Team # 953: Flying Saucers TEAM PAGE

Grier School
Birmingham, Pennsylvania, United States

Online Contest:
Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Kelly Forest
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 10
Heather Pearson - invitation signed.
Mengyao Shen - invitation signed.
Xuehan Zhou - invitation signed.
Jieying Song - invitation signed.
Noah Lu - invitation signed.
Zixi Fan - invitation signed.
Meier Kuang - invitation signed.
Shangnan Chen - invitation signed.
Jiayi Jiang - invitation signed.
Nhu Tran - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
We are studying Physics, Biology, and/or Chemistry.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"The way of progress is neither swift nor easy" -Marie Curie

Why we think we should win:
From the creation of the original design on paper to the addition of the finishing touches and decoration, we have all worked hard every step of the way to create our machine. We spent a lot of time thinking of a design and theme and stuck to our plan to the end. Our finished product is unique and worthy of attention.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Untying a shoe.

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

In space, planets rotate around the sun. This causes the sun to rise on Earth and morning to arrive. In a house on Earth, various events occur in the bedroom and kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Our Step List

1. The ball, or planet, pendulum is pulled back and released, and collides with another ball ("Venus")
2. Venus drops into a cup (the "comet") that is connected to a wheel (the Sun).
3. The Sun rotates and lifts a mass on a string.
4. The relief from the mass causes a seesaw to lift up on one side and move down on another, releasing another ball (the Moon).
5. The Moon rolls down and into a cup.
6. The cup drops downward and, since it is on a pully, pulls open a curtain in the house on Earth and shows the sunrise.
7. On the other side of the curtain, the pulley also causes another ball to move upward and bump into a small windmill turbine.
8. The windmill turns and a marble inside of it is released to roll down a track.
9. The marble hits a tinfoil-covered aluminum ball and moves it onto a battery.
10. The aluminum ball completes a circuit and lights up two light bulbs.
11. The aluminum ball bumps into another ball, which rolls down another ramp.
12. The ball collides with a golf ball.
13. Both balls fall into a cup.
14. The cup falls down and through a small pulley system pulls a styrofoam barrier on another ramp upward, releasing another marble.
15. The marble rolls down a ramp and hits a line of dominoes.
16. The last domino in the line hits the mousetrap.
17. The mousetrap springs open and pulls on a string connected to the lid of a piano music box, pulling it open as well.
18. The lid of the piano collides with a yellow ball.
19. The ball rolls down several ramps and through a rollar coaster track.
20. The same ball finally falls into Pooh's honey pot, bumping the edge of a seesaw.
21. The other end of the seesaw flips upward, hitting the edge of another seesaw and causing it to tip downward and a ball on it to roll.
22. This ball falls into a cup on a pulley, and the pulley moves downward.
23. The other side of the pulley moves up, and a cube on the end of it hits another ball.
24. This ball rolls down another ramp and knocks into a set of magnets on a string.
25. The magnets fall down and begin to swing back and forth like a pendulum.
26. The magnets finally brush against another set of magnets and become connected, leaving a longer string of magnets to swing.
27. The longer magnets now are able to brush against a ball resting below and knock it off the shelf.
28. The ball falls into the little bed below and rolls out of a hole in the bottom.
29.The ball hits a book that is positioned by the bed.
30. The book then crashes into a stack of cups and demolishes it, loosening a string that was held between the cups.
31. A ball on the other end of the string is now released and rolls down a ramp.
32. At the bottom, the ball collides with a book, which then knocks over several more books.
33. The fallen books pull down on a string attached to a toaster's lever, turning the toaster on.
34. The toaster heats up and causes two strings attached to it to burn through and snap.
35. One string, which is attached to a pancake, breaks and drops the pancake into a frying pan.
36. The frying pan tilts down, moving a wire.
37. The wire is pulled away from its connection to a battery, breaking an electromagnet curcuit.
38. The electromagnet drops a metal spoon into a bowl.
39. At the same time, the second string breaks and releases a pot.
40. The pot falls, and acting as a pulley, lifts another jug.
41. The jug pours the milk.
42. The falling pot also pulls another pulley, lifting a cup on top of the cupboard.
43. A windup toy is released by the cup and runs across the top of the cupboard.
44. The mouse bumps a ball.
45. The ball falls and the vibration and weight opens the cupboard door.
46. The cereal pours out of the cupboard, down the funnel, and into the bowl.

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