Sherwood Middle School
Columbus, OH, USA

Online Contest:
Hammer A Nail
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Vonda Keane
Team Members: 6
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
We are studying simple machines.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Our teachers favorite quote is "The mother of invention is ingenuity"

Why we think we should win:
We think that we should win because we have been working consistently and have been coming up with out of the box ideas.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Some suggestions for next years challenge are printing a paper, putting butter on toast, and turning on a light.

Our Step List

Chain Reactions
1. Ball rolls down the wall segments and triggers another ball to role.
2. That ball continues and strikes that tic tack toe cardboard.
3. Taps the cube which slides down the string.
4. Hits blue ball and the blue ball travels along the 3 levels of paper organizer.
5. The blue ball hits the plastic cup.
6. Plastic cup hits the wooden wedge.
7. The wooden wedge hits the yard stick.
8. Yard stick hits the ball at the top of the green tower.
9. The ball travels downward along the foam track, hits another ball.
10. The ball rolls down the jenga block maze and hits the wooden rectangle
11. The wooden rectangle flips and hits a domino.
12. Four additional dominos fall, and hits a blue marble.
13. The blue marble follows a track down the foam track.
14. The ball hits two plastic cups, a piece of wood.
15. The piece of wood hits another cup.
16. The cup hits a book.
17. The book causes four additional books to fall.
18. The last book falls on a toy remote control.
19. The toy helicopter moves forward and hits a box.
20. The box moves forward causing the hammer to move forward.
21. The hammer falls onto a nail which gets hammered into Styrofoam.
• THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Machine Run #1