Team # 811: Breakfast in Bed TEAM PAGE

Tamalpais High School
Mill Valley, CA, United States

Online Contest:
Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Sarah Petrini
Team Members: 7
Invitations: 7
Maddie Cope - invitation signed.
Hannah Kahn - invitation signed.
Rebecca Preis - invitation signed.
Oliver Febbo - invitation signed.
Theo Koffman - invitation signed.
Ben St. John - invitation signed.
Hayden Yearout - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
We originally started constructing Rube Goldberg Machines in tech class in Middle School while learning about engineering and energy transfers. Now, in different high schools and with no common classes, we decided to continue to build machines outside of school in our free time. So while we are still expanding our knowledge of engineering, energy transfers, and machinery, we are also learning the lifelong skills of teamwork, commitment, perseverance, and how to continue to pursue what you love doing even when it's difficult to coordinate.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."
- B.B. King

Why we think we should win:
We think we should win because we put a lot of effort into what we consider a unique and complex machine!
After our in-school Rube Goldberg experience in 8th grade, we all decided that this endeavor was something we wanted to continue outside of school in future years. For the second consecutive year, each one of us set aside time in our busy schedules to work on our machine after school and on weekends. In order to be able to build this machine, we held multiple bake sales, and again earned sponsorship from the Mill Valley Police Officers Association (thank you)!
We also incorporated very complex ideas and steps into our machine. One example of this is that the person who starts the machine is also the ultimate target of the task. We incorporated this into our machine last year as well, and it was a common occurrence in many of Goldberg's cartoons. The most prevalent example of complexity is the tray and track. The tray starts many sequences of steps throughout the entirety of the machine, making it the most complex and creative idea we have attempted so far. In order to do this, we had to split the energy at certain points; some of it going to the next steps, and some of it continuing the tray so the tray would end up where it needed to be when the other steps circled back to it.
We have an amazing machine that truly embodies the spirit of Rube Goldberg, and shows that hard work and collaboration really pay off!

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Lift a flag
Take a photo

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our machine is set in a children's bedroom, filled with toys and bright colors. The bedroom has monster trucks, super balls, hot wheel tracks, many pictures, and, obviously, a elaborate 50+ step Rube Goldberg machine to make and deliver breakfast in the morning. The machine is built around a track and tray that travel throughout the room collecting breakfast, eventually delivering it straight to the bed. Throughout the machine run, a cup of orange juice, a spoon, milk poured into a bowl and, of course, some good ol' Cheerios are added. All toys flying, falling, and rolling around are recycled or donated old toys, and we generously got funding and sponsorship from the local Mill Valley Police Officers Association (thank you!!!).

Our Step List

Step List
1) Alarm clock rings, causing person to sit up in bed
2) When the person in beds sits up, a peg underneath the contest picture frame is pulled out.
3) Without the peg, the picture frame tilts
4) The picture frame tilting causes the bouncy ball on top to roll
5) When the ball falls into the blue end of the pulley, the yellow end to lifts up
6) The yellow cup turning allows a ball to roll out of it
7) The ball hits a hot wheels lever, causing it to turn left
8) This lever hits another lever, which turns right
8) When the second lever turns, it hits a toy car, causing it to roll off the shelf and swing
9) The car hits a ruler, causing it to tilt
10) The ruler tits into the smurf, making it fall
11) When the smurf falls, it pulls on a string and makes the three little pigs fly
12) With the weight of the pigs gone, the hot wheel ramp tilts
13) With the ramp no longer level, the Spot-It tin rolls down the ramp
14) The spot it tin lands in a tissue box, causing the box to tilt.
15) The tissue box hits a Discovery Kids lever, causing it to turn
16) When the bottom of the lever turns, it pulls a toy out from inside a book.
17) With the toy no longer supporting the book cover, the book closes
18) As the book closes, it hits a toy ladder causing one end of it to raise
19) When the end of the ladder raises, it allows a bouncy ball to roll down a hot wheel ramp
20) The ball rolls down the ramp and hits several books and game boxes
21) When the last box falls, the flying monkey box on the wall falls on its hinge.
22) Without the box holding it up, the boggle game on top falls too.
23) When the boggle falls, it pulls the pencil out from the tube
24) The orange juice, which was previously held up by the peg, falls down the tube
25) As the orange juice falls, it hits a lever
26) The lever, attached to gears, causes another lever to turn
27) Without the lever holding the tray in place, the tray rolls down the track
28) On it’s way down the track, the tray hits a lever
29) The lever taps a super ball, causing it to roll
30) The super ball hits a lego man lever, which makes him turn
31) The man turning knocks over a cup
32) When the cup falls another ball comes out of it.
33) Finally, the last ball falls into a playdoh cup, causing it to swing downwards
34) Without the playdoh cup propping it up, the stuffed dinosaur swings
35) The dinosaur hits the stuffed dog, causing it to swing and pull a string
36) The sting pulls out a toy from inside the tube
37) Without the toy, the spoon falls down the tube
38) As it falls, it hits a mini skateboard, causing it to turn
39) When the skateboard turns, the minion that was riding it falls off
40) The minion pulls down on a remote control trigger
41) When the remote control is triggered the motor starts, causing the gate to lift
42) With the gate no longer holding the tray it place, the tray continues to roll down the track
43) The tray hits a discovery kids lever, causing it to turn
44) When the pole turns, it knocks a marble off its stand
45) The marble falls onto a hot wheels track, causing it to turn and pull a sting
46) When the string is pulled, another hot wheels track tilts
47) Another toy ball on that lever rolls, and falls into a cup
48) The cup goes down due to the weight, pulling a string
49) When the string is pulled, the pencil comes out of the tube
50) With the pencil gone, the bouncy ball in the tube is free to fall
51) The ball falls into a cup, causing it to lower
52) When the cup lowers, it pulls a string attached to an action figure, causing the it to turn
53) The picture frame, no longer supported by the toy, turns
54) The ball on top of the picture frame rolls, into the button on the lego motor
55) When the motor is pressed, it turns on and starts winding up a string
56) The cereal and milk on the end of the string turn, and the bowl of cereal is poured!

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