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Mekif Vav Beer Sheva
Beer Sheva, South, Israel

Online Contest:
Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Hila Oren
Team Members: 4
Invitations: 8
Noa Sade - invitation signed.
Nadim Asali - invitation signed.
yuval gliklis - invitation sent
Nadav michael biton - invitation sent
talor cohen - invitation signed.
talor cohen - invitation sent
Talya Karamani - invitation sent
Tzur Saar - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
The machine was built by the students of the ATIDIM after school program for excellence. We focus on Science, Mathematics and English and are exposed to future options in Academic institutes and the High-Tec industry.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Atidim moto: (Hebrew)
תהיה מציאותי. תחלום.
Be realistic. Dream.

Why we think we should win:
We built a special machine that tells a story - "toy story"!
We built special passages and adapted them to the story and combined the characters from the story.
Finally, with lots of physics and a little bit of luck, we put together a machine that would fly everyone into space!

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
landing spaceship on the moon

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our machine tells the pixar's toy story.
All of buzz's friends are collaborating together to help buzz to fix his spaceship and fly to infinity and beyond.
Our machine is a green machine which is build from receyceled green materials.
It incorporates different energy transfers such as kinetics, height and electricity.
During the process we invested thought, imagination, creativity and lot of hard work.

Our Step List

1. A phone rings and the vibration moves it on the track until it hits a row of dominos.
2. The last domino falls on a ball and pushes it to a slide.
3. The ball falls from slide to slide
4. The ball falls from the last slide into a cup that is connected to another cup with a string that is hanged on a pulley.
5. The cup with the ball falls down to the second cup which blocks a car with a needle on a slope pulls up.
6. The car slides on the slope and blows up a balloon with a string taped on it with sellotape .
7. The string blocks Mr. Potato head doll, and when the balloon blows up the string is released and Mr. Potato head slides on a slope.
8. Mr. Potato hits a wooden hammer on the bottom , the top edge of the hammer hits a ball which slides down on a track.
9. The ball hits another hammer on the bottom, and the top edge of the hammer hits another ball which slide down on the track.
10. The second ball hits another hammer which hits another ball. The ball slides down on the track and hits another hammer on the bottom.
11. The last hammer hits a cup with water on the bottom.
12. The cup falls on a sloped track and the water flows into a funnel on the end of the track.
13. The water flows from the funnel via a plastic pipeline into a cup that is hung on a scale. The cup is hung up in the air and on the other side of the scale another cup is hung from the bottom to the scale. The second cup stand upside down on the table
14. The cup filles up with water and falls down and the second cup pulled up and pushes a row of dominos which stands next to it.
15. The last domino falls down on a piece of metal which falls down on two pieces of metal that are connected to batteries.
16. When the piece of metal falls down it closed an electric circuit that turns on a fan
17. The fan pushes a tractor with a cup on top of it.
18. The tractor moves forward on the track and hits an open measuring tape that blocked on the edge of a table with its loader.
19. The tractor lifts the measuring tape a little bit and the measuring tape is closed.
20. At the edge of the measuring tape there is a dinosaur that stands on the other edge of the table. When the measuring tape closed it push the dinosaur to the floor.
21. The dinosaur tied up to a string, the string tied from the other side to a stick. The stick stand on a wire that hung from the ceiling to a bottle that stands on a table and blocks a character that hungs on the string.
22. The dinosaur falls to the floor and pull down the stick, the character slides down on the string from the ceiling to the a ball that stands on the edge of the bottle
23. The character pushes the ball from the bottle throws a slide to a cup that hungs on a wire. On the second side of the wire a sheet of paper is tied and stands on a slope. The wire is hung up on two screws on the wall.
24. The ball slide down to the cup, the cup falls down and the papermis pulled up.
25. The paper blocks a coin on the slope, when the paper pulled up the coin rolls on the slope and falls into a piggy bank.

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