Team # 542: CCA Patriots Rube Team TEAM PAGE

Cornerstone Christian Academy
Willoughby Hills, OH, United States

Online Contest:
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Tami D\'Amico
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
A variety of science topics from physics to earth and space science.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
We chose this because there are fire alarm pipes in the basement we built our machine in, and Nathan (one of our team leaders) would always yell at us not to touch the orange pipes. This was because, if touched, the pipes will release water into the entire school.

Why we think we should win:
We think we should win because we put blood, sweat, and tears into this machine, quite literally. We worked really hard on this machine, and we just really want to win. This year has been a very hard, very stressful year on us and we have still done so well. We love Rube Goldberg and we put so much time in on this project. We hope you enjoy our machine.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Open a pop bottle
Ring a bell
Use a doorbell
Turn on a lamp

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Classroom Chaos!
"Help Teacher - Jimmy got hurt!"
Mrs. Rubenstein will save the day!
Before our wonderful teacher, Mrs. Rubenstein, runs out to help Jimmy, she decided to use her teacher super-powers to make the ball bearing drop into the system of levers. Thankfully, the students were learning about simple machines in science class, and they were practicing them all over the classroom! After the levers, the last ball bearing drops into the tin pail, which lifts a falling picture frame on the shelf knocking over a book in front of where the students were learning about potential and kinetic energy.
The transfer of energy from the world to the blimp makes the blimp fly all the way to the colored pencil clip triggering the pulley system in the homework files that Kailey put up. This leads us to the whiteboard shelf where the ball rolls down into a bucket which falls. The students were experimenting with pulleys and ramps, and discussing gravity. Mrs. Rubenstein’s teacher hand was thankfully placed near the mousetrap so that it triggered a tennis ball which rolls behind Baby Sally’s legs making her kick the ball bearings Jarred set up on his textbooks (he wanted an excuse not to do his homework). The last ball bearing sadly hits a tiny pencil that was attached to Allison’s gravity beads. Poor Allison, she had spent hours and HOURS setting up her gravity bead jewelry, which shel’ll have to set up all over again. Her beads cause a block to trigger Emma’s pineapple-seagull contraption. Her seagull fly up and hits his head so hard on the shelf above, it causes the ball bearings to pour out of a bottle and into Clara’s beach toy lever and pulley set up - with the pail and it’s shovel were still connected with a string. The shovel releases a small ball that hits vertical pipes, causing them to fall on Gavin’s ice cream scooper (he wants to be a ice cream truck driver when he grows up!) His ice cream carton slides down and triggers the release of Dan’s conveyor belt. The belt slides and shakes Jarred’s favorite toy, Douglas the hot dog. Though Jarred struggled to get him to balance on his bun, (he finally succeeded) Douglas flew down the inclined plane into the bucket pulley! The bucket swung off the table and knocked into the school’s mascot, the patriot man, who fell on a mousetrap and triggered another pointer stick on a 2nd mousetrap (there was a small mouse problem at the school). The second trap triggered Dan’s conveyor belt once again. Unfortunately, someone left the paint out on the conveyor belt. This crashed into the pencils that Kailey carefully arranged when she was bored during Math group. The pencils hit a ball bearing which landed on the kite toy tube and the kite fell onto Mia’s lever. Her lever pushes over a huge 2 by 4 block. When the block falls, it scares the class pet wormy and he jumps back home to his holey apple. The ball bearing wormy was holding falls on the third pointer, which hits Mrs. Rubenstein’s water bottle. The bottles falls off the desk, opening her chromebook, which shuts her desk organizer drawer. The block falls off, releasing a toy rocket that was hanging but it falls and delivers a band-aid onto Jimmy’s arm, covering his cut so it doesn’t get infected.

Our Step List

Machine is started with a remote control for an electromagnet holding a ball bearing
1. Electromagnet drops ball.
2. Ball travels through teeter/totter ramps
3. Ball falls into bucket pulling it down.
4. Bucket pulls rope attached to frame.
5. Frame lifts and hits book.
6. Book hits support from under white board.
7. White board swings and hits small globe.
8. Globe hits toy blimp.
9. Blimp travels down zip line and hits clip.
10.Clip drops colored pencils attached to a string.
11. String lifts ramp.
12. Ball falls from ramp into magnetic cup.
13. Cup slides down on white board and lowers ramp.
14. Ball rolls down ramp and falls into bucket.
15. Bucket falls and pulls on hand lever.
16. Hand lever pushes down on mouse trap.
17. Mouse trap pulls dowel from in front of ball.
18. Ball rolls down ramp and hits baby leg.
19. Baby leg kicks foward and hits ball.
20. Ball rolls down book and hits flipper for second ball.
20 - part B: Second ball rolls down book and hits third ball.
20 - part C: Third ball rolls down last book and hits pencil off of book.
21. Pencil falls and pulls beads.
22. Gravity beads pull out of two beakers and lift dowel rod.
23. Block falls off of dowel rod and lands on mouse trap.
24. Mousetrap pulls up on shim and knocks pineapple off shelf.
25. Pineapple pulls up on seagull.
26. Seagull lifts bookshelf and knocks off weight.
27. Weight pulls up more on shelf and lifts bottle.
28. Bearings roll from bottle into tube and into bucket.
29. Bucket pushes down on lever.
30. Lever string pulls on support under shovel.
31. Shovel falls and dumps ball.
32. Ball swings into lever
33. Lever flips up hitting second lever.
34. Second lever swings down and lands on ice cream handle.
35. Magnet releases ice cream down ramp.
36. Ice cream falls into bucket pulling it from velcro.
37. Ice cream bucket travels down zip line into mousetrap.
38. Mouse trap pulls hook releasing conveyor belt.
39. Conveyor slides block into swinging lever.
40. Swinging lever releases shim from hot dog.
41. Hot dog slides down ramp hitting bucket.
42. Bucket falls and hits Patriots logo flap.
43. Flap falls onto mousetrap which releases dowel with hand.
44. Hand dowel comes down and smacks mousetrap.
45. Mousetrap releases lever freeing conveyor.
46. Paint bottle on conveyor hits pencil levers
47. Pencil levers hit steel ball.
48. Ball rolls down ramp and onto kite tube.
49. Kite falls through tube and lands on lever.
50. Lever lifts up on wood block.
51. Wood block falls over pulling down on apple string.
52. Apple falls and pulls on worm.
53. Worm releases ball.
54. Ball falls onto hand lever.
55. Hand lifts bottle off of desk.
56. Bottle pulls open Chromebook lid.
57. Chromebook lid smacks into open drawers.
58. Closing drawer knocks off block.
59. Block falls releasing ball.
60. Rocket falls and applies Band-Aid on arm.

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