Team # 636: Band Aid Bears TEAM PAGE

Brewster High School
Brewster, New York, United States

Online Contest:
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Rebecca Greenfeld
Team Members: 2
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
The engineering design process of define the problem, generate concepts, develop a solution, construct and test a prototype, and evaluate the solution.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.
If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

This machine is a first attempt at joining the Rube Goldberg community. It combines many of the simple machines - levers, wedges, ramps. It uses wind power as well as water power.

Our Step List

1. fill the water
2. bar lifts releasing marble
3. marble slides down ramp
4. marble bounces off wedge 1
5. marble makes a jump
6. marble bounces off wedge 2
7. marble travels down ramp
8. marble hits weight
9. weight triggers a domino
10. a domino ripple starts
11. last domino triggers golf ball
12. golf ball falls into cup
13. second cup rises
14. pin gets pulled
15. fan starts
16. boat moves across water
17. boat hits car
18. car rolls
19. lever swings
20. plate gets pulled out
21. platform with bandaid drops

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