Team # 790: Designers for Tomorrow TEAM PAGE

Da Vinci Design
El Segundo, California, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: STEAM Machines Innovation Fair
Sunday, March 04, 2018
Setup Time: 9:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 11:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Tina Hannouche
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 10
Kendall Coleman - invitation signed.
Zoe Conyers - invitation signed.
Michelle Gonzalez - invitation signed.
Mikayla Kidd - invitation signed.
Ethan Martinez - invitation signed.
Daniela Parra Garcia - invitation signed.
Sterling Rawls - invitation signed.
Aidan Scott - invitation signed.
Kian Sutarwala - invitation signed.
Lauren Talbert - invitation signed.

Our Step List

1. Car hits magnet
2. Magnet drops golf ball
3. Golf ball pulls lever
4. Lever releases marbles
5. Marbles hit medium marble
6. Medium marble hits golf ball
7. Golf ball closes switch
8. Switch turns on fan
9. Fan pushes ping pong ball
10. Ping pong ball hits set of popsicle sticks
11. Set of popsicle sticks set off mousetrap
12. Mouse trap pulls string
13. String releases golf ball
14. Golf ball hits weighted hits weighted glue stick
15. Glue stick hits hinge
16. Hinge pushes car
17. Car hits block
18. Block sets off mouse trap
19. Mouse trap pulls string
20. String releases clip
21. Clip drops door
22. Door pulls string
23. String lifts cup
24. Cup releases golf ball
25. Golf ball hits magnets
26. Magnets release pendulum
27. Pendulum hits spoon
28. Spoon hits ping pong ball
29. Ping pong ball hits domino
Domino Story
30. Domino falls on switch
31. Switch turns on fan
32. Fan pushes boat
33. Boat hits wood
34. Wood sets off mouse trap
35. Mouse trap pulls string
36. String pulls clip
37. Clip releases weight
38. Weight turns on speaker
Ping Pong Story
39. Ping pong ball sets off mouse trap
40. Mouse trap pulls string
41. String lifts carabiner
42. Carabiner pushes cup
43. Cup releases golf ball
44. Golf ball pushes tube
45. Tube pushes weight
46. Weight pulls string
47. String pulls box
48. String pulls box releases cereal

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