American Jewish Illustrators to be Theme of Jewish American Heritage Month

Famous Jewish illustrators have included the late Stan Lee, Ezra Jack Keats and Rube Goldberg; currently, they include Roz Chast, Maira Kalman and Liana Finck. (April 30, 2019 / JNS) American Jewish Illustrators is the theme for Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM) in May, commemorating the contributions that Americans Jews have made to the nation’s history, culture and society. Established …

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  • A sepia-tone photograph of an old white man with a mustache sharing a cigar with a younger man, the older man is Rube Goldberg's father and the younger is Rube Goldberg.

    Washington Post: Enjoy complex, crazy and absurd machines? Check out ‘The Art of Rube Goldberg.’

    By Erin Blakemore October 7 When you think of Rube Goldberg, you probably imagine complex, whimsical machines. The wacky devices had a dizzying array of working parts and a prosaic end goal such as, say, affixing a postage stamp to an envelope or wiping one’s mouth at breakfast. Though Goldberg’s crazy inventions often had detailed schematics, …

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  • Join the competition for 2018

    how do you “POUR A BOWL OF CEREAL?” Check out how they do it in Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter’s house!

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