Team # 1095: Dirksen Dolphins TEAM PAGE

Dirksen Elementary School
Schaumburg, IL, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: Hoffman Estates High School
Saturday, February 23, 2019
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:30 AM
Live Apprentice - Ages 8 - 11 (Elementary School)
Team Leader: Benjamin Johnson
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 14
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Nathan Barnitz - invitation signed.
Kennedy Apple - invitation sent
Taline Abousamar - invitation signed.
Ryan Kim - invitation signed.
Kennedy Apple - invitation signed.

Our Machine utilizes a number of inclined planes and takes us through a trip down on the farm. Starting with the a simple ping pong ball, we will zip and zoom through the barns, past some of the livestock and end up supporting our local farm with a small deposit in their "Pig"gy Bank

Our Step List

1. Ping pong ball rolls down ramp.
2. Marble rolls down track to car.
3. Car rolls and hits the lever.
4. Lever hits the dominos
5. Dominoes knock over cardboard tubes
6. Domino falls into pulley
7. Pulley lifts incline plane.
8. Ping pong ball rolls to dominos.
9. Dominoes knock over car.
10. Car opens up ramp.
11. The dime slides into the piggy bank.

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