Team # 845: Elk Mound TEAM PAGE

Elk Mound
Elk Mound, WI, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: University of Wisconsin- Stout
Friday, March 02, 2018
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Lucas Audorff
Team Members: 7
Invitations: 8
Caleb Young - invitation signed.
Bryce Kasper - invitation signed.
Abbby Kasper - invitation signed.
Dillon McLaughlin - invitation signed.
Blake Burlingame - invitation signed.
Brennan Zais - invitation signed.
Danielle Wagner - invitation opened.
Andrew Benson - invitation signed.

Long ago there was famous pirate known as Captain Butts.
He and his crew of misfits sailed the seas in search of treasure. One day they found a treasure that outshined all others. To protect their newly found, delicious prize, they decided to bury it on an uncharted island. As the pirates sailed into the lagoon on the island, they startled a dragon who flew into a tree which jarred an egg out of it’s nest. It then rolls down the mountain face creating a rock slide, which releases a wave of water down the waterfall. The rush of water forces the anchor to fall off the pirates’ ship. The sheer weight of the anchor pulls the ship down allowing an cannonball to roll free. The rolling cannonball then strikes a barrel which forces a mini cannon ball down a gang plank. The mini cannonball scares a rat which makes him scurry down the ship. The terrified rat jumps the ship, but hits a protruding cannon along the way causing it to tip, releasing a third cannonball. This cannonball impacts a pile of crates busting loose a large stolen artifact to roll to the back of the ship, which frees the gangplank onto the beach. The gangplank hitting the beach, jars the palm tree causing a coconut to fall to the ground. The coconut impacts the beach which distracts a group of nearby pirates. The distracted pirates drop the treasure they were unloading allowing it to roll freely down a hill. The treasure impacts a tree making it fall over. The falling tree makes a gust of wind which releases the first sail on the ship which makes the other two to unravel and flare open. The final sail pulls free a rope that was tied to the island. A cannonball that was holding the rope down is now free and comes rolling down the cliff. Then the cannonball strikes the handle used to open the heavy treasure chest with just enough force to fling it open. When the pirates see the chest is finally open, they then disengage the trapdoor holding in the delectable treasure allowing it to flow into the chest. The pirates have finally protected their most valued possession, until the next group of misfits come along to steal the treasure for themselves.

Our Step List

1. Cloud button pushed
2. Teeter totter pivots
3. Pushes lever
4. Spring uncoils
5. Lever launches Dragon
6. Dragon depresses lever
7. Spring uncoils
8. Lever pulls string and nail
9. Marble released
10. Marble tips lever
11. lever launches a marble
12. Marble pushes lever
13. Spring uncoils
14. Waterfall stopper lifts
15. Marble waterfall released
16. Marbles collide with bowl
17. Bowl swings into lever
18. Lever pulls string
19. String pulls weight off ledge
20. Weight pulls string
21. String dislodges counter balance
22. Counter balance rotates anchor lever
23. Anchor is released
24. Anchor string pulls pin
25. Pin releases cannonball #1
26. Cannonball #1 collides with crate
27. Crate collides with cannonball #2
28. Cannonball #2 impacts skinny box
29. Skinny box pushes barrel
30. Barrel pushes wire
31. Wire pushes marble
32. Marble pushes lever
33. Spring uncoils
34. Lever releases mouse #1
35. Mouse #1 collides with pin
36. Pin pushes mouse #2
37. Mouse #2 lands on lever
38. Lever releases cannonball #3
39. Cannonball #3 tips skinny crate #2
40. Skinny crate #2 lands on lever
41. Spring uncoils
42. Lever pulls stolen artifact pin
43.Stolen artifact is released
44. Stolen artifact impacts crate
45. Crate pushes gangplank
46. Gangplank pulls pin
47. Pin releases coconut
48. Coconut hits lever
49. Spring uncoils
50. Lever pulls treasure pin
51. Treasure is released
52. Treasure pushes crate
53. Crate pushes lever
54. Lever tugs on string
55. String pulls wind release
56. Wind released
57. Wind hits Sail #1
58. Sail #1 hits string
59. String pulls pin
60. Weight released
61. Weight unfurls sail #2
62. Sail #2 hits string
63. String pulls wire stand
64. Wire stand depresses lever
65. Spring uncoils
66. Lever released
67. Sail #3 launched into air
68. Sail #3 impacts clay boulder string
69. String releases clay boulder
70. Clay boulder collides with chest lever
71. Chest opens pulling string
72. String pulls pin
73. Pin releases trap door
74. Trap door releases treasure
75. Treasure falls into bowl

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