Team # 630: Atidim Rav Tchumi School TEAM PAGE

Safed, Israel, Israel

Online Contest:
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Zohar Kaplan
Team Members: 3
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
The machine was built by the students of the ATIDIM after school program for excellence. We focus on Science, Mathematics and English and are exposed to future options in Academic institutes and the High-Tec industry.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Atidim moto: (Hebrew)
תהיה מציאותי. תחלום.
Be realistic. Dream.

Why we think we should win:
We think we should win the competition for the following reasons:
• Rules of physics are valid on Earth but part of them are not valid in outer space. So we decided to combine between the two ideas and build a machine that conceptualizes, in a way, the outer space or Jupiter (depends on what you see).
• We were dedicated to the whole process. Starting from the stage of stating ideas till we applied them. we were highly motivated and the whole process was a great opportunity for us to learn new subjects like Physics and Electronics.
• We used recycled materials such as Polystyrene and plastic teaspoons (for the ship). Some of the materials are also previously used materials.
• The students were cooperative and did a great team work throughout the whole process. They were productive and enjoyed the process and the final product.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
throw a ball into a basket (like basketball)

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our machine was built by the students of Rav Tchumi School in the city of Safed (Tzfat), Israel. The machine was built by the students of the ATIDIM after school program for excellence in Science and Technology.

ATIDIM is looking to collaborate educationally around the machine contest with other schools around the world!

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Our Step List

1. we moves a small metal ball. the metal ball to start moving in its trail. (Kinetic energy)
2. The ball rotates (Rotational energy) and falls multiple times. (Kinetic energy and Potential energy)
3. The metal ball rolls down a track. ( Kinetic energy and Potential energy)
4. The ball hits a train. (collision [loss of energy] Elastic energy)
5. The train moves on the track. (Kinetic energy and Electric energy [battery] which turns to Kinetic energy)
6. The train hits the ball. (Collision [loss of energy])
7. The ball rolls down. (Kinetic energy, Potential energy)
8. The ball hits another ball. (Collision [loss of energy])
9. The other ball falls into a hole. (A wire is connected to this ball which is also connected to a barrier on the other side ). (Potential energy)
10. After the ball falls it pulls the barrier down. (Elastic energy)
11. The (electric) car is released after the barrier is moved, the car drives down the track. (Kinetic energy, Electric energy [battery])
12. The car hits a stationary ball. (Collision [loss of energy])
13. The ball hits an electric switch. (Collision [loss of energy])
16. the electric switch turns a lamp on. (Electric energy)
17. the lamp turns on ( Light energy and Heat energy)
18. A Solar panel absorbs the light. (Light energy [solar] which turns to Electric energy
19. The LED which is connected to the solar panel turns it on. (Electric energy which turns to Light energy)
20. The ball falls into a hole, under the hole there is a cup which is hanging from the table. (Potential energy)
21. The ball pushes the cup down. (Collision [loss of energy])
22. The cup falls. (Potential energy)
23. The cup pulls a barrier which holds another ball. (a fishing wire is connected to this cup and to the barrier in the other side) (Elastic energy and Potential energy)
24. The ball falls down a pipe in a circular motion. (Potential energy and Kinetic energy)
25. The ball comes out of the pipe. (Kinetic energy)
26. The ball hits a Foley wheel which has a fishing wire connected to it. (Collision [loss of energy])
27. Because the collision the Foley wheel spins. (Rotational energy)
28. The wire is pulled and it pulls the barrier up.(Elastic energy)
29. The ball is released from the barrier. (Potential energy)
30. The ball moves on the track. (Kinetic energy)
31. The ball falls down a hole (Potential energy)
32. The ball moves to another track. (Kinetic energy)
33. The ball hits a ship which is in a bucket full of water. (Collision [loss of energy])
34. The (Electric) ship floats on the water. (Electric energy [battery] which turns to Kinetic energy)
35. The ship`s prow is tied to a fishing wire which is tied to a barrier, the barrier moves as a result of the ship`s movement. (Electric energy and Elastic energy)
36. The ball that was behind the barrier moves down the track. (Potential energy which turns to Kinetic energy)
37. The ball hits an ambulance which is tied to a fishing wire which is also tied to a buzzer. (Collision [loss of energy]
38. The buzzer turns on. (Electric energy [battery])
39. The buzzer buzzes. (Sound energy)
40. The ambulance moves down the track as a result of the collision with the ball. (Potential energy which turns to Kinetic energy)
41. The ambulance hits a doll and sticks a plaster on it. (Collision [loss of energy]) .

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