Team # 833: Cereal Thrillers TEAM PAGE

Batesville High School
Batesville, IN, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: DIVISION II - Genesis: Pathways to Success, Jac-Cen-Del School Corporation
Saturday, March 03, 2018
Setup Time: 7:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:15 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Tim Mauzy
Team Members: 6
Invitations: 6
Lain Goewert - invitation signed.
Curtis Beal - invitation signed.
Ronnie Warner - invitation signed.
Seth Weisenbach - invitation signed.
Ryan Krohn - invitation signed.
Rhys Krohn - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
How can we make a routine that is so simple more complicated.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.

Why we think we should win:
Cereal should be a part of the last meal of the day, so winners eat dinners!

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Raising the flag.

Our U-shaped machine has been engineered to utilize sports equipment in order to truly pour the Breakfast of the Champions.

Our Step List

Step 1: Pushing the Irish Hurling Stick into the string releases the bat. The machine is now started.
Step 2. The released Bat hits string that holding Bowling Pin support
Step 3: Support falls and Bowling pin falls releasing magnet supporting softball
Step 4: Softball rolls into tennis racket which is knocked down
Step 5: The now free Tennis Racket releases the tension from rubber bands
Step 6: The rubber bands push the wood post supporting a golf club
Step 7: The Golf club turns a wood rod that pivots pulling stick supporting bat
Step 8: the pulled rod releases bat
Step 9: Bat falls on string that pulls out stop holding Basketball
Step 10: The basketball is released and rolls down the ramp
Step 11: The ramp pulls a rope over a pulley that lifts another ramp
Step 12: Ramp is raised
Step:13: The book falls and hits the platform
Step 14: Platform forces the release of a magnet holding bat.
Step 15: The released bat swings and hits a baseball
Step 16: The ball rolls down a ramp into a fielders glove
Step 17 the downward force of the ball on the glove pulls a ball out of the sand in the megaphone
Step 18: sand is released and its weight pushed a stick holding a golfball
Step 19: The golfball is released as the stick blocking the ball opens
Step 20: The released golf ball falls into the second sand trap
Step 21: The force of the ball forces the stick to travel in a vertical direction
Step 22: The wood stop is opened releasing golf ball that travels on 2 paths
Step 23: At the end of the trough the golfball drops through a hole and into a cup attached to a bicycle wheel
Step 24: The force of the golfball into the cup forces the bicycle wheel to turn
Step 25: The wheel turns and pulls a string releasing a spear on a ramp
Step 26: The spear slides down the ramp popping a balloon that supports a board
Step 27: The deflated balloon drops and the board drops too
Step 28: The board pulls a string supported by hinges forcing a magnet to pull away from a truck
Step 29: The truck is then freed and rolls down the ramp Hitting lever
Step 30: The lever pulls a rubber stopper that releases two steel balls that roll into a cup
Step 31: The cup goes down and on the other end of this lever a piece of wood holding a string goes up
Step 32: The string pulls up a platform that pulls against a tightened string holding a stop
Step 33: The stop is pulled out releasing a baseball on the top rail
Step 34: The baseball follows the rail and into another track then in to basket
Step 35: The force of the baseball on the basket pulls up an articulated stick
Step 36: The articulated stick pulls up the football and places it in the trough
Step 37: The downward weight of the football forces a parallel tube up and 2 steel balls to be released
Step 38: The steel balls roll and fall into a container which is forced down by the weight of the steel balls
Step 39: A lever action pulls up a claw that releases a metal cylinder pipe that rolls down a ramp into a rope
Step 40: The rope pulls a stop that releases a golfball that rolls into a plastic container
Step 41: the weight on the golf ball causes a lever to release an orange softball that travels down a trough
Step 42: The ball bounces of the handle of the driver and lands in a basket whose weight pulls down the lever
Step 43: The other end of the lever is raised releasing a brass cylinder
Step 44: The brass cylinder rolls over a string pulling a nail out of a plastic tube releasing metal balls
Step 45: The metal balls roll down a ramp and into a tin cup which drops due tot he force of the metal balls
Step 46: The cup holds a string that holds a magnet that is released from the plane due to the force
Step 47: The released plane hits a string that pulls out a stop releasing a softball
Step 48: The softball lands in a bucket pulling down a lever
Step 49: The lever pulls down on a string that is attached to a pulley and then attached to a baseball helmet -pulling it up
Step 50: A baseball is released and rolls down a trough into a ladle forcing the lever down
Step 51: The lever then pulls a string that supports a stop holding another golf ball which is released
Step 52: The golfball rolls into a container on a lever that releases another golf ball
Step 53: The golfball ball rolls onto a lever forcing it down and the other end to raise releasing golf ball
Step 54: The golf ball is released down a track, hitting a wood plank
Step 55: The wood plank pulls a rope that releases a golfball
Step 56: The golfball hits a wood plank
Step 57: The wood plank pulls a rope holding a stop that releases a baseball
Step 58: The baseball rolls and hits a vertical lever whose opposite end is tied to a string
Step 59: The string pulls the release mechanism on the vice grips
Step 60: The Vice grip jaws holding a ball are released sending it down
Step 61: The ball lands on a spot on a lever forcing it down and raising the opposite side
Step 62: The now raised lever opens to allow a golfball to again roll down the ramp and into a bin on a lever
Step 63: The weight of the golfball pulls uptake other end the lever releasing another golfball
Step 64: Golfball moves down trough hitting vertical lever which opens a gate releasing another golfball
Step 65: Released from the gate the golfball travels down the track and into the plastic holder
Step 66: The weight of the golfball on this lever pulls up another gate that is holding a golfball only higher
Step 67: The opened gate releases a golfball whose momentum pushes against a board
Step 68: Board falls pulling string attached to stick supporting bat
Step 69: Stick is pulled down and bat is released pulling down string
Step 70: String is pulled through pulleys releasing a fork that holds a bat
Step 71: Bat is released and hits a paddle twisting a cylinder
Step 72: The twisting cylinder pulls a string holding a nail in a tube
Step 73: The nail is removed releasing the metal balls
Step 74: Marbles roll down the tube into the tin can, pulling the wedge from the bowling ball
Step 75: The bowling ball rolls down the ramp hitting a pole and pours our serving of cereal. Mission Accomplished!
But wait! What is a bowl of cereal without milk? Milk is added.

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