Ice's Rube Cubes TEAM PAGE

Eastside Christian School
Marietta, GA, USA

Online Contest:
Zip A Zipper
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Dr. Ice
Team Members:
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Go Braves!

Why we think we should win:
Who are we kidding?!?
It's our first machine ever!!

Thanks for looking at our first-ever Rube Goldberg machine contest entry!

Our Step List

nerf gun knocks books, books roll basketball, basketball hits blocks, blocks roll golf ball, golf ball hits dominoes, dominoes knock books, books hit brick, brick pulls wire which releases plunger, plunger hits ball, ball rolls into tower, tower releases gate, released golf ball hits milk truck, milk truck hits bucket, bucket falls pulling wire and the zipper zips!

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Our Machine Explaination and Walkthrough

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Machine Run #1