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Here’s what reviewers are saying about Rube Works:

“This app is amazing and rich on so many levels. I highly recommend this app…”  more»
     — Coralee Smith, NSTA Recommends (National Science Teachers Association)

“Rube Works puts a fun twist on learning. Kids will definitely be challenged, but they likely will have some laughs, too… Once kids get started and see their contraptions in action, they will be inspired to keep learning and inventing. Kids can test their contraptions at any point in the puzzle, which is a great lesson about trial and error in science… kids likely will feel a great sense of accomplishment when they solve a puzzle.”  more»
     — Debbie Berk, Common Sense Education

“…there’s hardly a better game on Android than Rube Works right now.”  more»
     — Stephen Yuen, AndroidSPIN

“If you like building crazy contraptions, you’ll love this app.”  more»
     — Rick Broida, CNET

“…the first contraption building game officially sanctioned by the Rube Goldberg estate and it’s done the family name proud. It’s a sharp, slick recreation of Goldberg’s artistic work that offers a unique and accessible puzzle challenge.”  more»
     — Danny Gallagher, TouchArcade

“Rube Works is a challenging and fun game that can also teach the user about physics and logic, while not appearing to be an educational app. Rube Works makes the iPad a great learning tool and I highly recommend this beautiful and well made app.” more»
     — Todd Bernhard, iPhone Life

“You haven’t seen puzzle solving until you try to build one of these intricate machines… This is the first game I have ever seen that incorporates Rube Goldberg’s original ideas. The illustrations are charming and sweet and somewhat similar to Goldberg’s designs, without completely copycatting his art. This game is wonderful and fun and great for puzzle solving enthusiasts. Fans of cause-and-effect puzzles should not miss this.”  more»
     — Lory, PadGadget

“…an outstanding and amazing 3D puzzle with fun music and animation. It will provide you with hours of brainwork… I highly recommend this app for the budding engineer or those with a knack for making contraptions!”  more»
     — Jackie Bryla, Teachers With Apps

“…in a class of it’s own… fun for all ages… a fantastic opus to the inventor’s credit. The game is straight-forward and simple-to-understand… fun, charming, and even educational. 4/5”  more»
     — Mariah Beckman, Gizorama

“Fun and easy to understand gameplay… especially great for young children and students, since it develops the ability to think outside the box and to try different combinations and experiment with their results.”  more»
     — RMANDAL, IGM—Indie Game Magazine

“There are as many variables in designing a good game as there are in any of the many Rube Goldberg inventions, and if any of them aren’t up to snuff, the entire contraption can fail. Fortunately, Rube Works…works. Both challenging and fun, Rube Works is a great testament to the brilliant cartoons that fascinated early 20th century newspaper readers. Relive the fun with Rube Works, a fun little game from Electric Eggplant. 8.5/10”  more»
     — Dave Gamble, Gaming Nexus

“…the game smacks of nostalgia and feels both modern and retro at the same time, which is a very delicate balance that the developers have successfully achieved… The pseudo-educational benefits of playing are important because it encourages players to think creatively and in a non-linear fashion. My wife is a childcare worker and when I was playing the game to review it, she was constantly looking over my shoulder. She said that it was a great thing for late primary to early high school aged kids to play. Call it gamification if you will, but this kind of game is an entertaining way to get people to use their brains in a manner useful in the real world.”  more»
     — Andrew M., Digitally Downloaded

“I totally love the nostalgic feel of the app, and it is really cool that you can re-create real Rube Goldberg machines. It is great for working on problem-solving skills and encourages lateral thinking as well as the use of physics principles. Challenging but fun, this app will give the old grey cells a good work out and it is really fun re-creating Rube Goldberg’s classic chain reaction inventions. Highly recommended!”  more»
     — Mary, The iMums

“Designed with input from Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter, this app captures the essence of Rube from start to finish… The final product is an app that’s rich in science and physics learning skills… At $2.99 this app is a bargain. It supplements elementary- and middle-school science learning in a way that’s fun and engaging. Rube Works was created as a tribute to Rube Goldberg, and the result is a stellar app that shows a dedication to his memory and impact on our daily life.”  more»
     — Emily, iPad Kids

“…a great way to construct and play with some of Rube Goldberg’s famous contraptions. If you love contraptions, this game is a must-have.” more»
     — Eric Pramono, Geeks With Juniors

“Rube Works may be a game but it’s my favorite kind of game: one where you get to use your mind… There’s plenty of critical thinking and problem solving and since the hints are text based, if a child really wants to figure things out they get to exercise their reading skills as well…

“How good a game for younger people really is depends on whether the target audience likes it or not. I’ve shown this game to a boy that fits the target audience of 9-10 years and up perfectly and he loved it immediately. A week after I showed it to him, he was recounting his exploits throughout the first six levels of the game. I could tell he really was having a blast solving the puzzles.

“If that is any indicator, young people are in for a fun learning adventure with Rube Works. ”  more»

Mattias Ahlvin, The Android Parent

“Usually when I try to help with (or play) a game while the kids are using the iPad, the response is an animal-like snarl and some gnashing of baby teeth. When I showed Rube Works to the mixed breed wolves-slash-children they suddenly started playing WITH me instead of trying to snatch the iPad out of my hands and running away, screaming “HAHAHA!!” I had finally found a game that the three of us could play together, a game that promotes teamwork and creative problem solving. I really liked that the secondary outcome of playing the app was a conversation in real time about the different puzzle solutions and relating them to my kids’ every day lives…

“Rube Works is the perfect app for family game night.”  more»

AppyMama, AngryBirdsNest