Team # 835: Imperial Cereal TEAM PAGE

Almaden Country Day School
San Jose, California, United States

Online Contest:
Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Laura Kitagawa
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 10
Zachary Benitez - invitation signed.
Alex Beyersdorf - invitation signed.
John Blastos - invitation signed.
Tyler Cho - invitation signed.
Vihaan Iyer - invitation signed.
Nicholas Lomio - invitation signed.
Gabe Songerwala - invitation signed.
Cole Voelkel - invitation signed.
Laura Yeh - invitation signed.
Matthew Matsumoto - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
We are in the first ever Rube Goldberg elective at Almaden Country Day School! We started by learning about the history of Rube Goldberg and his comical cartoons and contraptions. Then we learned about simple machines, such as inclined planes, levers, pulleys, screws, wedges, and wheels and axles. Finally, we applied our knowledge of simple machines to design and build our Star Wars-themed Rube Goldberg machine.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Mrs. Kitagawa's favorite quote is "The earlier we fail, the quicker we will succeed."

Why we think we should win:
We are a dedicated team of sixth graders who love creating all kinds of machines, especially comical ones. We think the Star Wars theme of our Rube Goldberg machine is very creative. We included many Star Wars-themed props and General Mills cereal products. We have been working really hard and putting in extra hours after school and on the weekends to make it the best it can be. We went through lots of trial and error, and learned a lot about simple machines in the process. We hope you enjoy it!

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Flush a toilet
Turn on a computer
Turn off an alarm clock
Cut a string

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

We are the Imperial Cereal team and this is our Star Wars-themed Rube Goldberg machine...

It is a time of war in the galaxy. Darth Vader wakes up aboard the Death Star every morning hungry for breakfast. He demands his Stormtroopers to pour him some cereal. But the Stormtroopers are always too busy fighting the Rebels. Every day, they get into their TIE fighters and speed off into the galaxy. Emperor Palpatine has told Vader that he should have a Rube Goldberg machine to get his cereal in the morning. So his Stormtroopers decide to make him one. Now, the Stormtroopers can quickly serve Darth Vader his cereal without feeling the wrath of his dark force of frustration.

Our Step List

1. The Stormtrooper pulls on a lightsaber attached to a string over the wall.
2. The string moves around some pulleys and activates the train below.
3. The train rolls along the track and unrolls the attached opening prologue scroll.
4. At the end of the track, the train hits a domino on a pivot.
5. The pivot spins and the other end hits the toy Rey car.
6. The Rey car rolls down the inclined plane and pulls on an attached string.
7. The string releases a lightsaber from its wall mount.
8. The lightsaber swings down and pops a balloon with a marble inside.
9. The marble falls out and rolls through the marble track.
10. When the marble exits the track, it falls onto and tips one end of the ramp below.
11. The ramp becomes an inclined plane causing the car to roll to the end.
12. The weight of the car causes both the car and ramp to fall down, pulling on an attached string.
13. The string pulls down an R2D2 cup with a string attached to the Star Wars sign.
14. The Star Wars sign flips over to reveal "General Mills is awesome!"
15. When the sign flips over, it pulls on a string attached to the track above.
16. One end of the track is lifted up and becomes an inclined plane causing the train to move.
17. The train rolls down track and hits a barrier wall.
18. When the train hits the wall, the cup on top of the train tips over.
19. A large glass marble falls out of the cup and onto the track.
20. The marble rolls down track and hits the stuffed Chewbacca.
21. Chewbacca falls off the track and pulls on a string attached to the track above.
22. One end of the track is lifted up and becomes an inclined plane causing the tennis ball to move.
23. The tennis ball drops down and lands on another track below.
24. The tennis ball rolls down the second track and falls into a BB8 cup.
25. The weight of the tennis ball lowers the BB8 cup and pulls on an attached string.
26. The string lifts up a stack of dominoes placed on the track at the top of the stage.
27. The dominoes release a car down the track.
28. The car hits another car at end of the track.
29. The second car falls off the track and lands on a launcher on the ramp below.
30. The launcher sets another car into motion.
31. The car rolls down the ramp and hits a target in the shoebox.
32. The shoebox rolls down the ramp and hits a string below.
33. The string releases a magnet and flips over the Enemies of the Empire photos
(revealing that Yoda, Hans Solo, and Luke Skywalker are terminated, but not Princess Leah yet),
34. When the shoebox reaches the end of the ramp, it pulls on an attached string.
35. The string releases a magnet holding up the handmade tie fighter on a zip line.
36. The tie fighter travels down the zip line.
37. At the end of the zip line, the tie fighter knocks over the row of cereal box dominos.
38. As the final domino block falls, it pulls on a string over the rail attached to the back of the cereal box.
39. The back of the cereal box lifts up, lowering the other side of the cereal box lever.
40. The cereal falls into the bowl and Darth Vader finally gets to eat his breakfast...
if only he could get the cereal through his mask!

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