Team # 1332: Doomsday Machine TEAM PAGE

Mineola Middle School
Mineola, New York, United States

Turn Off A Light
Host: Mineola Middle School
Saturday, March 07, 2020
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Vincent Interrante
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 10
Nico Bernardes - invitation signed.
Kyle Wen - invitation signed.
John Valentino - invitation signed.
Luigi Sartori - invitation signed.
Eunice Lee - invitation signed.
Gabriel Wasserman - invitation signed.
Toniann Guerreiro - invitation signed.
Alex Stone - invitation signed.
Joseph Parrino - invitation signed.
Alex Baker - invitation signed.

Our Step List

1) The ball falls into pully*
2) The other side of pully hits one side of the lever
3) The other side of the lever goes down causing a ball to roll down an inclined plain*
4) The ball hits a washer on a wire
5) The washers go down and then hit another ball
6) The ball rolls down a ramp and hits another ball
7) The same ball hits one side of a different lever
8) The other side of the lever hits a ball
9) That ball rolls down a ramp and knocks over a cup
10) The cup falls and pulls a magnet down allowing a ball to roll
11) The ball rolls down a ramp falling through a tunnel then lands on a ramp. Then, that same ball rolls and lands on one side of a spoon.
12) The spoon flips up, which launches a ball.
13) Then the ball pulls a piece of fabric.
14) That allows the ruler to rotate and hit another ball.
15) The ball rolls across a VHS tape and falls into a pully.
16) The other side of the pully shoots up and hits a ball.
17) The ball then rolls down a ramp and through a slinky and turns on the power.
18) The power is used to turn on the hair drier.
19) That hair drier blows air and pushes a toy truck(that has a wheel and axel)*.
20) The toy truck falls off a bench that pulls of a cup.
21) That cup is holding a spoon in place as soon as the spoon moves its releases a hammer.
22) The hammer swing and hits a softball.
23) The softball rolls down a ramp and hits a plank of wood.
24) That plank of wood turns and allows a baseball to roll down another ramp.
25) Baseball then hits another plank of wood.
26) Then this plack of wood allows a pool ball to roll down a ramp.
27)The pool ball then hits a block of wood.
28) The block of wood then falls and hits a washer that rolls down a screw.
29) The washer then falls and pulls a string turning off the light.

Our Close-ups: Photos

A maximum of 3 close-ups (scanned diagrams, photos). Images must be JPG or PNG, and less than 5 MB.

Our Close-ups: Task Completion

Our Machine Verbal Presentation. This is your team’s chance to shine and be creative! We want to hear the story your machine tells, and understand how the steps represent the theme and key elements of your narrative. The Machine Introduction should not be a step-by-step explanation of how the steps work. This is where your personality, humor, and team spirit engages the audience and gets them excited to see your machine.

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