Team # 940: ATIDIM ORT Rogozin TEAM PAGE

ORT Rogozin school
Migdal Ha Emek, North, Israel

Online Contest:
Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Eliran Yahav
Team Members: 3
Invitations: 3
Oryan Toledano - invitation signed.
Lior Ifergan - invitation signed.
Tohar Ananayev - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
The machine was built by the students of the ATIDIM after school program for excellence. We focus on Science, Mathematics and English and are exposed to future options in Academic institutes and the High-Tec industry.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Atidim moto: (Hebrew)
תהיה מציאותי. תחלום.
Be realistic. Dream.

Why we think we should win:
We think we should win because we built the machine by ourselves and we didn't buy ready parts or toys to impress. We feel really connected to our machine and we spent days and nights to make the machine work. We really tried to be innovative and build extraordinary steps for the machine. Furthermore, when we presented the machine to parents of younger pupils in our city, explaining about our machine, we got amazing reaction, and we really motivated them to study physics and take part in Rube Goldberg machine contest, in the future!

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Pour a cup of coffee.

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our machine represents a typical argument between mother and son, just before breakfast, in the family kitchen. The mother offers her son several kinds of food for breakfast, like toast or salad but her son refuses everything. Finally, when she offers him cereals, he agrees gladly.
The machine incorporates different steps, using several types of energy conversion like height energy, kinetic energy, electric energy and magnetic energy.

Our Step List

Our step list:
1. The machine starts by mechanical clock vibrations and moves a hoop. In this part it moves from Elastic Energy to Kinetic Energy.
2. The hoop moves and hits a tooth brush that is tied to a pendulum.
3. The tooth brush hits a domino which simulates a set of teeth inside the boy's mouth. The momentum in the domino causes the domino effect.
4. The last domino in the set, ties to a thread with a magnet in its end. This magnet attracted by small piece of another magnet on the plastic path that holds a wooden brick from sliding down the path. When the last domino falls, the thread pulls the magnet ties to it and the magnet above releases.
5. When the magnet releases the wooden brick on the path starts to slide down the path, and converts height energy to kinetic energy.
6. The wooden brick on the path slides and hits another brick, which blocks a type of crane which on the second side holds down the toaster's button.
7. The toaster's button holds down a spring, and when the crane releases the button, the spring releases as well.
8. In the toaster there are two polygal plates which simulate toasts. When the spring releases they "jump" up and hit a plastic path with a marble on top. Elastic Energy converts to kinetic Energy and height energy.
9. The ball that rolls down the path falls down to another path that has Tuna Cans. It hits a can and transfers momentum to it.
10. The tuna can rolls down the path and hits a Polygal material and gives it momentum. The polygal is connected to a wooden stick and the momentum is transferred to the second tuna can by the rotation.
11. The second tuna can rolls down the path and hits a Polygal and gives it momentum. The material is connected to a wooden stick and the momentum is transferred to the third tuna can.
11. The third tuna can hits the Polygal material that gives momentum to the wooden stick that hits a tennis ball.
13. The tennis ball starts to roll down the path and hits a second tennis ball that hides with Polygal, and gives it momentum.
14. The second tennis ball starts to roll down the path and hits a third tennis ball that hides with Polygal, and gives it momentum.
15. The third tennis ball starts to roll down the path and hits the last tennis ball that hides with Polygal, and gives it momentum.
16. The fourth tennis ball hits a piece of aluminum that moves it to hit another piece of aluminum and that makes kinetic energy transfer into kinetic energy.
17. The two piece of aluminum hit each other and close an electric circuit.
18. The clock starts to tick and its hand move around.
19. The hand of time hits the Styrofoam ball that's inside of the clock and moves with it.
20. The ball falls into the hole inside of the clock into a vertical tube.
21. After The vertical tube the ball continue to a sloped path.
22. It then hits a small piece of domino that's tied to a wooden brick. It’s a transfer of momentum.
23. The domino falls down and pulls the brick with it. It transfers height energies.
24.The brick falls down and lets a metal ball roll down the path.
25. The ball falls to second path .
26. The ball falls into third path and
27 .The ball enters a funnel.
28. After the funnel the ball enters a tube.
29. The ball enters a second tube.
30. The ball fall down the sloped path.
31. The ball hits a magnetic canon that launches another metal ball by momentum transfer.
32. The launched ball hits a small tennis ball and makes him move and fall.
33. The tennis ball rolls down a steep white plastic path.
34. The ball enters to a wooden path.
35. The ball hits a wooden brick, which rotates.
36. The wooden brick hits a small tennis ball.
37. The tennis ball rolls down the path and hits another wooden brick and rotates it.
38. The wooden brick hits another small rubber ball.
39. The small rubber ball rolls down the rail and hits a wooden brick, which has a thread tied to it. On the end of the thread there's a magnet tied down to it, and the magnet has a Metal ball on a path. The wooden brick falls down and pulls the magnet.
40. The Height energy of the metal ball converts into kinetic energy when it rolls down the path.
41. The ball finishes its path when it gets to a hole on the top of a cart. inside the hole it closes an electric circuit. The electric circuit belongs to 3 fans on a car. The electric energy of the batteries rotates the fans with high speed.
42. The car starts to move on the metal path. Its Electric energy converts to Kinetic energy.
43. In the front of the car there's a wooden stick that pushes a wooden brick.
44. The wooden brick has a thread tied to it, and on the other side of the thread there's a piece of plasticine. When the brick falls down it pulls down the plasticine with it.
45. The plasticine blocks a marble, so when it falls down the marble started rolling down.
46. It falls down to another path which had a wooden piece at the end of it. When it hits the wooden piece it rotates and s marble on top of it rolld down the path and got into a hole that the FIRST marble skipped over.
47. The marble gets to another path.
48. The marble hits a wooden piece, rotates it and rolls on it down.
49. The marble that falls down hits a plastic part, which when it falls it makes a farther plastic part launches.
50. The launches plastic part hits a set of dominos.
51. The last domino in the set has a plastic stick attached to it. When it falls down, it lets a cylinder with a marble inside of it starts rolling down by changing its center of mass.
52. The cylinder hits a hoop and makes it rolling forward.
53. The hoop hits a small cart which makes it move. It's kinetic and momentums energies.
54. The car has a magnet attached to it. When it starts moving, its gets close to a battery with 2 magnets attached to it. When it's close enough, the magnets have the same polarity, so it makes the battery move away from the car. Its kinetic energy transferred into magnetic energy that transfers back into kinetic energy.
55. The battery rolls on an aluminum foil, which gives it kinetic energy by the repel of the magnetic field of the magnets and the magnetic field of the current which created by the battery that closes the electric circuit through the magnets and the aluminum .
56. The battery hits a wooden part, which has a rope that is attached to another magnet. When the battery hits it, it makes it fall and pull the rope towards it.
57. The pulled magnet releases small steel ball that stops bigger rubber ball from rolling down.
58. The rubber ball rolling down.
59. The rubber ball hits another wooden stick that is attached to a thread with another wooden part. When the wooden stick falls, it pulls the wooden part with it.
60. The wooden part holds down a small ball, when it pulled, the ball releases.
61. The ball hits two small tennis balls.
62. The balls fall through a plate with nails while they converts height energy to kinetic energy.
63. The balls fall into a tube made out of paper cups.
64. The balls go out of the pipe into a tin can.
65. The tin can goes down and makes a weight that's tied with a derrick to goes up.
66. The tin can press a switch that activates an electric pump that pours out milk into the bowl.
67. The weight that lifts up makes the cereals box rotate 90 degrees and the cereals falls into the bowl!

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