Team # 409: ASMS1 TEAM PAGE

The Alternative School for Math and Science
Corning, New York, United States

Online Contest:
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Michael Palm
Team Members: 8
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
Planetary Science + Weather

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
" Get back to work" - Mr . Palm " Keep the snacks in the snack room!" - Mr Palm " I can't beleve you were drilling backwards that whole time!" - Mr. Robbins

Why we think we should win:
We should win because we have put a lot of effort into the machine, and each one of us has worked very well together as a team. We used very interesting materials and unique ideas and combined them all into a fully functioning machine. We found a clever way to apply the bandaid while following the theme of the doctors office.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
A harder challenge would be to fill a water balloon with water.

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

You walk through the door of the doctor's office, into the waiting room. Your imagination comes alive, as you see all of the toys to play with. First comes unicorn land, as you and your unicorn friends fly through the clouds. You safely land on earth, as you race through the race track with your high speed car, zooming across the track. Next your imagination runs wild, and it takes you to the barnyard. All of the farm animals greet you as you open the barn door. Things are starting to get darker as the time comes closer to having to go into the doctor's office. The cars race across the sky, the hits the asteroid that races towards the dinosaurs and destroys them. You are sent flying onto a robot. Your quick decision making tells you to then hop off the moving robot and you run past the golf ball that is now following you. Then you see a snake! The evil Dr. Marc! Running as fast as you can down the ramp you hop over the mousetrap. You see a scary sign, a sign that says "caution" you are now frightened. Adrenaline keeps pumping and keeps you running into a pipe with marbles. After the adrenaline settles you realize you are stuck! Then all of the sudden you hear a loud snap indicating that mouse trap has gone off which releases the marbles! Adrenaline is back and you run with them into a cup. Oddly you teleport on top of a big red ball. It doesn't move at first, but then the cup hits the lever and releases it! You roll down and you see another disturbing sign that says "go back" and you become even more frightened. You land on a platform get your surprising shot then a bandage is applied to you and then you are captured by the evil spider. Now that isn't your ordinary doctors visit.

Our Step List

1. Finger pushes door
2. Door pushes golf ball
3. Golf Ball pushes stick
4. Stick pushes wubble blower button
5. Wubble blower pushes bouncy balls
6. Bouncy ball hits stick
7. Pony hits string and pulls remote
8. Car hits person
9. Car hits lion
10. Car hits smurf
11. Smurf hits dominos
12. Train hits stick
13. Domino hits ball
14. Barndoor releases penguin
15. Penguin hits car
16. Car hits golf ball
17. Big ball hits pole
18. Pole pulls out peg
19. Hammer hits car
20. Car hits ball
21. Ball pulls down cup
22. String hits into button
23. Button activates robot
24. Robot hits golf ball
25. Golf Ball hits block
26. Block hits mousetrap
27. Mouse trap releases marbles into cup
28. Marbles weigh down the cup, the cup drops
29. Cup hits wood lever
30. Wood lever releases ball
31. Ball rolls onto bandaid

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Machine Run #1
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