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Ort Hatzor Haglilit
Hatzor Haglilit, Israel, Israel

Online Contest:
Open An Umbrella
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Ornit Maimon
Team Members: 16
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
We learned how to work as a team to build something together. How to overcome difficulties. How to arrange ourselves and start over and over again when it seems impossible to do it. We studied how to transform energy by different methods.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Nothing stands against the power of will

Why we think we should win:
Since it is the first time we are doing it and we did it with different and several methods.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
To start on time and to degin few days before working

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

We build a machine that opens an umbrella by energy transformation. We did it by mechanics transformation, electrical transformation, and pneumatic transformation.

Our Step List

At the start of the machine, water is transferred between two communicating vessels. This water eventually reaches the same height in both vessels, and begins to flow through a hose in the second vessel, into a receptacle, which is placed on one end of a see saw, on top of the other end of which is a trough, containing a ball. When the weight of the accumulated water in the receptacle exceeds the weight of the ball, the see saw’s balance is disturbed, and the end that touches the trough rises. This rise causes the ball inside the trough to overcome the friction that was holding it previously, and begin to roll down the angled trough. From the trough, the ball is deflected into another downwards-angled trough, which lets the ball roll through it in the opposite direction. The ball then falls into the end of a pipe. Inside the sloped pipe, the ball accelerates. At the end of the pipe, the ball reaches a line of dominoes. The ball transfers its energy to the first domino, which causes all the dominoes in the line to topple over. The last dominos transfers energy to a ball, which is sitting just above the entrance to a chute. The domino’s energy causes the ball to free-fall through the chute, which ends in a ramp. On top of the ramp is a cart, and the energy from the falling ball is transferred to the cart as it hits it. The cart then rolls down the ramp, hitting a row of dominoes at the end of the ramp. The dominoes topple as the first one is hit by the cart. The last domino transfers energy to a line of blocks that are of increasing size and weight. The last block is significantly more massive than the last domino, which allows it to have more energy as it falls. The last block falls and transfers energy to a can, which sits on top of a trough. The transfer of energy causes the can to roll down the trough, where at its end it closes an electrical circuit. The circuit transfers electrical energy to sound and lights. The vibration generated by the circuit as it was hit by the can triggers the motion of another can, which sits upon another trough. The can rolls down the trough, until it lands of a pneumatic valve. The valve opens, allowing compressed air to course through a system of tubes. At the end of the system is a pneumatic linear actuator, ending in a piston. To the piston are connected two ropes – one rope is connected at its other end to a flap on a solar light bulb, and the other to the switches on a fan. The pressure of the air in the actuator causes the piston to extend, triggering a number of simultaneous events: The piston directly hits a basketball which is thrown by the piston’s energy at the wall, falling through a hoop into a receptacle; The rope attached to the piston and light is pulled, exposing the solar cells on the light, causing it to light up; The rope attached to the fan pulls a wooden block away from the switches, causing the fan to switch off. The receptacle into which the basketball fell is situated above a robot, and a pneumatic valve. Again a number of things happen simultaneously: the valve is opened, allowing air to course through a pneumatic system, until it reaches a piston – The piston is extended by the air pressure, striking the release button on an umbrella, causing it to open; The robot is equipped with a contact sensor, which is activated by the receptacle’s energy as the ball falls into it. The sensor causes circuits in the robot to transfer electrical energy stored in its power supply to be converted into rotational energy in its motors, and to sound energy from its speakers, making the robot move forwards while making sound. The robot’s forward motion topples over a line of blocks, at the end of which is a boat, floating in a container of water. The block’s fall transfers energy to the boat, which begins to sail through the vessel. The boat rams a tower of dominos, at the top of which is a block, with a string tied around it. The tower’s fall causes the block to fall, pulling the string that is attached at the other end to a flap which obscures a photoelectric sensor on a robotic dog. The flap moves away, exposing the sensor, and causing the sensors in the dog to make it start barking.

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