Team # 979: Capstone Cavaliers 2 TEAM PAGE

Capstone Classical Academy
Pleasant View, Utah, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: Utah AFA and Weber State University EAST Regional
Friday, January 11, 2019
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 11:00 AM
Live Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Toni Bentley
Team Members: 5
Invitations: 10
Pierce Heinze - invitation signed.
Jennifer Hall - invitation sent
Tayla Martinex - invitation sent
Jefferson Spencer - invitation signed.
Genesis Jimenez - invitation sent
Kiyoshi Ota - invitation signed.
Xilin Weaver - invitation signed.
Hope Pugmire - invitation signed.
Hope Pugmire - invitation opened.
Hope Pugmire - invitation sent

Capstone Coinz- Introduction for Rube Goldberg Competition

You put a coin through a slot of an ATM and what happens? Well, if you put it through the right spot, then a magical machine will perform a series of genius chain reactions that are perfectly planned and set up, much like a rube goldberg machine. This contraption you see in front of you is a rube goldberg machine that resembles an ATM. The creators, scientists, and engineers are the members of a Rube Goldberg team called Capstone Coinz. I, myself, am a member of Capstone Coinz. This beautiful representation of creativity has the theme of the interior of an ATM. The 18 steps to this machine are:

Someone swipes a card, pulling on a string attached to a wooden dowel, releasing a hammer.
The hammer swings forward, hitting wooden blocks, which fall like dominos.
The trail of wooden blocks weighs a water bottle down attached to a pulley, once the last block falls off of the shelf.
Once the water bottle bottle falls because the wooden dowel is pulled out from underneath it, it pulls a wooden foot forwards.
The wooden foot falls on top of a roll of tape which rolls down a slanted, wooden ramp. The role of tape ends up hitting a marble.
The marble drops through a vertical, white pipe, hitting a red fan and dropping into a container.
The fan moves by the cause of the marble hitting it, and hits a car.
The car goes down a Hot Wheels track, hitting a connect four piece.
The Connect Four piece falls through the connect four game, then hits a stick of wood, moving a marble.
The marble goes down vertical, white pipe, and triggers a trail of dominos.
The trail of dominos hits a group of three dominos taped together and tied to a string.
The taped dominos are tied to a wooden dowel that is loose, and once they fall off of the platform, they trigger a dog’s choke chain to swing back and forth.
The dog’s choke chain hits a car.
The car slides down a downward slanting wooden ramp and hits a pool ball.
The pool ball rolls down a downward slanted wooden ramp which falls into a clean soup can which is attached by a string to a pulley. A wooden hammer is attached to the other end of the string.
The pool ball weighs down the can, causing the wooden hammer to fling upward, hitting a penny.
The penny slides down a downward ramp, then falls into a piggy bank can.

Our Step List

1. There is an axe that is made out of kinects then it will hit the marble down the s pipe
2. A marble goes down the s pipe then it hits another marble that is in step 3
3. The marble goes down a shiny silver pipe to make the next step work
4. A marble hits a car and it falls but gets caught by the string to hold it from falling on the ground
5. The car hitting the spinning thing (I'm sorry Ii have no idea what it's called)
6. The baton hitting the wheel
7. The wheel then hits the pendulum
8. And then the pendulum hits the domino's
9. Now then the domino's hitting the woofal ball.
10. And last the coin falls in to the piggy bank

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