The Rube Goldberg Challenge

The Rube Goldberg Challenge is a DIY create your own task event – building Rube Goldberg Machines!

It is perfect for fairs, church groups, libraries, museums, corporate events and more – and allows licensing of the logo and use of images for promotional and marketing purposes.

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____________________N O T I F I C A T I O N____________________

The Rube Goldberg organization is redesigning its Division III (university / college level) competition and Challenge events. No registrations for either the RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE CONTEST or
RUBE GOLDBERG CHALLENGE from university / college level students, individuals or affiliated organizations will be accepted or permitted.

The Rube Goldberg name may not be used in conjunction with a machine building contest, or course of study, without using our trademark.

Rube Goldberg, Inc. owns the trademarks Rube Goldberg Machine Contest®, Rube Goldberg Machine™ and Rube Goldberg Challenge® and other
related Rube Goldberg-related trade names and marks and related intellectual property (including, but not limited to, the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest rules and contest protocols) and vigorously defends
its ownership and rights against any uses not specifically permitted. Rube Goldberg, Inc. reserves all rights to pursue infringements to the fullest extent permissible by law.