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Ya\'arat HaEmek
Migdal HaEmek, North, Israel

Online Contest:
Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Yana Koifman
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 14
Eliya Afuta Assayag - invitation signed.
Shay Vainberg - invitation signed.
Einav Toledano - invitation signed.
‪Katriel Buchatzki‬‏ - invitation signed.
Daniel Klinger - invitation sent
Shaked Edri - invitation sent
Sarit Shopinsky - invitation signed.
Mary Izmaylov - invitation signed.
Lihi Cohen - invitation signed.
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Tomer Kordonsky - invitation signed.
Artem Khadji - invitation signed.
Amalia Offengenden - invitation sent
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What we're studying:
The machine was built by the students of the ATIDIM after school program for excellence. We focus on Science, Mathematics and English and are exposed to future options in Academic institutes and the High-Tec industry.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Atidim moto: (Hebrew)
תהיה מציאותי. תחלום.
Be realistic. Dream.

Why we think we should win:
Our team think that we should win because we succeeded at building a special machine. We thought about a lot of unique stages. We used every single minute that we had to work together. We developed and designed the machine by ourselves. And we are sure that we created a perfect machine.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
To fill a glass of water

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our machine was built by the 9th grade students of Yaarat HaEmek school in the city of Migdal Ha Emek, Israel.

The machine was built by the students of the ATIDIM after school program for excellence in Science and Technology

Our Step List

1. A spinning wheel bends a tag .
2. The reversal of the tag causes the pulling and releasing of a nail.
3. Shrunken spring releases and throws the first ball
4. The ball that flies drops a weight which is connected to a ball by a string.
5. The falling of the weight causes the metallic device to turn around.
6. The second ball falls from the device to the track and go down.
7. At the bottom of the track the second ball hits a set of hammers.
8. A set of 4 hammers that hit each other and transfer a movement upward.
9. The fourth hammer hits a metallic ball.
10. The metallic ball rolls in a bent pipe and hit a weight.
11. The weight falls and pulls a string which is connected through a pulley to a little wooden box.
12. The wooden box rises and drops ball number 1.
13. Ball number 1 falls to a track and pushes another ball.
14. Ball number 2 rolls and pushes a pendulum.
15. The pendulum pushes ball number 3.
16. Ball number 3 goes through a track and pushes a nail that presses the mechanic button.
17. The pressing on the mechanic button causes a stretched rubber band to release and a mechanism pushes a marble into a circular track.
18. After the circular track the marble hits a crane
19. The crane releases wooden weight that activates a catapult that works because of a rubber band.
20. The catapult throws a marble into a bowl with pipe which goes downwards.
21. The marble enters the track and pushes a metallic ball.
22. A metallic ball rolls in a tilted track and spins 2 vertical cranes which have a metallic ball on the upper end.
23. The balls fall into the first side of the weighing scale which is connected with a thread through a pulley to a barrier which goes up and releases a metallic ball
24. A metallic ball hits a spinning track and the track changes the angle to the required angle to continue the movement.
25. The metallic ball moves through the track and activates a vertical crane at the lower edge
26. The upper end of the vertical crane hits a rubber ball
27. The rubber ball goes down the bent track and falls to a container.
28. The container connected with threads to a switch which opens a bottle tap.
29. A thread pulls the switch which is made of wooden sticks and opens the tap.
30. The water is running through a pipe to another bottle.
31. Bottle number 2 activates weight on a barrier which falls and releases a weight.
32. A weight tied by a thread hits a scissors.
33. Scissors cut a thread that is connected to a hammer.
34. A hammer releases and moves towards wooden crane.
35. The hammer hits the crane and pushes it upwards.
36. The upper part of the crane hits a little ball and drops it.
37. The little ball goes down on tilted surface while it spins 9 spinners.
38. After the spinners, the ball falls into a track which has a stick that is. connected to a spinner at the end.
39. A marble ball connected to the spinner and a rubber band, the spinner spins and hit spinner number 2.
40. Spinner number 2 hits spinner number 3.
41. Spinner number 3 hits a stand that has a ball on.
42. The ball falls and hit a metallic surface.
43. The metallic sound received by a sound sensor- microphone- which opens an electrical circuit of an electromagnet.
44. The electromagnet holds metallic ball permanently. The ball releases at the moment the electrical circuit opens.
45. The ball moves at a tilted track to a weather vane.
46. The weather vane lifts a weight in a shape of a wheel, which is connected by a thread and a pulley to the vane.
47. The weight (wheel) hits a big marble 1.
48. The first Big ball rolls and hits the first barrier which is connected to the track with a rubber band. The first barrier hits the second ball, The second ball hits the second barrier which hits the third ball.
49. The third ball is tied to a piston, and the falling of the third ball causes the releasing of the piston.
50. The piston activates a mechanism based on a pulley.
51. The pulley goes down along the thread.
52. The pulley hits a wooden disk.
53. The disk goes down on a tilted surface.
54. At the end of the surface the disk closes an electrical circuit that turns on a hair-dryer.
55. The hair-dryer activates and blows warm air into a pipe made of plastic bottles.
56. The warm air in the pipe lifts plastic ball upward.
57. A ball exits the pipe and drops the first domino which is connected by a thread to a barrier.
58. The thread pulls the barrier and releases the first ball.
59. The first ball rolls on the first tilted surface, at the end of the surface ball 1 drops ball 2. the action repeats twice, At the last surface a toy with needle goes down.
60. The needle blows up a balloon
61. The inner pressure of the air that was in the balloon releases and the compressed air spreads to every direction (blast)
62. The ball which was in the balloon releases and rolls in a pipe and a track.
63. A ball hits a toy car which is connected to a pulley by a thread.
64. The car spins the pulley and the pulley hits a metallic ball.
65. The ball rolls and hits a magnet which is on a swing.
66. The swing goes down and closes an electrical circuit .
67. The fans work and an air steam moves a ball.
68. A ball rolls downwards in a track.
69. The ball rolls and drops the first popsicle stick [barrier]. The second ball releases and drops the second popsicle stick [barrier].
70. The third ball is connected to a thread which releases and pulls a barrier that holds coins.
71. The barrier releases the coins.
72. The coins fall into the coin bank and being sorted.
73. The coins continue their way on a tilted tracks and hit the prizes which are connected to the track by a magnet.

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