SpriceRGMs: July 4th is Rube Goldberg's birthday so I'll do another #Sprice giveaway then! What should I have you guys do to win?
RT @josephherscher: This segment about my current project just aired on German TV, enjoy! http://t.co/F0Zr9iUJtU
RT @DavidBFox: .@TimOfLegend I have a whole collection of cool #RubeGoldberg machines on .@Pinterest http://t.co/zC7J5l7adz @RubeGoldbergApp
RT @nbcagt: .@nickcannon We love you and all, but we think you should leave the #RubeGoldberg machine to @spricergms… http://t.co/ni1rO5Omt
RT @vermonter66: A look at the Rube Goldberg contraptions that sort our recyclables http://t.co/Ik4i3sN6ip via @sciam
RT @nbcagt: Watching Sprice’s talent is much easier than setting up his Rube Goldberg machine… Just CLICK TO PLAY! http://t.co/oI1yBeUBUd #…
RT @Section101Tweet: Amazing @RubeGoldberg machine feat. on @nbcagt. So good, the creator moved on to next round! @Section101Tweet powers …
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: Don’t have materials for a sweet science fair #RubeGoldberg machine? Whip up a totally cool one in Portal 2, for free …
RT @suncollective: Wow! Love Rube Goldberg Machines! http://t.co/z7JebsG9Oe
RT @News12CT: Trinity Catholic Middle School students received an award for winning first in the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest 2013 http://…
RT @McCollCenterNC: We are hosting a Rube Goldberg Contest in honor of incoming resident @josephherscher. Learn more via @theobserver http…
RT @NSteenwyk: Machine heads: Christian High students create Rube Goldberg device for Children's Museum http://t.co/iSI82gmPVm
RT @SpriceRGMs: @Knockaround A Convenient Way To Put On Sunglasses http://t.co/RaFCMpAiyl
RT @room121: Check out our Rube Goldberg machine videos...with machine designs & blog post links! http://t.co/RTObVaSq0E … #edchat #5thchat…
@amichetti I noticed that too. Jennifer's name is there as the one who wrote the about page, but not much about her there.
@amichetti good question. It's run by the heirs of Rube Goldberg, headed up by his granddaughter, Jennifer George http://t.co/qMcinNgiuh
RT @chasrabesh: If it's hot out and you need to turn on a fan try this #rubegoldberg #science #scied #scichat #energy http://t.co/PBTI0jLJdo
RT @PlaygroundBuzz: It's time for the 2013 Rube Goldberg Challenge at Peddler's Village! Watch teams create and compete with their fantast…
RT @pifalert: @SavannahMaughan have you seen OUR 'Top 10' Rube Goldberg machine's? http://t.co/SzO7J0RsN6 #justPIFit
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: “@donfre: Turning pages like a BOSS http://t.co/aTqTXVBHfT ← one of our favorite #RubeGoldberg machines from @JosephH…
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: @NinkovicDarko good job on your #RubeGoldberg machine! http://t.co/wlaMfV8Yf3
RT @MeyersChemistry: @CRHS_Indy @RubeGoldbergApp Videos up now! http://t.co/kEBG18xebK http://t.co/CntigTyLCr http://t.co/SxAVTEYuqV http:/…
RT @michaela_howk: My Rube Goldberg project finally worked!! #yesss #woohoo 😊🎉
RT @RubeGoldbergApp: “@Jessica_Song: Science Olympics 2013: Third place in Rube Goldberg! http://t.co/FbWPWhV8r8 Congratulations!
RT @BGarrityscience: Building our Rube Goldberg machines. #teamljh. http://t.co/MG3U6Sdf4O
RT @chasrabesh: I start my #energy unit with the #magic of a #psiwheel and end it with #rubegoldberg contraptions. https://t.co/w2VMSjnSuu
@chasrabesh You're welcome! Keep teaching your students about Rube Goldberg machines!
@Paul_DAmbrosio Congratulations on your win! @deadlineclub @asburyparkpress https://t.co/t8NGrnzqde
BOGO - Rube Goldberg Notecards http://t.co/NKzTMCsS2s
Congratulations to #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest People's Choice winner I.S.289 G.E.A.R.S. from IS289, NY, NY http://t.co/H1TdhzifnF
Vote now! Voting ends today 5/10/13: 2013 International Online #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest People's Choice http://t.co/JFCrukFi1P
Vote now! Voting ends tomorrow: 2013 International Online #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest People's Choice http://t.co/JFCrukFi1P
International Online RGMC Winners announced. Vote for People's Choice. http://t.co/HkRW0jx4br
International Online RGMC Winners announced. Vote for People's Choice. http://t.co/HkRW0jx4br
Vote now for People's Choice Award, now thru May 9 International Online #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest. http://t.co/r6frvNZ8b4
First Place RGMC Winner: Mighty Rubber Ducks, Trinity Catholic, Stamford, CT http://t.co/PjpcSMF5UB
Second Place RGMC Winner: WHCS Patriots Down on the Farm, Willo-Hill Christian School, Willoughby, OH http://t.co/OE8u5JVSrp
Third Place RGMC Winner: Greenfield FBLA, Greenfield Junior High, Gilbert, AZ http://t.co/p4o2c0Zj9n
2013 International Online RGMC WINNERS ANNOUNCED! See their videos http://t.co/MN3SUtp9It #RubeGoldberg (People's Choice Voting still open)
“@mnitka23: Yay it works!! :) #rubegoldberg https://t.co/FfdU4uKQms Congratulations!
Now's your chance, VOTE 4 People's Choice Award, now thru May 9 International Online #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest. http://t.co/r6frvNZ8b4
VOTE FOR PEOPLE'S CHOICE Now thru May 9 International Online Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. http://t.co/r6frvNZ8b4 #RubeGoldberg
11 of 11: #RubeGolberg Machine Finalist video "MMS eTeam" Miamisburg Middle School, Miamisburg, Ohio http://t.co/ZCmW4tLOpy
10 of 11: #RubeGolberg Machine Finalist video "SMS R.I.S.E. Class" Springfield Middle School, Springfield, TN http://t.co/Ir4ZR81cSs
9 of 11: #RubeGolberg Machine Finalist video "Greenfield FBLA" Greenfield Junior High, Gilbert, AZ http://t.co/p4o2c0Zj9n
8 of 11: #RubeGolberg Machine Finalist video "Loogootee Hammerheads" Loogootee Intermediate, Loogootee, IN http://t.co/OoSBNEA9dZ
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VOTE FOR PEOPLE'S CHOICE May 1- May 9 International Online Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. http://t.co/r6frvNZ8b4
7 of 11: #RubeGolberg Machine Finalist video "Hammerheads" Great Salt Bay School, Damariscotta, Maine http://t.co/UcCm06M9Vp
6 of 11: #RubeGolberg Machine Finalist video "WHCS Patriots Dwn on the Farm" Willo-Hill Christian Schl, Willoughby,OH http://t.co/OE8u5JVSrp
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5 of 11: #RubeGolberg Machine Finalist video: "Mighty Rubber Ducks" Trinity Catholic Middle School, Stamford, CT http://t.co/PjpcSMF5UB
4 of 11: #RubeGolberg Machine Finalist video: "Shakopee Sabers" Shakopee Jr High, Shakopee, MN http://t.co/LtX0SNyO0y
@KandaceBasham Make sure you make a video of it and tell us about it (even if it's a sardine can knocking over a potato) @will_basham
'Tuna Melt' Could Be the Most Elaborate Rube Goldberg Video Yet http://t.co/k9lIGT21o2 via @mashable #RubeGoldberg
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3 of 11: #RubeGolberg Machine Finalist video: "Sock Monkeys" Higher Ground, Medford,Shamong,Tabernacle,Rileytown, NJ http://t.co/ltlsbBT86k
2 of 11: #RubeGolberg Machine Finalist video: "Those Guys" The Siena School, Silver Spring, MD http://t.co/JiQtdy8vwX
1 of 11: “@RubeGoldbergApp: #RubeGolberg Machine Finalist: Minnetonka Middle School West http://t.co/JiQtdy8vwX
See the Top 11 teams for the 2013 International Online #RubeGolberg Machine Contest. You can watch their videos here: http://t.co/8VetGaMeqG
2013 International Online Rube Goldberg Machine Contest Semi-Finalists: see Top 11 Teams & their videos http://t.co/MN3SUtp9It #RubeGoldberg
The Most Complicated Way to Make a (Mini, Lego) Free Throw via @Gizmodo http://t.co/vI3OA72zLd #RubeGoldberg
@lunatim Kinetic King (America's Got Talent @nbcagt) created this #RubeGoldberg machine for A-Trak & Tommy Trash https://t.co/EcoFD02uCt
Join the Rube Goldberg Challenge: Peddler's Village @villageinsider, Lahaska, PA, enter by 5/17/13 http://t.co/HWMnIFgFky #RubeGoldberg
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“@Impact52: Rube Goldberg, Students, and A Lot Of Sawdust http://t.co/zeDMIxTD7w #RubeGoldberg
Ten Examples of Rube Goldberg’s Influence http://t.co/HZHrShUkQ1 #RubeGoldberg
Congratulations Dani! “@DaniBreezy23: 510 points for my rube goldberg machine? HAPPIEST MOMENT OF MY PHYSICS LIFE.” #RubeGoldberg
College and High School Nationals Results. Students create interesting ways to Hammer A Nail! http://t.co/ZByrKcX6qf
Kinetic artist @josephherscher talking w/@CBSSunday's @MoRocca at Saturday's #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest @ @COSI http://t.co/Mwnu4kCd7c
2014 National Challenge for the #RubeGoldberg Machine Contest is "Zip a Zipper" http://t.co/lvrGhKjPdA
Congratulations 2013 RGMC College Nationals winners! Over 1000 people watching. Now posted w/photos on http://t.co/hRNwg9cXtg #RubeGoldberg
Great photos! “@COSI: Photos from this weekend's @RubeGoldberg College Nationals. More to be added! http://t.co/ItjETYjuZj #RubeGoldberg
@asavbrown Ann, the competition was amazing. Every team did a fantastic job. 3rd @ASMEPurdue; 2nd @UofA; 1st @WUSTL! More on website soon
Congratulations! “@ASMEPurdue: THIRD PLACE AT NATIONALS!!! #RubeGoldberg #Purdue #ASME #winning http://t.co/uPHBN4JJAb
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I'm a Mom. I vote. I support the Assault Weapons Ban. It deserves a vote! @MomsDemand @SenatorReid #MomsDemandAction
15 high school teams competed with "Hammer A Nail" RGM's at the RGMC HS Nationals -- results and congrats -- https://t.co/ZpewxlWbn8
.@SenBlumenthal -FACT: US firearm homicide rate nearly 20 X the average rate of other high-income countries @MomsDemand #momstakethehill
.@ChrisMurphyCT -FACT: US firearm homicide rate nearly 20 X the average rate of other high-income countries @MomsDemand #momstakethehill
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