Team # 1180: Gemini Penniless Artists TEAM PAGE

Glendale High School
Tillsonburg, ON, Canada

Online Contest:
Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Yvonne Yarker
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 9
Shan Sivakumar - invitation signed.
Lucas Thiessen - invitation signed.
Xandria Oke - invitation signed.
Colby Fick - invitation signed.
Richard Phan - invitation signed.
Emma Sanderson - invitation signed.
Amanda Farkas - invitation signed.
William Chaytha - invitation signed.
Justin Hendel - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
STEM and team work

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” - Thomas A. Edison

Why we think we should win:
This year’s Rube Goldberg machine allowed our team to show off their creative thinking and problem solving skills in very exciting ways.

For example, the hinged ramp on our yellow pegboard is an excellent demonstration of ingenuity and complexity showing how the machine transformed itself to complete the steps efficiently by reusing the same components.

The highlight of our machine, the rotating display board, literally gave our machine an extra dimension, allowing us to utilize the volume optimally. The rotating board brought about challenges such as ensuring that any placed items were secure and could withstand the centripetal force from the rotation. In the end, this rotating board became one of the most intricate and reliable components of the machine.

True teamwork was showcased as our team collaborated within smaller groups to work on different series of steps. This approach highlighted our unique strengths allowing individual team members to put their own mark on the machine. Our team then collaborated and effectively problem solved to bring the sub systems together to form one continuous interconnected machine. Our dedicated team showed perseverance when faced with challenges and always worked together to find solutions.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Put ketchup on a hotdog

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Banking in Canada is a little archaic... For instance, accepting an etransfer and trying to put it in your piggy bank typically turns $4 into $1. Where did the other $3 go? It’s a mystery, but I’m sure the Bank’s executives aren’t complaining!
#collegesavingmachine #brokestudents

Our Step List

1. A young, broke high school student and aspiring engineer receives an etransfer of $4 as a tip for tutoring his friend in calculus. He picks up his cell phone to accept the etransfer. A string attached to the cell phone pulls a wooden dowel and releases two toonies (4 CAD = 2.99 USD as of market close 04/18/2019).

2. The toonies rolls down a ramp onto the end of a seesaw. The seesaw pivots.

3. The pivoting seeasaw triggers a marble at the other end of the seesaw to roll through a hole travelling behind the supporting board and down a ramp.

4. The rolling marble hits a vertically pivoting lever.

5. The lever hits a second marble on a ramp located immediately above.

6. This marble continues to roll along a binder clip ramp and gains speed as it travels down a steeper ramp created by rulers. The marble then rolls through flags made of clothes pins and green cue cards positioned on the building-block stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, the marble hits a green cue card, mounted on a central axle.

7. The rotating card trigger the flags on the stairs to fall upwards in a domino effect. The last flag at the top of the stairs has a string attached to it. As the flags falls, it pulls a string releasing a marble.

8. The marble rolls down the fore edge of the first textbook, in a vertical stack of textbooks, hitting a clothes pin which releases a second marble. The second marble rolls in the opposite direction along the fore edge of second textbook hitting a clothes pin which releases a third marble. The third marble rolls down the fore edge of a third textbook, then down a cardboard ramp and through a clear plastic tube hitting a clothes pin which releases a tether ball.

9. The tether ball unwinds and hits a series of dominoes.

10. The final domino hits a golf ball attached to a zip line causing the golf ball to fall off the edge of the counter.

11. The golf ball travels along the zip line colliding with a marble.

12, This marble activates an marble elevator ramp. The final marble at the top of the elevator ramp rolls off the ramp knocking a small bucket off of a platform.

13. The falling bucket pulls a magnet releasing the loaded arm of the catapult.

14. The catapult launches a large marble which hits a board resting on the edge of the counter.

15. The board falls along with a mass connected to a string releasing a marble.

16. This marble rolls down a chute and a small ramp colliding with another marble and causing both marbles to fall into a small cup.

17. The falling cup offsets the equilibrium sending the counterweight upwards on the fixed pulley.

18. The counerweight hits a ramp causing a metal ball at rest to roll down another ramp. The rolling metal ball falls off the ramp and into a clear cup.

19. The clear cups falls off a platform hitting a horizontal blue lever.

20. The pivoting lever pulls a string releasing a dowel from a metal ramp below allowing a large rubber ball to roll down the metal ramp.

21. The rolling ball hits a set mouse trap.

22. The triggering of the mouse trap pulls a string attached to a screw.

23. The removal of the screw causes a marble to roll down the bottom two ramps on the yellow pegboard and detach a washer from a magnet.

24. The released washer is lifted by a pulley hitting a hinged ramp. The hinge of the ramp is held closed by a magnet.

25. A marble on the hinged ramp begins to roll and hits another marble which causes a mass to fall off the ramp.

26. The mass is attached to the aforementioned magnet by fishing line. The falling mass pulls the magnet, opening the hinge and creating a continuous track for the marbles to roll down

27. The marbles hit a blue level activating an elevator ramp.

28. The small marble at the top of the elevator ramp rolls back onto the hinged track and falls through a small hole in the track allowing the marble to drop onto a moving platform, down a final ramp and through a funnel and onto a set rat trap.

29. The triggering of the rat trap pulls the fishing line attched to a string of red beads. The falling beads pulls a wooden stick holding a small cart at the top of a ramp.

30. The cart rolls down the ramp and collides with the head of a sledgehammer causing the cart and the sledgehammer to fall off the counter.

31. The sledgehammer is attached by parachute cord through a fixed pulley to a screw on the bottom corner of the yellow pegboard. The yellow pegboard is mounted to a a larger rotating display board. The falling sledgehammer pulls the cord causing the board to turn 180°.

32. When the display board is rotated, the copper wire attached to the bottom of the board completes a DC circuit which turns on a water pump in a water basin on the floor.

33. The water pump pumps water up the display board through a small clear tube to a plastic container. The rising water in the container elevates a balloon attached to a PVC pipe. The pipe is held by a wire acting as a pivot point.

34. The balloon lifts one side of the pipe while simultaneously lowering the other end causing a marble in the pipe to roll down the pipe, into a funnel, through a black tube and onto a set mouse trap on the counter.

35. The triggering of the mouse trap completes a circuit powering on a motor.

36. The motor spins a coin wheel releasing a loonie ($1 CAD = 0.74857 USD ) which falls down a vertical cascading coin drop and into the piggy bank.

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