Team # 796: CESJDS Lions TEAM PAGE

Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School
Rockville, MD, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Sunday, March 11, 2018
Setup Time: 9:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 1:00 PM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Ginger Thornton
Team Members: 6
Invitations: 10
Russell Lubin - invitation signed.
Austin Kaminow - invitation sent
Rebecca Weiss - invitation sent
Jonah Abrams - invitation signed.
Matthew Lawrenz - invitation signed.
Ahava Freeman - invitation signed.
Austin Kaminow - invitation signed.
Rebecca Weiss - invitation signed.
Rebecca Weiss - invitation sent
Jack Thornton - invitation opened.

The CESJDS High School Rube Goldberg Machine is a construction primarily made of recycled materials fitted efficiently into a compact space. The process begins with one picking one's phone off of the receptacle, and culminates in the creation of a lovely bowl of milk and cereal. Our machine utilizes energy transfers such as kinetic impact, torque, air propulsion and gravitational force. Additionally, it features a minimalist design to ensure unobstructed viewing from all angles. It is a functional piece of both art and machinery that is sure to impress.

Our Step List

1. Phone is picked up, which lets a weight pull a seesaw down, allowing gravity to make a circular weight roll down the track.
2. The weight hits a mock toothbrush on a fulcrum, making it rotate.
3. The rotating fulcrum knocks a ball tied to a string off a ledge.
4. The ball falls and, through a system of pulleys, makes a canister of water tip, releasing water.
5. The water flows down a track and onto a bucket.
6. The bucket becomes weighted, pushing one side of the seesaw down and the other up.
7. The rising side of the seesaw pushes into a stick which pushes another seesaw up.
8. The seesaw change in tile rolls a ball down a track.
9. The ball knocks the bottom of a water bottle out, making it fall.
10. The falling water bottle releases a ball attached to a string.
11. The falling ball pulls a domino on a track, via the attached string, which knocks into a larger red ball.
12. The red ball rolls down a track and hits a switch to turn on a hair dryer.
13. The flow of air produced by the hair dryer pushes a plastic egg up a tube.
14. The plastic egg hits a doll on an axle, making it fall.
15. Attached to the doll is a string, which, once the doll falls, pulls a golf ball off of a ledge.
16. The golf ball falling allows a bouncy ball, which is on the other side of a seesaw from the golf ball, to roll down a series of steps.
17. The bouncy flies off the edge of the track and onto a ladle, making it fall.
18. The ladle rests on a magnetized pad, so by falling it pulls that pad down.
19. The pad releases cereal into the bowl. This pad also swings down and knocks a ball off of a ledge.
20. The ball rolls down a clear track and hits a switch, allowing electricity to flow to a fan and turn it on
21. The wind produced from the fan turns a small windmill, which rotates an axle.
22. The rotating axle has a string tied around it attached to the backside of a canister of milk that is on a fulcrum - when the axle rotates, it pulls the back of this canister up, thereby pouring the milk into the bowl of cereal.

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