Team # 303: Glendale Gemini Cover Up Artists TEAM PAGE

Glendale High School

Online Contest:
Open An Umbrella
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Yvonne Yarker
Team Members: 13
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
Our inquisitive team is studying the arts of synergy, partnership, and ratiocination.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Because with a pocket knife and a little ingenuity I can to anything." - MacGyver

Why we think we should win:
With minutes to spare to the deadline, our dedication is unyielding. It's our teamwork and drive that sets us apart from everyone else. We also know that it's not all about winning, but rather about the adventures we had together and all that we learned along the way.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Page Turner

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Richard Simon's toy horse is upset about the rain, which is ruining his day. Luckily he's got some little green friends who know a guy. // Le cheval jouet de Richard Simon est triste parce qu'il pleut et ce qu'il abime son jour. Heureusement, il a certains petits amis vert que connait un mec.

See how we did it:

Our Step List

1. Timmy the horse is sad because Richard Simon left the window open. The green soldiers decide the save the day with a mission to open the umbrella. The captain of the green soldiers leads the charge and a block is pulled out from under Timmy, the rocking horse.
2. Timmy begins to rock and causes dominos, blocks and books to fall.
3. The dowel attached to the last book sets off the mouse trap under the skateboard.
4. As the skateboard flips, the weight falls off the skateboard.
5. Another weight on the top of the 2x4 block falls.
6. The weight pulls a magnet releasing the mentos inside the bottle of soda.
7. Carbon dioxide from the reaction inflates a balloon in Richard's fish tank.
8. This balloon pushes forward a balloon raft.
9. The balloon raft sets off a mouse trap.
10. The mouse trap pulls a string that releases a marble from the truck trailer.
11. A marble travels down the hose.
12. The marble lands on the power button of Roger, the Dalmatian and he begins to dance and sing.
13. Roger raises his head, triggering the perpetual marble machine.
14. The movement of the perpetual marble machine arm causes another marble to be released on the top of the marble run.
15. The marble travels along the marble run and land on a mouse trap.
16. The activated mouse trap pulls a string attached to the blocks at the bottom of the tower.
17. The displaced blocks release a string that secured the catapult arm.
18. The projectile in the catapult pulls a string that raises a ramp.
19. Two marbles roll down the ramp into a funnel which leads into the work bench vacuum hose.
20. The hose directs the marbles to knock over a bucket releasing another marble.
21. The marble hits the Giraffe which triggers another marble
22. The marble falls into the red bath tub falling down to teeter-totter the Hippo
23. The Hippo falls into the pond button to release the cage and bananas.
24. The bananas spin around and start the dominoes falling.
25. The dominoes activate the mouse trap.
26. The mouse trap flips over the weight on the hinged arm.
27. The hinged arm falls on a launcher to release the little truck.
28. The little truck hits the yellow all terrain vehicle, Richard Simon's favourite toy car.
29. The all terrain vehicle drives forward, pulling the string attached to the big dump truck's bucket tipping it.
30. A baseball rolls out of the big dump truck bucket.
31. The baseball activates a mouse trap.
32. The mouse trap pulls the peg releasing the elevator break.
33. The elevator lowers the weight on to the pliers
34. The pliers short circuits the train remote control.
35. The train moves forward and pulls out the wooden stop releasing a marble.
36. The marble activates the rat trap.
37. The rat trap pulls the spring -loaded magnet.
38. The spring knocks over the weighted container.
39. The container pulls a string which rotates the umbrella to a vertical position.
40. The string pulls through the conduit handle of the umbrella, opening the umbrella and releasing the Canadian flag and simultaneously saving Timmy the horse. Mission Accomplished!

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