Team # 609: Band-Aid Karma TEAM PAGE

LaSalle Academy High School
New York, New York, United States

Online Contest:
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: George Delagrammatikas
Team Members: 2
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
Global Studies
MS Office

Elias -
William -
Lyndon -

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
AM-boo-lance!!! AM-boo-lance!!!

Why we think we should win:
We are a very small team (3 students) who are all freshmen high school students. Our school is in New York City's Lower East Side. We are studying biology and are using this Rube Goldberg experience to learn about human anatomy while having fun.

Elias - Bronx
William - Queens
Lyndon - Brooklyn

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Write the word 'Rube.'

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

While watching a Band-Aid commercial on TV, our 'victim' is bored and gets up off his beanbag to get a snack from the kitchen. As he goes to the kitchen, he utters the words, 'What a boring commercial.'

That's when the machine starts. Our victim trips and falls; he calls 911 because he can't up. The ambulance picks him up and takes him to the hospital. At that point, he is rushed to the Emergency Room and visits rooms in the entire hospital (waiting room, x-ray room, operating room, etc).

During his travels, it is discovered that he has broken bones and is taken to an orthopedist. He eats a snack in the waiting room without washing his hands and ends up getting indigestion. As we travel through rooms with our victim, we also study different biological systems in the human body (digestive, muscular, skeletal, excretory, etc).

At the end, Band-Aid Karma takes revenge on our victim by crushing him with a bandage.

Our Step List

1. Ambulance goes up a ramp, hits metal weight

2. Metal weights drop making string activate pulley

3. String pulls ramp attached to pulley up

4. Car on ramp rolls down, marble attached to end hits a piece of wood

5. Wood hits a weight attached to a slider

6. Slider hits metal ring at its base

7. Metal ring gets pushed off base and activates a light switch

8. Light gets turned on, activates solar panel in room

9. Solar panel activates motor, which pulls bone towards it

10. Bone completes circuit which activates a water pump.

11. Water pump drains white liquid which fills empty bone

12. Bone gets heavy and falls onto a pair of scissors

13. Scissors cut string attached to skulls

14. Skulls pops out, opens mouth.

15. Mouth opens, marble drops out of it. Pin on right arm gets released, arm is pushed

16. Arm hits hammer, hammer hits knee.

17. Knee kicks and weight attached to it drops.

18. Switch attached to weight is turned on, activates air pump

19. Air pump pushes a “fan cart”

20. Fan-cart topples bucket with marbles

21. Marbles fall down a hole and go through a channel

22. At the end of the channel, marbles push off bolt.

23. Bolt squeezes a dropper, drops water on tissue

24. Tissue gets torn by heavy marble and marble falls through into a “half-pipe”

25. At the end of the pipe is a button with a cylinder, ball lands on cylinder and button activates catapult

26. Ball in catapult falls into funnel, and goes into tube.

27. At the end of the tube is a bottle, marble knocks into it making it fall over.

28. Attached to the bottle is a syringe of Alka-Seltzer, water in bottle mixes with it and chemical reaction occurs.

29. Increased pressure extends syringe plunger, pushing cascading rings.

30. Last ring falls into bucket, activates a switch.

31. Switch turn on a motor which spins a bucket attached to it

32. Marbles fall onto Rat Trap which applies band-aid to hand.

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