Team # 652: Cookie Factory TEAM PAGE

St. Agnes Academy
Houston, TX, United States

Online Contest:
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Lisa R Stinson
Team Members: 2
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
We are studying honors physics at St. Agnes Academy.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Our team is bad and rubey. Cooking up As with the Stinny. Those knives they savage, ruthless. 45 steps, yeah we are through with it."

Why we think we should win:
We did a rap to introduce our machine that talked about our theme and explained every step.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Play some music! Preferably our rap...

“Grube Roldberg” – Cookie Factory Skit Lyrics

You know…young rich bakers…
You know something we ain't really never had no AP Chem students
We got a whole lotta AP Bio students though!


First stop
Funnel drop
Rolling down the tube, it don't stop stop
Seven more ramps it'll drop, drop, drop
Cooking up cookies in the hot pot
Pinwheel to ramp and dominoes
And the see saw, we got a lot of those
Got the ramp with the dip in it
And the tunnel ramp yea it fits in it

Our team is bad and rube-y
Cooking up As with the Stinny
Those knives they savage ruthless
We got 38 steps, we’re thru with it

Our team is bad and rube-y
Cooking up As with the Stinny
those knives they savage ruthless
we got 30 steps ya were thru withf it

Next step, woo woo woo woo woo
Rampings on rampings got funnels on funnels
Falling into that saw, dude!
Gravity pulls it right through
String pulls down that saw, ooh
Then hits the next saw, loose
Ramp on that wall, woo
That marble gon' hit that dip for me
Pulley gon' hit a see saw for me, hey
Two more ramps and the pendulum, that's sweet

Car rolls on pulley more gravity
Hey we did the work, (joules!)
Pulley it goes, yea
The see saw goes over
Down the funnel, don't loiter
Hit the pinwheel, it gon' move her

Our Step List

1. Marble falls through funnel
2. Marble rolls down extended ramp
3-6. Marble rolls down switchback ramps and fall onto new ramp
7. Marble falls in funnel
8. Funnel moves through pinwheel
9. Marble rolls down ramp
10. Marble falls down to another ramp
11. Marble hits dominoes
12. Dominoes fall and dislodge another marble
13. Marble falls to next ramp
14. Marble rolls down next ramp
15. Marble falls into seesaw
16. Seesaw tilts, releasing a new marble
17. Marble rolls through up/down ramp
18. Marble goes through tunnel ramp
19. Marble rolls down new ramp
20. Marble falls through funnel
21. Marble falls onto seesaw
22. Seesaw tilts and falls off, pulling string
23. String makes new seesaw tilt
24. Seesaw that tilts pushes on a new seesaw making it tilt too
25. Marble is released off of new seesaw
26. Marble rolls down ramp
27. Marble rolls through up/down ramp
28. Marble falls into pulley, making that side go down
29. Other side of pulley goes up and hits a seesaw
30. Seesaw tilts and releases a marble
31. Marble goes down ramp
32. Marble falls onto new ramp
33. Marble hits pendulum ball
34. Pendulum ball swings and hits car
35. Car is knocked into pulley, that side goes down
36. Other side of pulley goes up, hitting a seesaw
37. Seesaw tilts, releasing marble
38. Marble falls through funnel
39. Marble falls onto pinwheel
40. Marble moves pinwheel
41. Marble falls and rolls onto a ramp
42. Marble falls and rolls onto another ramp
43. Marble falls and rolls onto another ramp
44. Marble falls and rolls onto another ramp
45. Marble falls and rolls onto another ramp
46. Marble hits car and dislodges it
47. Car falls and slides down crossbar
48. Car hits finger-hook with bandaid

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