Team # 624: Frank and Steiners TEAM PAGE

Brevard High School
Brevard, North Carolina, United States

Online Contest:
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Angela Patane
Team Members: 5
Invitations: 0

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

In Transylvania County, where the water always falls, five students emerged from dawn. Once at school, they had a monstrous intent to create. You've heard of Frankenstein? That was their inspiration.
In the modern day lab of Frankenstein, these students put together an extensive machine to put on a bandaid on the dismembered body of Frankenstein's monster. Now you are here, on a virtual tour, so welcome to our lab. Be safe as you wander, a bandaid may come flying.

Our Step List

1. The main switch is flipped turning on a motor.
2. The motor pulls the stick, releasing a skeleton foot
3. The skeleton foot kicks a ball.
4. The ball falls into a bucket pulling a hook that flips a large switch.
5. The large switch is flipped hitting a gray telescoping device.
6. The gray telescoping device flips over and releases a glass marble which falls into a funnel and into a series of pipes.
7. The glass marble exits the pipes and hits a red handle.
8. The red handle releases a mechanism that compresses a syringe.
9. The syringe that is compressed fills another syringe which lifts a platform.
10. The lifted platform pulls a string which opens a garage door releasing a bulldozer.
11. The bulldozer rolls along and knocks a board out from under a piano pedal.
12. The piano pedal falls, lifting a metal latch.
13. The metal latch drops a weighted washer from on top.
14. The falling washer opens a pair of teeth.
15. The teeth release a washer tied to a toy air plane.
16. The toy airplane goes down a zip line and hits a switch.
17. The switch activates a motor with a flap attached and the flap separates some magnets.
18. The separated magnets swing over and set off a mouse trap.
19. The mousetrap pulls a stopper from the bottom of a container full of water, releasing the water.
20. The water falls into another container weighing it down and lowering one side of a lever.
21. As one side of the lever goes down, the other side of the lever goes up pulling a gate open.
22. As the gate opens, a marble is released.
23. The marble falls into a funnel and a piece of track then guides it to hit a switch.
24. The switch turns on a motor that knocks a steel “t” from under a switch (turning itself off).
25. The switch turns on a printer slide which drops a golf ball.
26. The golf ball slides down a track into a bucket.
27. The bucket falls down pulling a steel pin.
28. The steel pin releases a piano hammer.
29. The piano hammer swings up and hits the monster’s hand.
30. The hand falls applying the bandage to the monster’s foot and setting off a dead fall that raises the hand back up.

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