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Batesville Middle School
Batesville, IN, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: DIVISION I - Genesis: Pathways to Success, Jac-Cen-Del School Corporation
Saturday, March 03, 2018
Setup Time: 7:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:15 AM
Live Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: John Goewert
Team Members: 6
Invitations: 7
Morgan Goewert - invitation signed.
Kyler Daulton - invitation signed.
Joseph Schroder - invitation signed.
Camedon Phipps - invitation signed.
Justin Talford - invitation signed.
Pierce Herbert - invitation sent
Pierce Herbert - invitation signed.

The Hungry Games have begun. Cereal mascots vie for dominance of the cereal bowl.

Our Step List

1. Ask Google Home to "pour a bowl of cereal"
2. Google Home activates linear actuator to drop rope.
3. Rope release golf club to hit golf balls.
4. Golf balls roll into pail turning axel.
5. Turning axel pulls string to release kicker.
6. Kicker kicks milk bottles.
7. Milk bottles roll down slope into remote control handle.
8. Remote control sends signal to car to have it drive.
9. Car knock over cereal box.
10. Cereal box falls onto lever. Other side of lever flicks up light switch.
11. Light switch turns on hairdryer.
12. Hair dryer blows cereal into bowl.

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