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Chesapeake Academy
Irvington, VA, USA

Online Contest:
Erase A Chalkboard
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Mr. McAllister
Team Members: 3
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Welcome to the Chesapeake Academy Rube Goldberg entry. This is the third year we've entered the contest and we're really hoping for a win.

Our Step List

1. Our project is like a jungle river, it starts off with a marble rolling down the first section of the river made out of PVC pipe.
2. The marble then hits a golf ball, continuing its journey down the river as the golf ball goes down a ramp made of cut up cups which is like a waterfall.
3. The golf ball falls into a cup and causes a "wave" and raises the pulley.
4. The cup/wave hits the trigger holding up a fishing weight.
5. When the trigger falls it causes the weight to slide down a zip-line.
6. When it reaches the bottom of the zip-line the weight knocks off a racket ball that is sitting on a stack of cups.
7. The racket ball floats down the river/ ramp and hits a series of dominos.
8. The dominos fall and the last one falls off the table and into a cup attached to a pulley.
9. When the cup goes up on the other end of the pulley it causes a seesaw to tip.
10. The tipping seesaw releases a final golf ball to continue down the final stretch of the river.
11. The golf ball floats down the river and hits a cup full of water. This cup is like a dam and when it is hit with the golf ball it falls and causes a waterfall.
12. The cascading water crashed down and washes away the dirt/chalk and then settles onto a pool of jungle water.

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