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tiberias, tiberias, Israel

Online Contest:
Open An Umbrella
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: h d
Team Members: 23
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What we're studying:
When we began to work on the machine, we were a lot of students so we had a lot of arguments and didn’t manage to build anything, but we decided to let things go even if one of us wanted to build a certain part in the machine and the rest didn’t want to, we knew we had to let it go and work hard as a team, a group, as a small family you can say. We decided to split into three groups and each group will work on a different part of the machine. Finally, when everything was done, we realized that this amazing one in a life experience changed us completely, we learned how to understand each other and not argue. We also learned physics while building the machine, we learned new forces and transitions between energies. So sum it all up, what we took from this experience is education, teamwork, and a lot of friendship.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Atidim association takes us to the future (atid in hebrew).

Why we think we should win:
We think that our team “Amal Nofarim Bagalil” school from Tibirias, Israel should win the Rube Goldberg machine competition for some reasons. The first one is, we started this project as a bigger team but in the end only the serious students were able to stay and work on this machine until it was ready.
Second reason is, we had a lot of difficulties and fights between us and people that didn’t believed In us, but we proved them wrong and lifted up the best machine we could ever done.
We put a lot of effort in this project so the machine will be so happy to win it.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
In the end of the machine, throw a ball into a basket.
Cut a wire with Scissors
Activate a Vacuum Cleaner
Turn on TV
Open a window

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our school “Amal Nofarim Bagalil” isn’t like any other school, in our school the teachers and the students are not having a “teachers – students” relationship, we are more than that. We believe that with hard work and strong will, you can achieve everything. And that the sky are not the limit, they are just the beginning. Our teacherstook the project seriously like we did, even in the middle of a school day whene we worked on the machine, some teachers came to ask about the machine and even helped us!
If any part was needed but missing, everyone volunteered to bring it, this one month of hard work showed us that we are united when need, teachers or students, everyone cared.

Our Step List

1. One of the students throws a basketball in to a basket. It lands on a track and stars rolling
2. The ball hit the car and the car starts roll down on a track
3. The car pops a balloon
4. 3 marbles fall into a pipeline and continue to roll on a track.
5. The marbles pushing a weight.
6. The weight falls down and pulls down a hammer.
7.The hammer press a switch
8. The switch activates a fan.
9. The fan makes a sailboat move to the other edge of the water box.
10. When the sailboat reaches to the end it drops a dominoes.
11. The dominoes drop a weight.
12. The weight pulls a heavier weight.
13. Both of the weights pull down another weight which placed at the top.
14. The weight pulls two more weights which are tied to a pulley.
15. The pulley goes up with a stick attached to it.
16. The stick gives a sharp angle to a track of one marble
17. The marble falls to a pinball track
18. It continues to a diamond shaped track
19. The marble hit a tennis ball
20. The tennis ball rolls a boot.
21. The boot spins and activates a robot.
22. The robot gets a command from the boot and starts moving straight way.
23. The robot continues on a track and hit a pack of weights.
24. The pack of weights falls and pulls the umbrella.
25.The umbrella opens
26. Confettis fall

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