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Kassem Ghanem school
Maghar, North, Israel

Online Contest:
Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Faiha Bashir
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 10
Jolan Hamed - invitation signed.
Maya Metanis - invitation signed.
Shaimaa Abo Salah - invitation signed.
Sara Jaber - invitation signed.
Yara Katesh - invitation signed.
Balkees Araidy - invitation signed.
Shahd Kharanbe - invitation signed.
Alam Ezalden - invitation signed.
Hagar Asakly - invitation sent
Rawad Saad - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
The machine was built by the students of the ATIDIM after school program for excellence. We focus on Science, Mathematics and English and are exposed to future options in Academic institutes and the High-Tec industry.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Atidim moto: (Hebrew)
תהיה מציאותי. תחלום.
Be realistic. Dream.

Why we think we should win:
We think we should win because we worked hard during a whole month 24/7 and we gave our best:
We answered all the requirementsmain
The ideas we used are very special and creative.
The Presentation is very investe

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Turn on a lamp

Our machine was built by the 9th grade students of Kassem Ghanem school in the city of Maghar, Israel. We live in the Mountains of Galilee.
The machine was built by the students of the ATIDIM after school program for excellence in Science and Technology

Our Step List

Our step list:

Our school goals this year is about environment quality so we chose to adopt this subject, first to raise awareness, and the fact we can use recycled and used stuff.
That's how we can reduce sweepings and encourage the community to think about thing that we can exploit, also it is worth thinking twice before throwing it in the trash bin in a creative way.
1. An alarm clock rings and moves a cable that is attached to a domino.
2. The domino falls and makes a chain reaction to other dominos.
3. The last domino piece moves the green device (the device was taken from a baby toy) that has a small marble on top of it.
4. The small marble goes down a series of shelves in the green device.
5. When the small marble gets out of the green device, it rolls ON A xylophone and makes a sound.
6. Then the small marble continues and hits a series of dominos and the last domino piece knocks down a billiard ball onto a curved track.
7. The ball falls into a can that is opened on both sides.
8. The ball continues from the can to a bended jug full of water on top of a Lego tower.
9. The water spills out of the jug (according to the Archimedes principle) into a sponge in a pot and it absorbs the water.
10. The pot is used as one of the scale sides and the scale is built from two pots and an connected by aluminum tube that was taken from a thrown cabinet. The fulcrum of the scale is a left wood piece that was taken from a carpentry.
11. When the water spills in the pot one side of the scale lefts the other.
12. The pot touches the track in front of it that has a ball on one side.
13. The ball rolls onto an inclined path when one of the sides lefts up.
14. The ball continues to roll on a dustpan and hits a billiard ball.
15. The billiard ball falls into a sewerage tube.
16. Then the ball falls into a used container connected to a domino with a wool string.
17. The string and the domino are pulled when the ball inters the container.
18. A toy car on the top of the domino is released.
19. The car rolls on an inclined track and falls onto another one, then the car makes its way to the second container.
20. The container is connected to a can by a wool string and has a metal ball on top of it.
21. When the car falls into the container, it pulls the string and the can and releases the ball.
22. The ball rolls on an inclined track and falls into a jar.
23. The jar is connected to a hammer with a string so when the ball falls in the jar it pulls the hammer down.
24. A needle is glued to the hammer.
25. The needle pops a balloon, which has soda inside it.
26. The liquid spills from the balloon into a bottle.
27. The black soda triggers a robot and makes him go backwards.
28. The robot is connected to a guillotine with a wool string.
29. The guillotine blade is dropped when the robot moves backwards (releases tension).
30. The blade cuts a string that is connected to a whisker that has a ball glued to the end of it.
31. The ball knocks down a bottle full of water and small balls to have more weight.
32. The bottle is connected to a toilet container with a string.
33. When the bottle pulls the handle, it flushes the water inside the container.
34. The water spills into a plastic container.
35. When the water reaches a certain height a device floats which is made of Styrofoam and a ruler with a ball on top of it, the ball rolls down from the ruler and knocks down pieces of wood.
36. A pair of scissors is attached to the last wooden piece.
37. The scissors will cut a string that is connected to a ball.
38. The ball rolls on an inclined track and falls into a bucket.
39. The bucket is connected to an umbrella by a string.
40. When the ball falls in the bucket, it pulls the string and triggers the umbrella and it opens.
41. A lock is hanged on the string. The string is connected to the handle and to the corner of the umbrella.
42. The lock travels across the string and hits a car.
43. The car goes down on an inclined track, hits a wooden piece and makes a chain reaction with other pieces.
44. The last piece of wood hits a ball that is hanged on globe ball.
45. The globe is connected to a long wooden piece.
46. When the hanged ball is hit it makes a circular movement and the wooden piece falls down.
47. The wooden piece hits a mallet then it falls and hits another mallet.
48. The second mallet spins in the other direction and hits an apple.
49. The apple is connected to the cereal device.
50. The apple pulls the string that is connected to a valve.
51. The string pulls the valve.
52. The cereal falls into the bowl

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