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for donate pageYour help supports our committed team at RGI’s commitment to enrich the lives of thousands of students around the country
and enables us to integrate our STEM/STEAM friendly competitions into communities and schools that want to foster original thinking, teamwork, and out of the box problem solving.

Rube Goldberg Machine Contests® level the playing field for underprivileged students and schools with limited
financial resources. All you need is a pile of junk, imagination, and a sense of humor to compete.

Your 100% tax deductible contribution will assist schools in need with their registration fees — and go
towards sponsoring Division II and III National Finals. Your gift will help winning teams with transportation and housing expenses at Nationals Finals-in addition to venue overhead for these events.

As STEAM education advances, RGI is committed to staying at the forefront of the movement, for you, your students
and your community. Please help us make this possible with your contribution. Everyone at RGI thanks you for your generous partnership and support.

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