Team # 375: Benton Brainiacs LLC TEAM PAGE

Benton High School
Benton, WI, United States

Host: WI Regional Contest hosted by STEM Forward
Friday, March 03, 2017
Setup Time: 7:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Roxanne Boardman
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 0

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
We got this!!

Why we think we should win:
We are a very small school, with a very large heart. Our team members have put in a lot of hours to produce this machine. We don't have a lot of money, or resources, but we have a lot of ingenuity, and compared to our rookie year in 2016, we have come with the determination to make some "heads roll". Benton Brainiacs deserve to win!

Benton Brainiacs
Picture this: ????

As we pull back Vladimir Putin’s stolen shower curtain, it knocks Davy Jones still beating heart back into his locker, activating an “amazingly intense” system of pulleys. These pulleys lift a jar full of fancy rocks which releases a weight made of pure gold. This weight sets off a system of strategically placed bones of our last science teacher. She helps us even now, as she flings a penguin egg onto a mouse trap, which snaps and releases Kool Aid into Bob, as without a brain or muscles or any other sign of life, he can not feed himself. Bob somehow still manages to get us a urine sample. We take Bob’s urine sample for the obvious use of turning a circus wheel, which in turn scares a baby from the grave who out of fright knocks over some very educational books. These books hit one of our last science teacher’s misplaced bones off of the shelf, which rips open the gate to the dimension of hot wheels, sending a stray eye ball down the racetrack beating speed racer’s time by a whopping 12 seconds! From here, multiple boulders roll down the great wall of physics books, which then activates the first catapult of the Huns. Not using very practical ammunition, the Huns loaded the catapult with a slinky. It misfired, missing the wall completely, and falling down a flight of sparkly pink magical stairs and then getting caught in the crosshairs of some of Happy Gilmore’s missed shots. The slinky and happy Gilmore’s golf balls collide at such supersonic speeds that it gives birth to siamese twins. The force of this collision was greater than even the big bang, sending the newborn twins back in time about 6 hours. They ponder how to get back to the present, so they steal Marty Mcfly’s delorean, and dress it as a modern angry bird Z24 so they can not get caught. They use a high tech slingshot to give the car the speed it needs to get to the present, but something goes wrong and they end up in the period of the French revolution, knocking Napoleon “BONES” aparts head off of the guillotine, which someone kindly applies a bandage to.

Our Step List

Rube Goldberg
Benton Brainiacs LLC

1. Cut string.
2. A suspended pulley system with 200 gram weights on curtains fall down, pulling the curtain back.
3. Pulley releases tarsals, metatarsals and phalanges (left foot) that is holding the heart balloon with high potential energy at the top of a ramp.
4. Heart balloon then slides down the ramp due to gravity, falling at 9.8 m/s squared landing in Davey Jones’ Locker.
5. The balloon is attached to a double pulley system and due to the balloon’s greater mass, lifts a mayonnaise jar filled with blue and purple aquarium gravel.
6. There is a string held underneath the weight of the jar, which is linked to a 200 gram weight that falls, also at 9.8 m/s squared.
7. The mass falls on a humerus lever, which allows the energy transfer to move with more force, without doubling the energy value.
8. The humerus (upper arm) lever lifts phalanges on the hand and a syringe to the proximal femur lever.
9. This new lever then tips an infant head off of the distal end of the femur.
10. The head falls onto a rat trap that is set and loaded with potential energy, which is converted to kinetic energy once the spring is released from the contact with the marble. When you set the rat trap, you are using a second class lever, where a spring is forcing the bar down, and holding the bar in place. The fulcrum is where the pivot point is on the trap, that once the bar is released, it is taking that potential (stored energy) and turning it into kinetic (energy of motion).
11. Then tension spring of the bar releases, pulling a clothespin off the feeding tube.
12. Feeding tube is then open and freely allows dihydrogen monoxide tinted with yellow food coloring to flow into a urine cup.
13. Once the urine cup is heavier than the femur, the pulley system allows the urine cup to fall.
14. The cup makes contact with the calcaneus of the heel attached to a bicycle wheel.
15. The bicycle wheel and axle are large, which allows a minimum of force to allow it to turn. Very little friction is in play since the wheel is not touching a solid surface. The wheel turns, pulling a string attached to a plastic tension spring with a plastic infant hand attached to it.
16. The plastic tension spring activates, moving the infant hand forward.
17. This hand hits the first of 3 cardboard textbooks.
18. The 3 textbooks fall over in order.
19. The last textbook knocks the ulna off the shelf, which was originally a bookend.
20. The ulna is attached to the hot wheels track by a string that pulls a release lever when the ulna falls.
21. A large clear marble is then allowed to race down the tracks, hitting a stop sign.
22. The stop sign allows the marble to settle, and the marble’s weight causes the floor to swing down and meet with the lower level.
23. The marble continues down the hilly road and falls down the cliff.
24. The marble then hits a mouse trap with stored potential energy.
25. The release of this tension spring allows kinetic energy to pull a tongue depressor stick out of the way of a golf ball.
26. This golf ball now slides down the inclined plane that is the book’s pages knocking another Popsicle stick off and landing in a cup of sand.
27. The missing Popsicle stick then allows the second golf ball to roll down an inclined plane along the pages.
28. This second golf ball knocks off a third Popsicle stick, landing in a cup of sand.
29. The missing Popsicle stick now allows the third golf ball to move along the inclined plane of the book.
30. This last golf ball hits another Popsicle stick pushing off the last Popsicle stick, and the golf ball lands in a cup of sand.
31. The missing final Popsicle stick now allows the metal eyeball marble to roll down the final inclined plane.
32. Now this metal marble falls down the book’s pages to land into a catapult, which also has stored energy.
33. This catapult shifts, knocking over a slinky.
34. This slinky falls down the stairs hitting 3 golf balls.
35. These golf balls roll off the step and onto a teeter totter that has a syringe fulcrum. Since the golf balls are heavier they cause a lift to opposite side of the teeter totter.
36. The teeter totter tips conjoined twin heads.
37. These twin heads hit a second teeter totter with a syringe fulcrum.
38. This second teeter totter triggers an eyeball marble to roll down an inclined plane of a clock.
39. The eyeball moves the second hand of the clock to make contact with the ulna
40. The marble and second hand of the clock pushes the ulna.
41. Ulna bumps a hot wheel race track.
42. The race track then hits a domino.
43. The domino then falls onto a mouse trap that has stored energy.
44. The release of the tension spring pulls a trap door out from under an eyeball marble.
45. This marble falls and hits a trigger (a small device that releases a spring to set off a mechanism) on the Angry Bird race track.
46. The trigger activates, hitting an angry bird car.
47. The angry bird car flies down the track into a rat trap that is set and has a LOT of stored energy.
48. The tension spring of the rat trap, once released, pulls a Popsicle stick away that is holding up a tibia.
49. The tibia will fall now that the Popsicle stick is gone, releasing the skull.
50. The skull now falls and freely rolls down the inclined plane green fluorescent slide.
51. The skull rolls underneath a lower arm lever that has a bandaid attached.
52. The skull lifts the arm and the weight of the arm and the movement of the skull grab the sticky portion of the bandaid.
53.The band aid sticks to the skull and is applied.

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