School Agreement


The school/team (the “School” and or “Team”) entering into the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest (the “Contest”) agrees that Rube Goldberg, Inc. (“RGI”), and those acting upon its permission or authority, have the non-exclusive right and license in perpetuity to use the School/Team name and all Content uploaded to (the “Website”), and all images sent to Rube Goldberg. Inc or to those acting upon its permission or authority, by the School/Team in connection with the Contest and the commercialization, advertising, publicizing, exhibition, and/or other exploitation thereof in any manner and by any means, in all formats and media, including but not limited to printed, electronic, magnetic, digital, laser, or optical-based media, and in all languages and territories throughout the world, together with the right to make such changes thereto, and derivative works thereof, as RGI deems appropriate. RGI shall have the right: (i) to include the results and proceeds of the Contest in advertising and publicity (ii) to reproduce such results and proceeds by any present or future means, (iii) to combine such results and proceeds with photographs and recordings made by others for use in the Contest, (iv) to exhibit and perform such results and proceeds in or by any present or future media, for profit and otherwise, and for commercial or non-commercial purposes and purposes of trade, and (v) to license and assign its rights to any other person or entity.

The School/Team agrees to comply with all legal formalities related to the Contest, including (i) the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), (ii) parental consent, in the form of a signed, written release, to use of a child’s name and likeness online and for promotional purposes by RGI, and (iii) all other laws, rules and regulations applicable to the School’s/Team’s participation in the Contest, including but not limited to all regulations related to use of the Website.

The School/Team agrees to comply with all Contest Rules, all Terms and Conditions of the Website and the Privacy Policy of the Website

The School/Team hereby releases RGI, and those acting under its permission or authority, from any and all liability related to the School’s/Team’s participation in the Contest, including but not limited to use or loss of content or information provided by the School/Team.

By registering, you agree to the foregoing terms and conditions, and represent that you are authorized to do so on behalf of your School/Team.

In consideration of Rube Goldberg, Inc. allowing participants to enter or attend Rube Goldberg contests, participants release Rube Goldberg, Inc., its officers, directors and employees, assigns and Hosts, from any and all claims for loss or damage, including personal injury or death, whether or not caused by the participant’s negligence, while participating in or attending Rube Goldberg contests.