Team # 1181: Goldberg's Pizzeria TEAM PAGE

Tamalpais High School
Mill Valley, CA , United States

Online Contest:
Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Sarah Petrini
Team Members: 7
Invitations: 7
Rebecca Preis - invitation signed.
Maddie Cope - invitation signed.
Ben St. John - invitation signed.
Hayden Yearout - invitation signed.
Theo Koffman - invitation signed.
Oliver Febbo - invitation signed.
Hannah Kahn - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
We originally started constructing Rube Goldberg Machines in Tech class in 8th grade while learning about engineering and energy transfers. Now in our 4th year, we have continued to build machines outside of school in our free time despite being in different high schools and with no common classes. So while we are still expanding our knowledge of engineering, energy transfers, and machinery (and magnetism too!), we are also learning the lifelong skills of teamwork, commitment, perseverance, and how to continue to pursue what you love doing even when it's difficult.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Creativity is intelligence having fun."
- Albert Einstein

Why we think we should win:
Our team has been persistent over these four years in pursuing the best Rube Goldberg machine that we can create. Looking back over our previous attempts, the improvement is apparent. This was brought about by our hard work to not only build the steps, but our dedication to the project as a whole. Since our first machine in middle school, we have continued the entire process independently: we build the machine outside of school, each of us setting aside time in our busy schedules to work on our machine after school and on weekends. This year, we used our cumulative experience to put together our favorite parts of past machines, all while challenging ourselves: magnets were previously unexplored territory, and the steps that add ingredients to the pizza were difficult as the energy needed to get split between the tray continuing down the ramp and the ingredient being added. We worked hard on the backdrop of the machine, taking our pizza parlor theme into account when designing every aspect from individual steps to the overall geometry. And, of course, having a person be the beginning and end of the machine (order a pizza and receive it at the end) was present in many of Rube Golberg's cartoons. We do not think that any other team is able to match our effort, dedication, teamwork, forethought, and attention to detail, and for that reason we think we should win.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Take a photo (on a polaroid)

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our machine brings the spirit of Rube Goldberg alive in Goldberg's Pizzeria. Goldberg’s Pizzeria may seem like a normal pizzeria with its checkerboard floor, silverware, serving utensils, plates, pizza cutters, canned and “fresh” ingredients, and pizza oven, but its 70+ step Rube Goldberg machine proves otherwise. Starting with a customer’s order being placed, the machine itself moves viewers through the process of preparing, cooking, delivering, and paying for the pizza. It takes delightfully whimsical detours through a pinball machine and the pizzeria's kitchen, all in a hilariously intricate manner.

Our Step List

1) When the order goes down the zipline, it hits the target lever causing it to turn
2) Without the lever blocking it, the green bouncy ball is free to roll down the ramp
3) When it rolls, it hits the wooden lever at the end of the ramp
4) That wood twirls, hitting the bigger red bouncy ball down the ramp.
5) The red ball falls into a pulley, causing the right side to go down…
6) And the left side to lift up, causing the ramp below it to lift up
7) With that ramp elevated, the magnetic ball on it rolls and enters the pinball machine
8) When the previous ball becomes close, the three little magnets scoot towards it
9) Without the three little magnets holding it in place, the next metal magnetic ball rolls (8/9 repeat 3 times)
10) The last marble hits another magnet, causing it to snap quickly
11) That snap shoots the next marble up (10/11 repeat 3 times)
12) The last marble hits a lever, causing it to turn
13) When it turns, another marble (marble 1) begins to roll
14) Marble 1 hits a clump of marbles, transferring energy and causing marble 2 to fall off and roll
15) Marble 2 hits marble 3, causing marble 3 to roll
16) Marble 3 attracts the magnetic stick, causing it to snap
17) The snapping motion causes marble 2 to jump and then continue down the path
18) Marble 2 hits a rainbow bouncy ball, causing it to roll
19) Bouncy ball falls into a pulley, causing it to go down
20) The motion of the pulley causes a spoon to turn
21) That spoon turning hits another spoon, which causes the second spoon to turn
22) The second spoon hits a wooden mechanism, that therefore rotates
23) When the mechanism rotates, it hits a spatula causing it to lift up slightly
24) Without the spatula holding it in place, the lazy susan spins
25) As it spins, it hits the wooden spatula on the top of the counter, causing it to turn
26) When the wooden spatula turns, it hits the parmesan shaker causing it to roll
27) The parmesan rolls into the plates, causing them to fall like dominoes
28) The last plate hits a wooden spoon, causing it to turn
29) Without the spoon in the way, the blue marble is free to roll
30) The ball's motion causes the peg to get knocked out
31) Without the peg holding it up, the framed contest logo tilts
32) Because the frame is tilted, the yellow checkered ball on top of it rolls
33) The ball falls into the measuring cup pulley, causing it to go down
34) When the measuring cup goes down, the peg under the next picture frame is pulled out
35) Without the peg holding it up, the framed team photo tilts
36) Because the photo is tilted, the rainbow ball on top of it rolls
37) That smaller ball hits a bigger rainbow ball, causing it to roll all the way down the tubes…
38) And hit the wooden spoon, causing it to turn
39) The pizza cutter, no longer blocked by the spoon, ziplines down into the cookbook
40) The cookbook falls, landing on the clip
41) With the weight of the book, the clip opens
42) With the clip open, the rolling pin is free to swing
43) The rolling pin hits the can, causing the can to roll
44) The can rolls into a lever, causing the lever to turn
45) When the lever turns it hits the can of tomatoes, causing the can to roll
46) The can of tomatoes rolls into the wooden utensil, causing the utensil to fall
47) When the wooden utensil falls it hits the tongs, causing the tongs to turn
48) When the tongs turn, they causes the spatula to turn the other way
49) When the spatula turns, the coke can falls off of it
50) When the coke can falls off, it triggers the button on the remote control
51) When the button is triggered, the motor on the pizza tray turns causing the tray to move
52) When the tray is moving, it hits a wooden spatula causing it to turn
53) The wooden spatula turning caused the wooden shelf to turn
54) When the shelf turns, the purple cup falls off
55) When the purple cup falls off, it causes the peg blocking the tray from rolling to recede out of the way (and it causes a tomato to be added to the pizza)
56) With the peg out of the way, the tray continues rolling
57) When the tray resumes rolling, it hits a blue spatula causing it to turn
58) The blue spatula turning caused the wooden shelf to turn
59) When the shelf turns, the green cup falls off
60) When the green cup falls off, it causes the peg blocking the tray from rolling to recede out of the way (and it causes the cheese to be added to the pizza)
61) With the peg out of the way, the tray continues rolling
62) When begins rolling again, it hits a cheese grater causing it to turn
63) The cheese grater turning caused the wooden shelf to turn
64) When the shelf turns, the pink cup falls off
65) When the pink cup falls off, it causes the peg blocking the tray from rolling to recede out of the way (and it causes a tomato to be added to the pizza)
66) With the peg out of the way, the tray continues rolling
67) When the tray rolls, it hits a gate at the entrance to the pizza oven
68) When that gate is hit, it pulls a string that lifts up the left side of a wooden spatula
69) When the left side is lifted, a container of parmesan falls off
70) The weight of the hanging parmesan causes the now-cooked pizza to slide across the counter to the customer
71) As it's sliding, it hits a wooden mechanism that turns
72) The wooden mechanism turning causes a string to pull a nail out from in front of the coin
73) Without the nail blocking it, the coin rolls down the ramp into the Piggy bank tip jar

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