Team # 749: CSI TEAM PAGE

Anderson High School
Anderson, IN, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: Purdue Engineering Student Council
Saturday, February 17, 2018
Setup Time: 6:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 11:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: David Perrel
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 10
Dakotah Alumbaugh - invitation signed.
Landon Alumbaugh - invitation signed.
Mackenna Hawes - invitation signed.
Hailey Short - invitation signed.
Logan Hamilton - invitation signed.
Lisa Leisure - invitation signed.
Owen Zheng - invitation signed.
Steven Boyd - invitation signed.
Brandon Pepper - invitation signed.
Jon Faulkenberg - invitation signed.

CSI - Anderson
The Case of the Cereal Killer

Thunder sound effects
Narrator: It was a dark and stormy night. Detective Anderson and his secretary were working late in his office. They were investigating the case which had come to be known as (dramatic pause) The Cereal Killer.

Detective: (dramatic voice, looking off into distance) An unknown individual has been attacking famous cereal mascots in their own homes. Sonny the Cuckoo bird of Cocoa Puffs, Lucky the leprechaun of Lucky charms, and the Trix rabbit have already been hit. No one knows who could be next.

Secretary: Sir? The police called. They want to know if you have any leads.

Detective: Tell them I know as much as they do.

Secretary walks out, detective does some frustrated sighing

Secretary: Excuse me sir, there’s someone on the phone for you. They claim to be the Cereal Killer.

Detective: Put them on. (Pause) This is Detective Anderson

Cereal Killer: Oh I know all about you. You’re quite the sleuth, tracking me this far.

Detective: What is it you’re after?

Cereal Killer: Revenge. My whole life, I’ve been told these are kids cereals. That rabbit always made sure I remembered that.

Detective: He was innocent, he didn’t do anything to you.

Cereal Killer: Irrelevant. (Pause) If you want to attempt to stop me, I have hidden my plans for the next target inside a box of Trix cereal. It could be anywhere in the world. I will not wait long. Best get pouring. (Line goes dead)

Detective: Good thing I had this cereal-pouring machine built for me. (He hangs up phone, machine starts.)

Our Step List

Anderson High School Rube Goldberg Machine 2018
CSI - Anderson

Machine Steps
1. Hang up the phone
2. Phone connects circuit that runs behind machine to motor
3. Motor starts, rotates gears
4. Gears rotate spool
5. Spool lowers weight
6. Weight lowers onto spoon
7. Spoon pulls string
8. String raises platform with teapot
9. Teapot pours BBs into cup
10. Cup pulls down lever
11. Lever pulls string
12. String pulls up on platform
13. Platform knocks off stapler
14. stapler pulls string
15. string pulls latch
16. Latch releases catapult
17. Catapult launches pool ball
18. Pool ball lands in basket
19. Basket lowers, pulls on string
20. String pulls eyelet
21. Eyelet releases first ball
22. First ball lands on string in hole
23. String pulls second eyelet
24. Second eyelet releases second ball
25. Second ball lands on string in second hole
26. String pulls third and final eyelet, releasing third ball
27. Third ball rolls down over first two balls, hits lever
28. Lever seesaws and hits first weighted can
29. Weighted can rolls up ramp, hits second can
30. Second can hits third can
31. Third can hits scissors
32. Scissors cut string
33. String releases pendulum
34. Pendulum hits ball
35. Ball rolls down ramp, hits magnet ball
36. Magnet transfers energy, last ball flies out
37. Last ball hits switch
38. Switch turns on hairdryer
39. Hair dryer spins spoon fan
40. Spoon fan unwinds string
41. String pulls ramp
42. Ball rolls down ramp
43. Ball hits clothespin
44. Clothespin releases string
45. String releases blinds
46. Blinds snap up, pull white string
47. White string lowers ramp
48. Can rolls down ramp, hits second can
49. Second can rolls into takeout box
50. Takeout box weighs down pulley
51. Second takeout box raises, hits platform
52. Platform knocks down axe
53. Axe falls, cuts string
54. String releases ball
55. Ball rolls down whiteboard, through tube, into cup
56. Book with cup falls over, starting domino chain of books
57. Last book falls onto chip clip
58. Chip clip releases string
59. String releases wound back spring car
60. Spring car runs into strings
61. String pulls on arm
62. Arm knocks down hot wheels car
63. Hot wheels car goes down ramp, hits string
64. String pulls lever
65. Lever releases pencil
66. Pencil rolls down ramp, hits marble
67. Marble lands on mouse trap
68. Mouse trap pulls string
69. String pulls down magnet
70. With magnet gone, metal nut releases and baking soda bag falls into vinegar
71. Baking soda and vinegar reaction producing gas to inflates balloon
72. Balloon raises platform with Trix cereal
73. Cereal pours into bowl

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