Amit Sderot
Sderot, Israel, Israel

Online Contest:
Open An Umbrella
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: noam ohayon
Team Members: 6
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What we're studying:
We are stding that ol this world is

The bas hit the cubes, the cubes are fall dawn, and the rill hit the roll, hit the scroll and goes dawn to the rope and turn on the fan , he create air and the ship hit the glass ,the glass with the water enter to the box cause to the rope while the candle burning ,and burn the rope and the car fall dawn and release up and the ball fall dawn and the pipe fall dawn with water came inside umbrella ‘and she is open

Our Step List

1. The bus is turn on and hit the cubes.
2. The cubes are fall dawn and hit the screwdriver.
3. The screwdriver fall dawn and hit the wood.
4. The roll fall dawn and hit the switch.
5. The switch turn on the fan.
6. The fan create air and move the ship.
7. The ship going and hit the glass wite water.
8. The glass came inside to the box.
9. The box hit the wood.
10. The wood are release the rope.
11. The rope release the candle that burning.
12. The candle burning the next rope.
13. The rope release car.
14. The car going to the ball.
15. The ball fall dawn to the Rail.
16. The ball cause thel balloon with water to go.
17. The balloon attractive the next rope.
18. The rope attractive the bucket wite water.
19. The bucket fall dawn to the umbrella.
20. The umbrella is open

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