Team # 358: Atidim - ORT Dati Beit Shean TEAM PAGE

ORT Dati Beit Shean
Beit Shean, Beit Shean, Israel

Online Contest:
Open An Umbrella
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Naftali
Team Members: 3
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
We studying how to transparent theory to a practical act , making everything in particular way,and work as a group.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
If the machine works or not, it is a matter of luck.

Why we think we should win:
We should win because our machine is the most complicated and beautiful designed.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
We want to get a rainbow instead of the umbrellas

We are from Ort dati Beit Shean, Israel.
We are a group of 13 students classes 9th and 10th build the machine in a month period. our machine's subject is a trip in a spring forest.

Our Step List

1.Pulling a string barrier is released a car
2.The car roll down in the rail
3.The balloon in the bottom of the rail is popped by the needle that connected to the car
4.The balloon releases a wood arm
5.The wood arm hits a ball.
6.The ball knocks over a several cases.
7.The last case is connected to a tree by a string and a small weight omegas on this string.
8.The small weight hits a small ball.
9.The small ball falls into a spiral tube.
10.The spiral tube knocks over dominos.
11.The last domino knocks over a cup.
12.The cup has a weight in it.the cup and the weight falls.
13.The cup's fall cause the balls to slide down the rails.
14.The top ball fall and make a barrier fall by the string that connected to him.
15.The marbles in the barrier start falling down.
16.The marbles knock over a cup.
17.The water in the cups pores into a box with a hole covered with toilet paper witj a ball over it.
18.The toilet paper reaps and the ball falls.
19.The balls fall directly onto a scale.
20.The scale moues and release the ball into a rail made of clothing pins.
21.The ball slides down the clothing pins rail.
22.Tha ball knocks over a weight.
23.The weight release a ball.
24.The ball knocks over a weight.
25.The weight fall and make a cup flip over by the string that connected to it and to the cup.
26.The cup has a ball in it.the balls falls out and hits a weight.
27.The weight falls down in a slinky.
28.The weight hits a ping pong ball.
29.The ping pong ball slide and hits popsicle stick.
30.The last ping pong ball hits a set of dominos.
31.The last domino hits a case.
32.The case falls and hits a car.
33.The car slide down.
34.The car hits a weight.
35.The weight pulls out the block by the string that connected to it.
36.The marbles fall into a funnel .
37.The marbles traveling down the hose onto scales.
38. The scale monas and lift the barrier and release a ball.
39.The ball roll down the rails.
40.The ball falls into a piece of fabric.
41.The ball release a ping pong ball into catapult.
42.The ball catapult into a basket down a rail.
43.The ball hits set of dominos.
44.The last domino hits a weight.
45.The weight falls and release a ping pong ball by a string that connected to it.
46.The ping pong ball slides down the rails .
47.The ball rolls unto a tunnel.
48.The ball hits a set of dominos.
49.The dominos falls.
50.The last domino drop a barrier.
51.Three balls rolling down a pipe into a cup.
52.The cup pulls a wire.
53.The wire drops a spoon.
54.The spoon closes an electric circle.
55.The electric circle makes the car turn around in circle.
56.The car hits the popsicle stick.
57.The popsicle stick turn around in circle.
58.The popsicle stick drops a cup.
59.The cup release the pendulum
60.The pendulum stick.
61.The second pendulum hits the CD's.
62.The CD's hits the weight.
63.The weight pulls a hat.
64.The umbrella is open!

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