Team # 1143: Bed by Tooth Thirty TEAM PAGE

Brevard High School
BREVARD, North Carolina, United States

Online Contest:
Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Angela Patane
Team Members: 6
Invitations: 6
Andy Smith - invitation signed.
Ally Smith - invitation signed.
Alex Eberhardt - invitation signed.
Jeremiah Shook - invitation signed.
IsaBella Sztyber - invitation signed.
Ben Wayne - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
Drafting and Engineering

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Mother of Pearl!

Why we think we should win:
We should win because many teeth were lost in the making of these videos.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Blowing bubbles

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Little Sam had asked at every chance to get the awesome new toy robot, but every time his mommy had told him no. Eventually, however, he decided that the best way to obtain this amazing new robot was to simply buy it himself. It was a big move for little Sam, not used to having to pay for his own toys. Sam wasn’t exactly the most patient little child, however. Though he earned money from doing little things around the house and from helping the neighbors, it just didn’t seem to him like he was getting anywhere. He wanted that robot badly, and having to wait for it was the worst! Sam wished there was a way to get the money faster. Then, he had an idea.
Sam knew all too well that the Tooth Fairy was probably the most reliable form of quick cash out there. A single tooth most likely wouldn’t be enough, but luckily his dad always had a pair of pliers lying around, and Sam figured he probably wouldn’t mind if he borrowed it for something important like this. It was a matter of ensuring his eternal happiness, after all. He would just pull a few more of his teeth out, and the tooth fairy would reward him handsomely for his valiant efforts! It was a genius plan, one he could proudly pat himself on the back for. Of course, he still needed a way to ensure that he would get enough moolah to pay for the robot in the end. He could perform the calculations himself, of course, though he wasn’t quite sure what the tooth-to-dollar exchange rate was nowadays. Instead of doing all that, Sam decided to build a machine to do it all for him. No sooner had his tooth fallen out than he began work on his masterpiece, and by secretly staying up after his bedtime, he managed to finish it by two-thirty. Little Sam had learned a thing or two about design from playing with K’nex all day, after all. Now, with his ingenious device constructed, all he had to do was yank out the teeth and wait. After all, it wasn’t like he needed those permanent teeth, anyway. That’s what dentures are for!

Our Step List

1. The weight of the teeth lifts the scale.
2, The scale tips K’nex and pushes a steel ball forward.
3. The ball lands on a paddle wheel and rotates it.
4. The turning paddle lifts a K’nex piece, forcing it forward.
5. The K’nex piece moving forward pushes a steel ball down the ramp.
6. The ball knocks a ruler out from under a hinge.
7. The hinge(supporting Leg-o-less Smurf) falls, releasing the Smurf.
8. The weight of the falling Smurf pulls the string through pulleys, causing the hammer to fall.
9. The hammer falls and hits the clothespin releasing rubber band which is holding a car back.
10. The car moves forward and hits the marble off a ledge and into the funnel.
11. The weight of the marble falling into the dump truck causes it to move forward.
12. The truck rolls down the track and hits the string which flips the bed upwards.
13. The flipped bed drops a marble down the hole and the marble flips a switch.
14. The switch turns on a motor and the motor pulls a string.
15. The string pulls a piece of metal out of the track, releasing a car.
16. The car rolls down a track and strikes the yo yo, pushing if off of the track.
17. The yo yo hits the paddle forcing the teeter totter downward.
18. The teeter totter rotates a tinker toy cylinder, breaking the magnetic connection, releasing the first Newton’s Cradle ball.
19. The first Newton’s Cradle ball triggers the remaining Newton's Cradle.
20. The final swinging Newton’s Cradle ball flips a switch, turning on a motor.
21. The motor pulls out a wedge allowing a weighted slide to fall.
22. The falling weight pulls the lever on the remote causing the car to go backwards.
23. The car going backwards pulls the string through pulleys, pulling a stick that’s wedged.
24. The wedged stick opens a trap door and releases a steel ball.
25. The steel ball rolls down the tube and attaches to the magnet perched at the end, forcing it out of the tube.
26. The weight of the ball and magnet pulls the rod out of the fan.
27. The removal of the rod allows the fan to rotate.
28. The fan pushes the sail car, which strikes the telescoping device, flipping it over.
29. The golf ball tied to a string falls out of the telescoping device, pulling down a hinged piece of wood.
30. The removed wood releases the plane down the zip line.
31. The plane strikes Tommy Pickles in a car and knocks him off a ledge.
32. The weight of Tommy falling lifts a piece of balsa wood that’s wedged into a track, releasing a steel ball.
33. The steel ball strikes a large washer and pushes it off the ledge.
34. The washer falls pulling the joystick on the remote.
35. The joystick causes the hydraulic piston to move forward and push the button on the drill.
36. The drill spinning causes a ball(held on by a magnet) to fall off the end.
37. The ball falls down the funnel and strikes wood, causing it to be removed from the track.
38. The removed wood allows the car to roll down the track.
39. The car separates the magnets, causing the Rube Goldberg calendar to fall.
40. The falling calendar strikes one side of a teeter totter.
41. The other side of the teeter totter hits the swing, knocking a ball.
42. The ball rolls into another ball, launching a third ball that’s tied to a string, off of the other side.
43. The slack in the string causes the hammer to fall.
44. The hammer hits the clothespin releasing the spring loaded dowel..
45. The dowel knocks the wedge allowing the Rube Goldberg book to fall down slightly.
46. The book dropping lets the marble roll down the top spine of the book and fall into the cup.
47. The weight of the marble pulls the cup off of the tape and makes the cup fall.
48. The falling cup pulls a piano hammer causing it to fall.
49. The falling piano hammer pulls another piano hammer with it, activating the mouse trap.
50. The mouse trap pulls the popscicle stick out of the slot, letting the money fall into the piggy bank.

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