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yeshiva tihinit ort tiberias
tiberias, israel, Israel

Online Contest:
Open An Umbrella
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: ravit sarusi
Team Members: 21
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What we're studying:

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:

Why we think we should win:
We think that we should win because our machine was very sophisticated and complex we worked very hard for a long time to build it.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
The Instructions should be more clear and known.

Our Step List

1. A phone is placed at the start of the machine moves a ball using its vibration.
2. The ball then roles on a track and pushes dominoes.
3. The ball push omega roller that swipe on a string.
4. The omega roller hits a stick.
5. The stick vibrate and drops a marble.
6. The marble surfs down a track and collides with another marble.
7. The marble bumps into a wooden stick that triggers a road of dominoes.
8. The road then turns into stairs. At the top of the stairs we have placed another marble. The marble gets a small push that starts a chain reaction.
9. The marble hits a small ball that surfs down.
10. The ball collides into toy car.
11. The toy car drives and collides into a big ball.
12. The big ball then rolls until it hits a wooden block.
13. The block then falls and pulls a string
14. The pull triggers a barrier.
15. When the barrier moves off the track, the movement of the barrier causes a ball to move.
16. The ball then hits another ball that moves a stick
17. The stick then pushes a ball that right away hit heavier ball.
18. The ball slides down a slide that gives it momentum to push a wooden block.
19. When the block is pushed, it causes few balls to fall from the ceiling by thin string that is connected to the block and the balls.
20. The balls then falls and hits a big black ball.
21. The ball then rotates a round a pole while gaining momentum. The ball then collides with another ball that is placed on a rail.
22. The ball start to to roll into a funnel. Once the ball comes out of the funnel it opens an umbrella.
23. The opening of the umbrella pulls a string that is connected to a domino.
24. As the domino moves it makes a passage for a car with a pin taped to it to ride down a rail and pops a water balloon.
25. The water from the balloon then fills up a cup that is on a scale.
26. Once the cup is heavy enough, the scale moves and lets two balls slide down.
27. These two balls then hit a car with another pin on it.
28. As before it also pops a balloon.
29. Once the balloon is popped a weight falls that pulls a string that lifts a water bottle like a crane.
30. The bottle of water is filled with KI (potassium lodide) mixed with water. This then spills into a glass test tube that contains hydrogen peroxide mixed with soap. As a result a chemical reaction is created, causing foam to form.
31. The foam erupts upward from the test tube and wets a strip of toilet paper.
32. The toilet paper is connected to a wheel that is not dynamically balanced that starts pinning once the paper is tared.
33. The spinning wheel causes a bucket to fall down until it lands on an electric connection, and once the bottom of the bucket comes in contact with it the circuit is closed.
34. Once the electric circuit is closed, a sign with L.E.Ds turns on.
35. At the same time ,while the wheel is spinning,it opens a sign that says ATIDIM.

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