Team # 1115: Cocoa Tribe TEAM PAGE

St. Augustine of Canterbury School
Kendall Park, New Jersey, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: Mineola Middle School
Saturday, March 09, 2019
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 9:30 AM
Live Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Tony DeBari
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 10
Joshua Reilly - invitation signed.
Jaeden Buenaventura - invitation signed.
Kavya Kartik - invitation signed.
Aairah Rizvi - invitation signed.
Jordan Gopez - invitation signed.
Adrian Perdomo - invitation signed.
Livia Varga - invitation signed.
Arianna Peart - invitation signed.
Joshua Fernandes - invitation signed.
Pranav Tikkawar - invitation signed.

Our team name is the Cocoa Tribe, which we collectively came up with based on the theme of our skit. We had a lot of meetings throughout the year and did quite a lot of brainstorming together. In fact, we created two other themes and even a whole other skit before we finally came up with this third idea that we loved even more! From the beginning, we agreed that we didn’t want to create something generic. We didn’t want a regular piggy bank and money and we wanted a lot of humor. We came up with idea of people stumbling upon a tribe with treasure. They want to get rich by going after it, but it turns out that the reason it is called the Cocoa Tribe is because the coins that they are putting in the treasure chest, which is their version of a piggy bank, are actually chocolate coins!

The best thing that we learned was teamwork. We are all different, some shy and quiet and some outgoing and natural leaders. We learned to use everyone’s strengths. In fact, to symbolize each of us in our machine, we all took one of the cylinders at the beginning of the machine and drew our own fun symbols on it like totem poles so that we were all represented. We have kids who speak more in the skit, ones that had more of a role in writing it, ones that had more ideas for steps of the machine, some who added more of the humor, students who were better at art were painting and decorating more, those who were leaders delegated tasks. Everyone had a major role in creating the skit and the machine and making the experience a success. Everything that we used in the machine is recycled or was found at home. In fact, the treasure chest was a plastic file box we found in one of the team member’s basement, that we spray painted and added gems that someone had at home! We also made sure we added sound elements to the machine, like the cowbell and cymbal. We all hope that you enjoy the twists and turns of the steps we created for our 32 step machine, as well as the skit, and find the humor in it all.

Our Step List

1. A clip is pushed.
2. This then releases a car.
3. The car is then slingshotted, hitting a soccer ball.
4. The soccer ball then hits a water bottle on top of a cup.
5. Removing the water bottle releases the cup that is holding a car back.
6. The car moves down a ramp, which knocks over a cup of marbles.
7. The marbles flows into a tube, which leads to a funnel.
8. The change in weight will make a piece of wood rise.
9. The rubber ball then rolls down a ramp.
10. The rubber ball then hits a gigantic spoon.
11. The spoon then hits a wooden slab.
12. The wooden slab triggers a mouse trap.
13. The mousetrap releases a string from the other side.
14. The string and then let’s the toy man go down then hits seesaw.
15. The bowling pin on the other side of the wooden seesaw will then hit over a box of Irish Spring soap.
16. The box of soap will fall into a bucket, triggering a pulley-system.
17. The other side of the pulley-system will rise, releasing a ball.
18. The ball rolls down a ramp,
19. The ball will then hit a stick holding a lanyard in place.
20. The stick will be pushed in releasing the lanyard.
21. The lanyard will fling upwards, hitting a Jumping Bean.
22. The bean rolls down a ramp and hits a car, which is stopped by a bump.
23. The car then falls down a tube.
24. The car then hits a smaller wooden seesaw.
25. The other side of the wooden seesaw flings a roll of Scotch Tape.
26. The Scotch Tape then hits a tennis ball.
27. The tennis ball then rolls down a Pinball type of ramp.
28. The tennis ball then hits a wooden block.
29. The wooden block then hits a train, which will roll down it’s track.
30. The train then hits a orange juice bottle with a hammer on the top of it.
31. When the bottle falls, the hammer on top hits a button which activates a panda piggy bank.
32. The panda opening up then makes the coin on top of it slide off into the slot of the handmade Treasure Chest piggy bank.

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