The Jewish Star – Rube Goldberg: Lots more than wacky machines

By Stephen Silver, JTA At the name “Rube Goldberg,” one concept instantly comes to mind: fun machines that complete simple tasks in overly complicated, humorous ways. Think a ball rolling down a long ramp that hits a series of dominoes, which hits something else, so on and so on. Nearly 50 years after his death, …

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  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette – Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh exhibit peeks into wacky world of Rube Goldberg

    by Danielle Okonta October 11, 2018   Visitors can tinker with wacky inventions inspired by the beloved Rube Goldberg when a new exhibit opens at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Saturday. For “Rube Goldberg: The World of Hilarious Invention!” — the first Rube-inspired interactive exhibit — the museum partnered with Jennifer George, the granddaughter of Goldberg and legacy …

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  • The AV Club – This man is legitimately living the Rube Goldberg lifestyle

    Here is a man who many will say is “wasting his life.” Stop it. This is wrong. Whatever it is you’re doing with your existence—lawyer, doctor, grout repairperson, etc.—it turns out that it is in fact you who is wasting your life because, unlike like this man, you are not living the Rube Goldberg lifestyle. …

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