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Great Salt Bay School
Damariscotta, ME, USA

Online Contest:
Hammer A Nail
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Ms. Macmillan
Team Members: 5
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Pay attention!"

Why we think we should win:
We work very hard and miss classes to work on this machine.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Turn a key

Invention is based on a favorite childhood book called Muncha Muncha Muncha.

Our Step List

The Muncha Cruncha’s Rube Goldberg Machine

Step 1. A white, square, fan gets turned on by a human. The fan is plugged in. Someone turns the knob on top of the fan to the third power.

Step 2. The air from a fan spins a pinwheel made out of four beige tongue depressors glued together at the center. The tongue depressors have pieces of cardboard from who knows where glued onto them as the curves of the blades. The cardboard is glued onto the back side of the tongue depressor and bend forward to create a wall for the air to catch. The tongue depressor pinwheel is held up by a metal rod through where the depressors meet. There are nuts on either side of the wood to hold the tongue depressors to the metal rod. The metal rod goes through a hole in the top of a ruler. This ruler holds the pinwheel in front of the fan. There is a nut on the opposite side of the hole in the ruler. The nut is screwed onto the metal rod. This nut holds the pinwheel to the ruler so it doesn’t pull the metal rod out of the hole.

Step 3. The metal rod has a string on it that is tied and duct taped onto the opposite end of the rod that is holding the pinwheel . When the wind from the fan spins the tongue depressors which spins the metal dowel it wraps the string around the metal dowel which pulls a wooden dowel out of a hole in the side of a gutter.

Step 4. As soon as the the wooden dowel (that is connected to the whirligig) gets pulled away the onion that is sitting on the top of the piece of gutter( that is on an incline plane) rolls down the gutter.

Step 5. The Onion rolls down the inclined plane hits a clay pot.

Step 6. The pot falls down and pulls the trigger on a fly swatter gun.

Step 7. The fly swatter pulls a small vertical dowel that has a watering can resting on it.

Step 8. This watering can spills water onto a piece of toilet paper that has a potato connected to a string resting on it.

Step 9. The water weakens the structure of the toilet paper, and the toilet paper rips, causing the potato resting on it to fall.

Step 10. When the potato falls, it swings into the other potatoes. The energy from the first potato falling is transferred throughout all the potatoes making the potato on the end swing out in the opposite direction from which the first potato fell.

Step 11. The last potato hits a basket mounted upside down.

Step 12. The upside down basket (which has a bunny on resting on the base) swings forward.

Step 13. When the basket swings forward it dumps the bunny off the basket and into a vegetable container mounted on the end of a teeter totter.

Step 14. The bunny pushes the teeter totter down forcing a carrot (mounted vertically on the other end) upward toward an inflated balloon.

Step 15. The carrot pokes into the inflated balloon and pops it.

Step 16. When the balloon pops it slackens a string that is tied around it. The string that is tied around the balloon loops around the neck of a hammer (holding it up verticly) and back to the base of the balloon where it is tied off.

Step 17. When the string slackens it lets a hammer (which is mounted a couple inches up on a piece of wood) fall onto a nail pounding the nail into a piece of wood.

Storyline: In the story Muncha Muncha Muncha, Mr. Mcgreely wants to plant a garden. He goes out in search of tools and seeds and finds the things he needs. Soon he has built a garden and planted many vegetables in it. But that night some bunnies come and begin to eat the growing vegetables so he builds a fence around it. Over the next few weeks the bunnies keep on sneaking into the garden and eating the carrots while Mr. Mcgreely keeps on building his garden fortress higher and more and more bunny proof.

Finally, the bunnies cannot get into the garden and Mr.Mcgreely rejoices.But the clever bunnies sneak into the garden basket and eat the carrots as Mr.Mcgreely picks them.

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