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Rube Works Press Release

Unity Games to Publish Rube Goldberg Licensed Puzzler “Rube Works” for Mobile and Tablet Platforms

Flex Your Mind Muscle in the new Goldberg-family authorized puzzle title coming to iOS and Android this November

San Francisco – October 16th, 2013 – Unity Games is pleased to announce a publishing agreement with developer Electric Eggplant to publish ‘Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game’, for iOS and Android this November. Based on comically complex machines by American Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, humorist and inventor, Rube Goldberg, ‘Rube Works’ challenges players to complete everyday tasks in traditional Rube Goldberg style by connecting familiar objects and animals to build a comical chain reaction.

The first officially licensed Rube Goldberg game, ‘Rube Works’ features Rube’s cartoons, contraptions, and irreverent humor and animates his iconic invention cartoons in a way never seen before. ‘Rube Works’ combines the puzzle genre with slapstick humor and creative problem solving. Imagine the goal is to carve a turkey—and you have a penguin, a bucket, a rooster, a box of sand, a sea sponge, a seesaw and an ice cream maker to complete the task. Then imagine connecting these objects together with string and pulleys along with the laws of gravity and cartoon physics to create a Rube Goldberg machine and proceed to the next level.

“Electric Eggplant has a strong background in books, games and apps, and we are excited to partner with them to publish one of our first games under the Unity Games label,” said Oren Tversky, VP of Unity Games. “We believe that ‘Rube Works’ captures the humor and nostalgia of Rube Goldberg’s work and know that fans of both Goldberg and of physics puzzle titles will enjoy the game.”

“From the elaborate contraptions of the Wallace & Gromit stop motion films to the classic board game Mouse Trap, the cultural influence of Rube Goldberg’s amazing cartoons, has been immense,” said David Fox, Co-Founder and CEO of Electric Eggplant, “For ‘Rube Works, The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Mobile Game’, we have meticulously drawn upon Rube’s archive, recreating and modernising his funniest and wackiest contraptions for mobile and tablet gamers.”

Developed by Electric Eggplant in partnership with Kalani Games and the Heirs of Rube Goldberg and published by Unity Games, Rube Works will be available on the App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android in November. For more information about Rube Works, please visit

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About Unity Games

Unity Games is a division of Unity Technologies dedicated to publishing high quality Unity authored games. Working with the talented and diverse Unity community, Unity Games is elevating the status of its developer base, while pioneering technologically and artistically advanced games.

About Electric Eggplant

Founded by David and Annie Fox, Electric Eggplant has been on the forefront of multimedia design and production since its inception in 1992. Annie and David have partnered on dozens of projects in their 39 years of marriage, including cofounding the Marin Computer Center in 1977—the world’s first public-access microcomputer center. The Foxes have consistently garnered kudos for their work on games, educational software, Web design, emotional intelligence content, online communities, and emerging technologies, as well as for their books and apps for kids, tweens, and teens. David began his game design career in 1982 at Lucasfilm Games (LucasArts). During his 10 years there, his credits included groundbreaking titles like Rescue onFractalus!, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure. David is the Game Designer and Executive Producer on Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game.

About Kalani Games

Kalani Games is a game design & development studio in Austin, Texas. Founded by industry veteran, Kalani Streicher, Kalani Games has developed games for mobile, social and online platforms, pushing the boundaries of original, innovative and new game play experiences.

Kalani Games is a trademark of Kalani Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

About HRG

HRG (Heirs of Rube Goldberg) is a family-run company led by Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter, Jennifer George. The company’s mission is to raise awareness of Rube’s work and to license the intellectual property to appropriate entertainment and media partners who will remain true to the spirit of her grandfather’s legacy. HRG works in tandem with RGI (Rube Goldberg, Inc), the non-profit arm whose mission includes education outreach programs for students and tinkerers of all ages through Rube Goldberg Machine contests across the country and around the globe.

Available now in the STORE, the quintessential coffee-table book on Rube Goldberg: The Art of Rube Goldberg, published by Abrams ComicArts—found everywhere books are sold.