Have an idea for next year's contest?

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use dominoes and cardboard to open a box
watch youtube
toast some bread
build a house in minecraft
throw bread to waterfowl
feed the ducks bagels
log into a projector
Turn on the TV
play a level of mario
turn on a tablet or nintendo switch
turn on a ps4
Turn on my Xbox
feed a pet
dump charcoal into a grill from a bag
turn on a stove
Crack an egg
Open a laptop
paint a brick
drop ice in a cup of water
Slurp noodles
eat dog and cat at Chinese place
make food \
can i have ur number
Get mariah another boyfriend
Get ana a man named trent
get mariah a mans -- she already has one
open a book
Make lemonade
Get ana a real man
Learn how to spell my name right peeps
Eat a Dogs tongue
Turn on a vibrator
gEt tO PLaT oN pC
Create Lamb Sauce
I'm pregnant. That's it. That is my Rube Goldberg machine idea. You're welcome.
pet a duck
delete my search history
show me da wae
teach me where babies come from
have Mrs. Ardery be my best friend
Anna needs a therapist
get Anna a mans
Make my dad come back
up air ,to down nair, to down air, to side B, to press A
apply toothpaste
get Mr.Rogener fired
create a very secwet handshake
feed babies to dog
blend somone
E yourself
say hi to Mr rogener
Open a bottle of coke and pour it
turn a lazy susan tray
put glasses on a face
screw on light bulb
screw on a light bulb
Turn on a flashlight
Throw away trash
Sweep the floor
Punch a dummy
Play the guitar
Seal an envelope
Twist the cap off of a bottle and pour
Throw a paper airplane
make a rootbeer float
Bowl of black beans
throw a ball
cut a ribbon
shuffle cards
throw paper airplane
draw a face
shovel dirt
Dig a hole with a shovel
Pull cork out of bottle
Pull a cork out of a bottle
Switch on a coffee pot
How to put out a fire
How to \
How to turn on a Blue Tooth speaker
Start a computer
Kick start a dirtbike
Start a 2 stroke dirtbike
Start a push lawnmower
Start an ATV
Fly a drone
Patch a tire
Bleed brakes on an ATV
Change an ATV tire
self reset
Pour a cup of coffee
Sort recycling
Send a text
type in a password on a Mac/pc
Punch a dummy
Play the guitar
feed a pet
Cook some Kam Ham
eat a sausage
Edwin Huang
Make a burger
shoot a dart at a dartboard
Pop a balloon
Turn the page
Blow off the dancing candle
Roll a toy car
do my homework
only one fry
a single fry
salt a fry
play music
cut a sheet of paper
Press a 'that was easy' button
Ring a doorbell
feed the goldfish
Pat the dog
play a piano
suggest a task
record itself
write a book report
play mary had a little lamb
play a piano
compete in a cooking contest
cook brekfast
Open a Window
Fill a teaspoon with liquid
Push a Cup into a Recycling Bin
drill a hole
dribble a basketball
Put ketchup on a hotdog.
Put a cherry on a sundae
Polish a fingernail
Strum a guitar
Cut an onion or tomato
Pick up a banana peel and throw it out, or put a cookie sheet in an oven, throw a ball into a hoop making a basket
Use a flyswatter
serve a ping pong ball into a cup
Toot a horn
Open a drawer
Open a package
Tape ripped paper
Ring a doorbell or use a door knocker
throw a tennis ball for a dog to chase
Write a letter on a piece of paper
shoot a basket
Blow out a candle
Turn on a TV, juggle three balls, play rockem sockem robots, or
Turn light on
Squeeze out toothpaste
take a picture
Making a camera take a picture
Open a Jar
crack an egg on a pan then turn on a stove
How to beat john ceena in a fight
untie a shoelace
untie a shoelace
raise a flag
cut a string
Simple Machines - Flush toilet turn pages of book
Open a door
Pour water into a cup
Open a jar
Untie a shoe lace
Play with one toy put the toy back away
Lift an object, move the location of container, and put the object back in there
Sort contents of your recycling bin.
Oven an oven
break a window
send a tweet
open a book
Initiate another Rube Goldberg machine?
lift an object,move the location of container, and put the object back in there
reclining a chair
Put dog food in a bowl
Knock on a door
Get a snack
Walk A Dog
turn on tv
lift an object
turn on the music app on a smartphone
Open And Close The Door !_!_!
Stir sugar in coffee**
ring a bell
Bring a small object (i.e. pills,food,book,blanket,etc.)
Turn off and on alarmclock/push a button
Cage a mouse
Write your homework
Push a button
Flip the page of a book
open a bag of chips
Crush ice and put it in a drink
Peel a Banana!
Shuffle a Deck of Cards
Serving a pizza
sharpen a pencil
Peel a Banana!
Water a flower or plant
Crack a Peanut
Pedal a Bicycle
pop popcorn
turn on music
Crack A Egg
bite a sandwich
Blow bubbles (with a bubble wand)
Paint a picture
pour a bowl of cereal
Write Something
Make something whistle
Wind up a clockwork toy
Hit a ball 2 and 1/2 feet
take a picture
Cut A Rope
Feed An Animal
Hitting a golf ball
Watering a plant
Open a door
Close a book
Untie a Bow
Send a Text Message
Turn on a TV
Drop a Marble in a Cup
Raise a flag
Throwing a dart into a watermelon
Cut a piece of paper in half
make lemonade
open and close an umbrella
crack and fry an egg
Whistle a waltz
Making a cup of tea
Crush ice and put it in a drink
Set a timer
Slice an apple