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Academy of Our Lady
Glen Rock, NJ, United States

Online Contest:
Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Laura Kramer
Team Members: 13
Invitations: 13
Kenny Kramer - invitation signed.
John Nalbandian - invitation signed.
Danny Kramer - invitation signed.
JJ Duffin - invitation signed.
Rhys Lawrence - invitation signed.
Kellen McInerney - invitation signed.
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Ava Tantillo - invitation signed.
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Isabella Gallo - invitation signed.
William Harnett - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
We have learned about simple machines, torque, potential and kinetic energy, and energy transfer.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Try a zip tie."
"Show me that ten times in a row."

Why we think we should win:
Our team should win because we really took to heart the idea of starting with a pile of junk and a good imagination.
We all brought in items from our homes and gathered quite a collection of materials. In the beginning, we had no idea what we would do with it all! During our first brainstorming session, we came up with some pretty crazy ideas on paper. Our team leader encouraged us to see if we could actually make them happen...and we did! This was true of both our coin catapult and our fresh lemon juice lever. These steps took a lot of trial and error but we were so thrilled when they worked!
Lastly, we worked our theme into every aspect of our machine, incorporating all of the ingredients of a lemonade stand and the money it brings in. We added our creativity to the machine itself in many little places and to our machine walkthrough skit. We worked well as a team and had a lot of fun...and isn't that what this contest is all about?

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
throw a dart at a dartboard
peel a banana
shoot a basket
make a bowl of soup

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Welcome to Rube's Lemonade Stand!
Our machine first incorporates all of the ingredients of fresh lemonade: a pitcher of ice cubes, water, sugar, and even fresh lemon juice! Just a few drops of lemon juice then sets off a series of steps where the money starts "rolling in": from balls to trains and rolls of tape. Our machine includes a quirky bird, a homemade Newton's cradle and a precise pointer drop to open our cash register drawer. Money is everywhere: dollar bills, a gold bar, and even a nickel that flies through the air at the very end, catapulted to hit a bullseye on its way to the piggy bank.

Our Step List

1. Someone flips down the open sign
2. Pitcher of ice tips
3. Ice weighs down bucket
4. Bucket pulls water bottle off wooden plank
5. Wooden plank releases wheel
6. Torque in wheel pulls on rope to raise sugar shelf
7. Sugar slides off shelf into basket
8. Basket weighs down lemon squeezer
9. Lemon juice soaks cotton ball in cup
10. Weight of cup raises flyswatter lever to release ping pong ball
11. Ping pong ball rolls down track and hits foosball
12. Foosball rolls into funnel, down track to jar the train car
13. Train car rolls down inclined plane to hit fly swatter
14. Fly swatter falls, releasing drinking bird
15. Drinking bird tips into wooden spoon
16. Wooden spoon hits fishing line to pull back wood plank.
17. Wood plank falls backward to release first billiard ball in Newton's cradle
18. Last ball in billiard ball Newton's cradle hits gold block off its stand
19. Gold block swings around to knock into horizontal lever
20. Lever hits billiard ball, causing it to roll down the pool noodle track
21. Billiard ball hits another billiard ball at the end of the pool noodle track
22. Billiard ball falls, pulling a fishing line to release vertical lever supporting the pointer
23. Pointer falls downward to hit cash register button
24. Register drawer opens, knocking into baseball
25. Baseball falls off the table, pulling fishing line attached to red shelf support
26. Shelf tips
27. Lemon rolls off the shelf and hits blue "money board"
28. Money board and attached track jar the roll of tape
29. Roll of tape rolls off the table
30. String from roll of tape pulls the Gatorade bottle backward
31. Bottle releases the spoon catapult
32. Nickel flies through the air from catapult
33. Nickel hits the bullseye backboard, lands in the giant jug funnel, exits through the vacuum hose and attachment and lands in the piggy bank!

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