Wondering what it takes to win a Rube Goldberg Machine Contest? See how you can be a part of the 2016 fun! -> rubegoldberg.com/contests/ <-

In XXXX, Merriam-Webster adopted "Rube Goldberg" as an adj defined as accomplishing something simple through complicated means. #RubeTrivia

These students used a half a million objects to set the world record for the largest #RubeGoldberg Machine ever! on.freep.com/1StsU9o

Always fun watching this @TEDTalks on how @okgo's "This Too Shall Pass" #RubeGoldberg machine came to be: bit.ly/1gV6bCj

MSU student breaks domino-toppling record at Michigan Science Center, via @thesnews bit.ly/1fpgEF7