Team # 90: Beach Bums TEAM PAGE

Chatfield High School
Chatfield , MN, United States

Open An Umbrella
Host: Minnesota Center For Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (MNCEME) at Minnesota State University, Mankato
Thursday, March 03, 2016
Setup Time: 9:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 11:45 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Nora Gathje
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 0

Why we think we should win:
It's cold in Minnesota! We want to go tot he beach!

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

On a long winter's school day in Minnesota, these high school students are day dreaming of a lazy sunny day at the beach. Their refreshments are poured, the tiki bar menu in hand they watch a seagull fly through the sky until a sailboat catches their eye. The sailboat skims the top of a scuba diver as a killer whale breaches in the distance. The sand buggy knocks some coconuts off the palm tree and the surf board is ready for action. A beach towel is unrolled as a dog catches a Frisbee and the flip flops flop into a beach volleyball game. Time for a campfire, another refreshment from the cooler and as the sun is setting the lifeguard opens an umbrella.

Our Step List

1. The machine starts with the tap of a large marble.
2. The marble travels down the ramp.
3. It knocks over the colorful pail.
4. The colorful pail spills its sand into the cocktail glass.
5. The cocktail glass gets heavier and pushes a lever down.
6. The other side of the lever is lifted and deposits a steel marble from the blue tube.
7. The marble drops onto the yellow track.
8. At the end of the yellow track the marble drops to the orange track.
9. The orange track drops the marble to the blue track.
10. From the blue track the marble drops to the red track.
11. And then the marble finally falls to the pink track.
12. At the end of the pink track the steel ball knocks a weight off the end of a small platform.
13. The weight pulls a string connected to the tiki bar menu.
14. The tiki bar menu falls backwards.
15. The menu tips a ball inside a tube into a cup.
16. The cup is lowered off the tiki bar.
17. When the cup falls it pulls the seagull through the sky.
18. The seagull knocks into the top propeller (the wind).
19. The top propeller (wind) turns the bottom propeller (more wind).
20. The bottom propeller (more wind) blows the sailboat.
21. The sailboat rocks back and forth on the waves.
22. The sailboat pushes a piece of yellow driftwood.
23. The wood nudges the fish egg which falls into the dark blue abyss (cup).
24. The cup drops down.
25. As the cup falls it pulls a string.
26. The string starts the chain motor and rotates the fish.
27. The motor makes the scuba diver swim in circles across the ocean and turn over to head back.
28. On the way back the scuba diver tips a black pearl onto the sand castle.
29. The black pearl rolls down the sand castle.
30. At the bottom the pearl triggers the tiki torch catapult.
31. The tiki torch pulls a string attached to a whale.
32. The whale rotates and breaches out of the water.
33. As the whale comes back into the water it pulls another string.
34. The string knocks the dune buggy down the ramp.
35. At the bottom of the ramp the dune buggy trips a wire.
36. The trip wire releases the coconut.
37. The coconut twists down the trunk of the palm tree.
38. At the bottom of the tree the coconut pulls a string attached to a peg.
39. The peg falls over releasing the surf board.
40. When the surf board falls it pulls the ribbon attached to the beach towel.
41. The ribbon is untied.
42. The beach towel unrolls.
43. When it reaches the bottom the towel puts pressure on a zip line.
44. The line pressure releases the pink Frisbee.
45. The Frisbee flies across the sandy beach and is caught by the white fluffy dog.
46. At the bottom the Frisbee hits a rotating lever.
47. The lever rotates.
48. The other side of the lever taps a flip flop.
49. The flip flop flops.
50. It flips a second flip flop.
51. The second flip flop knocks into the volleyball.
52. The impact knocks a Popsicle stick out from under the front of the volleyball.
53. The volleyball rolls down the ramp.
54. At the bottom of the ramp the ball ignites the campfire.
55. The sand shovel turns.
56. The shovel pulls a string attached to a pop can.
57. The pop can rolls out of the cooler.
58. The pop can hits the rotating red and yellow lever.
59. The lever is attached to a string that pulls the blue tiki cup off the bar.
60. When the cup falls it pulls a string attached to a peg.
61. The peg is pulled out of a metal bracket.
62. A beach bag full of towels and sun tan lotion falls down from the lifeguard stand.
63. As the beach bag falls it pulls a string attached to an umbrella.
64. The shark umbrella opens shading the lifeguard!

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